Thursday, 27 December 2012


Good Afternoon, well I'm taking a short break from my scrapbook table to document the fantastic Secret Santa gift that I received this year.  The Secret Santa was organised once again by Carmen and is something I've looked forward to all year, the idea of someone trying to fathom out what you like and  what they can gather, create and buy and stick to a budget and send out in good time - adds to the fun factor.  Now it hasn't been a straight forward Secret Santa this year by any means and I think Carmen's had pretty much every scenario that could happen happen, so she'll be more than prepared and armed ready next year in case things go pear shaped.  However, you'll be pleased to know that all came good in the end and all the Secret Santa's sent and received parcels from unknown Santa's!
However, this post is to show what I received, I was most excited to receive a pizza box shaped parcel in early December, I asked hubby to open to make sure the contents were wrapped (and wrapped they were) and then I placed the box and it's contents under one of the Christmas trees awaiting the big day.

This is me opening the gift on Christmas morning, it was the second gift I opened and I was so excited - look how pretty they all were, all wrapped in their individual parcels, hand stamped paper, wrapped with string and tiny embellishments!  I'd show you the picture of me but I might scare you so thought I'd show the close up shot!
 Look at the pretty paper, I'm loving this as an idea for next year!
 Now a little bit of chocolate is always a good start - nom nom nom
Then some journalling cards which I love and have already used one on a layout today!
Next up home made embellishments in a gorgeous organza bag!
Some Christmas mail art
Some stickers and some scrapbook papers which I love (again I've used one of these today on a layout and most of them are double sided!)
Then the two handmade items that are utterly gorgeous (I mean utterly utterly gorgeous).  A brand new A5 journal with the most divine cover handmade by my Secret Santa, I adore the colours, the masking, the added elements the accents, the stamping - well all of it!   This is the front
And this is the back
And this is the spine!
 But I didn't get just one handmade item - I got two!   This gorgeous wrap which when unfolded...
 Looks like this
 And contains this
Utterly blown away - it's simply divine.  Now I had no idea who my Secret Santa was until I opened my pressies and now have a sneaking feeling that I recognise the beautiful artwork above, but I'll wait for Carmen's grand 'unveiling' to see if I'm right!

So thank you Secret Santa for an utterly amazing and gorgeous gift and the letter you sent, it made me smile and was an added blessing and one which will be making it's way to my Journal Your Christmas this year so that it can be kept and reflected on in years to come!

And finally a massive thank you to Carmen for keeping us in order and in check whilst we sorted this out.  I'll be back next year provided Carmen will have me for the next Secret Santa until then well I'm off to play with my new art journal! 


  1. So gorgeous and generous!!!!! and my guess is Sam :)

  2. Oh so beautiful and thoughtful and so you! Gorgeous. And you are always welcome Virginia, I was scared I would have put YOU off next year x

  3. What a wonderful parcel.....I must post about mine..still have no idea who my Santa was...but the goodies were perfect!
    Hugs xx

  4. What a fabulous box of loveliness you got and so precious to have things made for you specificaly in mind.

  5. Wow, what lovely goodies - have lots of fun playing with all that yummy loveliness.

    Toni xx

  6. FABULOUS Secret Santa - wonderful presents, perfect for you :)


  7. So glad you liked it!!!!
    Lots of Love, Secret Santa, AKA Sam x

  8. What a lovely selection of gifts. They look wonderful. I just want to say thanks again to you, MY Santa!