Friday, 12 October 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 41st of 2018

Good Morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well it's been a quiet week on the photo front so I'll apologise in advance, however I've had a mighty busy work week and my phased return seems to have fizzled out.  Fear not my trustee rockers and rockettes I now have a cunning plan whereby rather than trying to leave early every day, I'm actually going to take whole days off - genius plan - what do you think?  It's not perfect but it does at least give me some time to do nothing - stop it - I can hear you all laughing as you read this. 

So positives, the house deep clean marches on - or rather stumbles along, but I've managed to rope hubby and said 18 year old into helping which is making life a little easier and I've finally finished the craft room - hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week hall stairs and landing, which in real terms means just mopping up the jobs we didn't get done in the other weeks, so this one has been quite restful in comparison.

We had a lovely brunch on Saturday morning, hubby is on with Christmas presents and we ended up with ample left over peeled oranges, so a stack of pancakes seemed in order.  A little bit naughty but so very worth it! 

The weekend included making a start on Christmas gifts.  In line with the Martin Lewis money saving show, the Mindful Christmas magazine that I picked up and the slightly emptier pay packet at the end of the month (who knew only having one job rather than two would do that to a girl), I find myself having a slightly more frugal Christmas - I know I know I keep mentioning that word, but when you are making gifts you have to start earlier! 

So Saturday was spent with needle felting machine at the ready, I can't share (yet) as it is a gift but I had fun making.  It isn't finished so I'm planning on completing that this weekend. 

Next up said 18 year old making strides in his next steps.  He has been over the years incredibly undecided about post college and what it will look like, but with less than 12 months until that becomes reality it has been a case of stepping out and making choices and decisions.  Which meant we spent the majority of Sunday trudging around different lecture theatres and classrooms to listen to tutors discussing their courses at the fairly local university. 

Surprisingly for me, he came home with a pretty firm idea of next step and ruled out elements he genuinely wasn't interested in.  Which means he has commenced uni applications this week and he is discussing finances and halls of residence (she runs for the hills with her hands over her ears - moving out - ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) but apparently I have just less than 12 months to get used to it. 

Said 18 year old's girlfriend who was very much in the don't want the debt not going to uni camp, is now wavering having identified a similarly interesting course for herself.  Watch this space on the next installments to see where they head next. 

We are definitely having some odd weather at the moment, today is warm and very windy and it is likely to remain that way tomorrow too - I don't like it windy so I'll be glad of the calmer day forecast for Sunday even if it is a lot cooler!

We've also had a few beautiful sunrises recently, unfortunately I'm driving when I get to see them, but hubby captured this one this week from his work building and sent it to me, definitely worthy of a share don't you think! 

And that my lovely people is about that this week - like I said short on photos, short on fun stuff, long on busy work days.  Here's to a more productive less stressful weekend! 

Have a great day

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  1. Well, I say Well done for continuing with the deep clean, though I think getting enough quality down time is more important for you right now. I too have started on Christmas gifts though we agreed to stop giving to the wider family when we moved here. There are few shopping opportunities , and postage just about rules it out anyway. Also there are just too many of us in 'the Perry Tribe'. But of course, I do still send over 100 handmade cards. I am interested in the felting as I am not familiar with it at all, so I look forward to seeing what you make at some later date, after the gift has been received.

    When the youngsters leave the nest it is always hard, especially with a son like yours who has enjoyed doing family things for so long. My daughter-in law has her oldest son as a mature uni student in his third year, a middle child who started uni last month, and now the youngest son is applying for next year, and she is finding it really hard. But it is all about the 'Roots and Wings' thing isn't it? You have given your son strong roots and now he has to try those wings. I hope he gets on the course he wants.
    Whole days off work sound like a good thing, giving you extra time to recuperate. Just use them wisely.
    Love the sunrise. I'm not often up in time to see ours! Kate x

  2. Your posts are always fun!...the suspense to see what you made with felt!!! ...the yummy brunch...the teenangst drama *will she won't she* all topped off with a beautiful sunrise :D XXX

  3. I’m pleased that your are so much better that you have had to go back to work. I’m sure you can get used to being at home all the time...
    Deep cleaning! Wow I’m impressed. It’s hard work that. Graham is cleaning and whitewashing/painting the top flat in anticipation of moving back up when the weather gets cold. (There is no heating down where we are now). He is an excellent cleaner I must say and I confess that I am not very good at it myself.
    Said 18 yr old moving out next year!, that is going to be a bomb shell. But you can still enjoy his company until then. If uni isn’t too far he will come home regularly with his dirty washing etc.
    You are doing good getting Christmas presents sorted. Home made presents are always sought after and unique. I’m sure everyone likes to receive something hand made.
    Wishing you a good weekend,