Friday, 2 February 2018


Good Evening lovely people, I'm so sorry for being late it has just been a rather hectic day, but there is always time for 

First up a fun visit to Ikea last Friday.  Said 17 year old decided he fancied a jaunt out as well so we all went.  We wandered around the room settings and I found this rather clever reading light that I'm tempted by, hubby likes to read when me and said 17 year old are watching TV but the light that end of the room isn't good enough to read by at this time of year, this light may well do the trick, however we didn't buy it as I'm still undecided!  

There is no rational for the local Ikea having a Harley Davidson in the middle of the store, but you can see the look in his eyes at this very beautiful machine!  Even hubby was drooling!

Me and hubby had a lovely meal last weekend when said 17 year old was staying at his girlfriends.  I lit lots of candles, but we still ended up with one of the side lights on, I need to sort out the candelabra. 

Now I've sourced the right ink for my glass fountain pen (thank you Mum for the info), I've had a good practice and play with my pen, I think I need some handwriting paper to really get to grips with it.

Sunday we went for a walk again around the local dam, it's very very green at the moment as you can see, but that old winter green rather than the bright spring and summer green.  I can't wait to start seeing the buds appear on the trees.  Although I must admit I have enjoyed hearing the birds tweeting more recently!

We hadn't checked the weather before we set off, which is probably a good thing as it kept clouding over, it made the dam very atmospheric!  There is something about being near large expanses of water that make me very happy and content.

Hubby was playing with his new camera

I enjoyed the blue skies whilst they lasted

We popped off at the Post Office on the way back so we could source some cash, it doubles as a sweetie shop, how tempting does it look! 

It's been a bit of a mixed week work wise, I can't quite work out why still or what's going on but I'm still getting a negative vibe about things at the moment.  I'm hoping it will disappear as some of the urgent jobs get dealt with, but we shall see.  I've had a serious heart to heart with hubby about the situation which always helps, so my mahoosive grateful relating to this situation is hubby being the rational level headed one when I'm struggling on this front. 

Wednesday I had an appointment at an occupational health service linked with my inflamed tendons in my hands, on my way back to work (despite the crazy rain/snow/sleet and the bright sunshine) I walked past this fabulous piece of artwork! 

And I managed a photo a bit closer, the artist is known as Phlegm and is local to the area, but has worked internationally over recent years, I love his work as its incredibly thought provoking!  

The Super Blue Blood Moon (I think was it's name), I didn't get to see the 'red' bit but I was impressed with the brightness (apparently 7% brighter than it is normally) and on the following evening we caught it coming up and it was huge, it made me smile and think about Gothic tales and Dracula

And that my lovely people is that.  I hope you've all had a lovely week and not worked too hard, hopefully some of my lovely Rockettes will have already posted (if you have hopefully I'll have been able to link you before you get here).   Until next week


  1. I was looking for your post this morning in case I'd missed it... great week - hope your work situation resolves itself. the photos of your walk round the dam are wonderful; what a sight!

  2. Thanks for linking me up. That's great!
    I love the work of Phlegm as you probably know. Lucky you to have him as your resident artist.
    A glass fountain pen! What a beauty. I have never seen one. Does the ink go inside or do you dip it in the ink. What does the writing look like? Calligraphy? Do show us something please. I am intrigued.
    The sweet shop is well, sweet. So many temptations.
    Hmmm Ikea, I'd love to go but it's too far away. We have to make it an overnight stop in Malaga or Murcia. When my downstairs kitchen is finished we will go and buy some bits and bobs (with a padlock on my purse!) and combine it with a visit to my sister who lives near Malaga.
    Fancy seeing a Harley Davidson in the middle of the shop. How cool is that!
    Isn't it wonderful to have a hubby who understands you or at least is willing to listen. You have a good man there girl. I hope things sort themselves out for you.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Here's hoping the energy from that gorgeous moon helps clear the air around your work situation XXX

  4. Great collection of photos Virginia.
    I saw the moon from the train and it was very bright even with the elements of urban glow but unfortunately I wasn't able to get any photos as it turned quite foggy here.
    Hope you are all keeping well and that you have a lovely weekend.
    Toni xx

  5. Life gets in the way sometimes Virginia, and I was sure you'd pop up soon. Of course I was earlier than usual too. I love your atmospheric dam photos - I too like to be by the water. The street artist is very talented. It must be quite hard to work on that scale.
    We have an IKEA by Murcia, so it is a whole day out if we go there, and unfortunately hubby is not a browser. So we go looking for something, hopefully find it, and leave again. If it was a bit nearer I would go on my own and take my time. I am sure I could find lots of thing that I hadn't realised I needed!! There are plans to build another store in Almeria, which is much closer, so I live in hope?
    It is good that you can off-load your work problems on someone understanding. I am sure it helps. I hope things begin to sort themselves out for you soon.
    I hope you get the right help for the problems in your hands. I can really relate to that one.
    I saw a demonstration of the glass pen on the internet this week. It looked really lovely. Hope you have a good week.
    Kate x