Friday, 22 June 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 25th of 2018

Hello lovely people - I am late again - sorry!  Time for 

First up was a lovely Saturday, hubby and said 17 year old had volunteered to help out as crew on a boat trip and litter pick linked with work, I was chief tea masher along with a colleague.

We had a fabulous day and I got to meet some awesome people. 

It took about 3 hours to get to where we were litter picking and once we moored up we set off for the site

The sun was shining but it wasn't too bad, perfect litter picking weather! 

The litter pick was a success, we found lots of rubbish and we managed to find a shopping trolley, a fold up child's chair, a scooter, a duvet and a cushion, all of which were damaged or broken! 

Our journey back was quieter and we chugged along at a slow pace for a few hours before arriving back safe and sound, a very pleasant day giving back a little bit to a nearby community.

I thought the lock gates opening were very reminiscent of Jurassic Park - but maybe that is just me!

We saw plenty of wildlife on the canal and river including some very speedy ducklings!

Hubby enjoyed helping out and they are both looking as volunteering as crew. 

Some of the locks had volunteers or people helping, some we had to do the lock albeit that they were all electric on the way down!

Now the next 'grateful' moment is going to seem a little odd, but hear me out

I woke at 3am on Monday morning with back pain and chronic acid but the food on Sunday hadn't been great, roast pork tea with all the trimmings, iced donut and some Becks blue the no alcohol lager which I've really enjoyed recently as an alternative as I'm not drinking. So the acid was a sod, I was in pain all day Monday so drank only water hoping to calm things down. I had a cuppa around 3pm and seemed Ok so had the planned tea of chilli, rice and salad seemed like a good idea.  By 8pm I was in agony and hubby is asking me to call NHS Direct to find out what I should do. I went through all the questions and at the end she said I needed an ambulance, I was aghast - I've got acid, so said the system indicated I needed an ambulance, she realised I was reluctant, using up valuable NHS resources, so she agreed to get a nurse to call me back, who then got a Doctor to agree to see me at the hospital for a 10pm appointment. He saw me and after lots of pratting about said I needed to check in for an ECG at A&E as I was potentially presenting with a heart attack, I mean what?????? So I went to A&E and the Doctors system (despite being in the same department) don't talk to each other, so I said he'd said I needed an ECG and blood tests. I had another assessment by a nurse and then a different nurse took me in for an ECG, I then had to wait to see a Doctor, who said the ECG was clear, but wanted to run blood tests (we are now pushing 2am time wise) and he knew I wanted to just come home and sleep, but twisted my arm to stay and have the blood tests. 1 hour and 15 minutes later and I'm being told there is a major issue with my bloods, my liver function test isn't right and there are signs in the blood all over the place and they don't know what the problem is so I need to be admitted. 

Scared doesn't come close, I was utterly shocked, sat in a little room in A&E with hubby wondering what the hell was going on, I didn't even cry, I was just sat thinking what the hell is wrong. Eventually they found me a bed on the assessment unit and I walked up there with a nurse and hubby, the Doctor came to see me and listened to what I was presenting with, he said it sounded like gallbladder issues in particular gallstones which was a relief, but he kept saying it was just an estimated guess and they couldn't be sure without tests. It then all blurred, ultrasound, camera, MRI scans, operations I'm sure were all mentioned but I wasn't really taking it on board. They decided I need a drip and some antibiotics through the drip as I looked jaundiced, hubby beside himself just holding my hand saying it would be OK. eventually he left at 5.30am and I tried to get some sleep next to the nurses' station with the bleeps and buzzes and talking going off at 7.25am.  I was awoken for blood pressure and temperature checks and well I can't remember but other things. I was told my scan was at 9.40am and that a porter would collect at 9.20am. It was a long couple of hours, but I headed down there on time. the ultrasound lady was lovely and after scanning my left side said she could see anything on that side to worry about, I'm thinking good I should hopefully get to know if she finds something on the other side. She said the right was more complicated and she needed to turn me to get a full picture. A few minutes later she was done and told me I was presenting with gallstones which after all I'd been through was a massive relief because it meant it could be sorted. Back up on ward the Doctor confirmed gallstones and said that there didn't appear to be any in the bile ducts which had been a concern. They asked what I wanted to do to sort it, which confused me and I asked the Doctors advice, long story short, gallbladder removal, initially they were looking at the next couple of days, but I think the pressure was off when they realised there weren't any stuck as it were. So they said that I could come home, with antibiotics and that I would get a letter to come in for day surgery to have the gallbladder removed which should happen in the next six weeks. A wake up call it has been.  

I came home the same day, so the positive in all of this, the amazing NHS, the fantastic Doctors (who persevered even when I thought there was nothing wrong), the fantastic nurses - they were all absolutely brilliant.

So Wednesday which should have been work turned into a day at home trying to get better, I felt lousy (I've felt lousy all week), but things like fabulous skies and the sun on your skin and the birds tweeting, seem all the more vibrant after my scare!

Next positive is said niece's course using her item of clothing as the main photo in their promotion of the course next year - proud Aunty moment!

And that my lovely people is where I am going to leave you this week. 

It's been a long one, I hope yours has been less stressful. 

Mr Linky if you fancy joining in, he doesn't keep any data on you GDPR wise and neither do I.  


  1. oh my word, what a terrible time you had - so glad it is "only" gallstones and they can sort it... it must have been absolutely terrifying as well as painful. Take it easy, and I hope the op isn't too far away so you can recover. Sending hugs..

  2. You poor thing. What a horrible week. And well done to you, for finding some positives in it. I am glad they identified the problem and are dealing with it. I hope they don't keep you waiting too long.
    Good on your men folk, and you, for joining in with a rubbish clean up. We really do all need to do something positive about the problem, before it is too late. I don't fancy the boat. Even a little one puttering up a canal is too much for me. But fine for those who enjoy it.
    I hope the sun continues to shine for you and you get the rest you need to keep you going until the operation. Hugs. Kate x

  3. Wow what a shock you all must have had. And so glad you got proper care *won't go into my encounters with NHS*. Hopefully you will get will quick appointment and be out and about adventuring again. Acid advice diet wise...I have found a portion of greek yoghurt per day has really knocked it back, and the things that make it flare are Lettuce(I replace with baby spinach leaves) , tomatoes and fruit. Also eating regular small portions through the day to give any excess acid something to work on until it's sorted. I know you are always careful about your mealtimes, but this "grazing" can help in most cases short term. All info from self experimentation lol...and strangely spicy foods weren't a problem unless heavy on tomato. And fyi I haven't missed my gall bladder at all :D XXX