Friday, 10 August 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 32nd of 2018

Good morning lovely people (I'm prepping this the night before so it will be at least morning when it goes live). 

Time for 

So the gift that me and the girls from the WW group arrived at its recipients house safe and sound, so I can show you the cover of said book.  I agreed to pull the ideas together to send to our lovely friend and her hubby who were celebrating a special anniversary. 

One of the inner pages, this is the one I did. 

Last Friday night I paid for us to attend a paper marbling course at the local print club.  Something none of us had done - me, hubby, said 17 year old and said 17 year old's girlfriend had a fabulous couple of hours playing with marbling inks. 

We got very messy and I love this sequence of photos - this one of said 17 year old looking very happy

This one of his GF showing her inky hands

And this one when she realised I was taking a photo!

Hubby also looked rather mischievous

We brought all the papers home, we are just not sure what to use them for, I was thinking base papers for cards but they are 'oily' due to the nature of the inks and I'm not sure the ink isn't going to bleed.  If anyone has experience of marbling ink and knows a way around this etc, please let me know. 

The journey home gave us some gorgeous night skies

Next up a gift from said 17 year old's GF as I'd never come across them (they were nom and didn't last long). 

Me and hubby celebrated 28 years of being together, this was taken on the night we met. 

And this is 28 years on (older, wiser? still as in love as the day we met and definitely blonder on my part). 

We decided on date night, so first up a meal out together, I had a gorgeous banana cooler mocktail

We ordered starters including bread starter, the corn bread confused me it definitely tasted cakey - apart from the lumps of sweetcorn and the chilli taste!

We then had tickets to see this, if you get chance to see it, it really is the funniest theatre I've seen in quite some time - absolutely brilliant night! 

Sunday morning we went for breakfast, a typical sign of the city is the Hendo's on the table, people draw comparisons to Worcester Sauce but it's nothing like and made locally! 

Next up Saturday tasks, I decided to do some lino cutting.  The idea was balloons but the print pull isn't great if I'm honest, but I had fun. 

I also managed a gelli plating session

Hubby then fancied having a go with the lino cutting

Whilst I carried on with more gelli plating

Which resulted in this bundle

Sunday night tea - courtesy of hubby was...

We also enjoyed this film, a really lovely feel good film with a big nod towards Beatrix Potter, beautifully filmed, great actors, lovely story - what more can I say...

Monday we had decided to head into town to check out the Bricktropolis, hubby who had got to work, promptly came home again as he really fancied a day out. 

The lego buildings were amazing, this was the first one which was the City Hall, there was an app which had had issues and unfortunately mine failed, but said 17 year old's GF managed to clock every one. 

The Chrysler building and the Empire State Building

The models have been created in a 1:125 scale, seeing the size of the vehicles gave an indication of what the buildings must look like!

Said 17 year old loved the pyramid

This was one of my favourites, I loved the red colour

The attention to detail, quantity of bricks and time spent was amazing

There were lots of families doing the trail

Although I think our group potentially had the oldest 'children' in it

It also meant we went off the beaten track which was lovely

This building wasn't very pretty but it had been created to be earthquake proof. 

I loved the model of this hotel from Dubai

and this one called Turning Torso

This one had had extra struts added in real life as it moved in high winds

This was my absolute favourite

and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

We had a fabulous if not a little tiring day.  Tea ended up 'simple', a cheese salad sandwich 

Said 17 year old did a couple more canvases for work and I finished them off. 

Said 17 year old has done soooooooo many hours in work this week with me, helping prepare for an art installation/exhibition/event that is to occur at the end of the month.  

This is another of the canvases he has done

The turquoise canvases were up

And loving the tonal colours

Wednesday found us watching Shakespeare outdoors at Chatsworth.  This time the Tempest. 

Lord Chamberlain's Men - all male cast, did a fantastic job.

It was much cooler and we got to enjoy the beautiful night sky

The light levels were dropping near the end. 

Me and hubby managed a selfie

And these two made sure they were warm!

Said 17 year old has spent most of today sorting this

and this

And overall we have had a very busy busy week. 

I'm truly grateful for a day off tomorrow, as I'm rather tired if I'm honest. 

I hope you are all well, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up. 


  1. what a great week! love the Bricktopolis exhibit. so clever. Thanks for dropping by Kew (will be going again tomorrow...) have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, what a lovely long post. I'm going to enjoy reading this later after dinner and will post comments later.
    CU soon,

  3. That's an interesting post Virginia. I did marbling many moons ago. The inks are oily but they will dry, and you can use them on cards with the right glue. They are often used for inside book covers. I believe we dipped white canvas shoes in it too. Since them I have done it many times with ordinary ink, nail varnish, and even acrylic paint. The possibilities are endless. I used to do it with my older children at nursery. It was messy but I loved to see their little faces when they lifted their papers out.
    The model buildings are so clever. What a lot of work!
    I have also dabbled in lino-cutting back when I was at school. I don't care to think how many years ago that was!
    I love the wall canvas of the tree of flowers, in all its colour combos.
    I would have enjoyed the Shakespeare though I am less familiar with The Tempest than some of his other works. But I always enjoy open-air theatre. Lovely sunset too. Kate x

  4. Here I am again. I hope you get my comments, as they never seem to be visisble when I look.
    I sat down specially with a drink, to read your lovely long blogpost.
    I'm embarressed to say I didn't know what paper marbling was. So I googled it and saw a few videos. I even saw the Print Club in Sheffield, where you went. It look like great fun. Will you show us some of the results?
    Belated happy anniversary. Was it love at first sight? If that photo is anything to go! My hubby and I met on Monday and by Friday we were planning the wedding. We will be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary next week.
    Did you like the corn bread? (Even though it had a cake consistency). I make corn bread sometimes as I have a wheat intolorance. It is made with cornmeal (polenta) and should not be sweet.
    I had never heard of Hendo sauce. I suppose people confuse it with worcester sauce because the label is similar.
    Lino cutting, that is a blast from the past for me. We used to do it at school at art classes.
    What a fun photo of your hubby in his BBQ apron. I bet he is a good cook.
    A Peter Rabbit animation? What took them so long! I'd love to see that. I'll put it on my 'things-to-buy-in-the-uk'list (when we come over in September)
    I was fascinated by the lego-type structures and buildings. What a fantastic exhibition! I recognized a few of the buildings, but not the Sheffield ones of course as I don't know Sheffield that well. The one that is your favorite is the Arc de Triomfe in Paris, and the interconnected balls is the Atomium in Brussels.
    The turning torso was designed by a Spanish architect (Calatrava) and it stands in Malmö, Sweden. The others I don't recognise. What a lot of work though. Some people have had a lot of fun putting it all together.
    The flower canvasses for the exhibition are beautiful. Your boy is sooo talented!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. I can't say I surprised that you are tired and ready for a rest lol I can never work out when you actually have time to go to work :D Love the "Then and Now" photo's...both still smiling ad shining XXX