Friday, 12 December 2014


I think the statement when life gives you lemons make lemonade comes to mind this time!

Okidoki - first positive is the NHS when my Mum presented with a problem last week she was seeing her Doctors on Tuesday and having tests Wednesday, this week we found out that it's the return of breast cancer and whilst we had hoped and prayed it wouldn't be we now have a plan forward, so my first grateful is for the NHS because they have been pretty awesome this week giving us answers and ways forward!

Next up my hubby and said 14 year old - absolute stars the two of them - constantly Rock my World for being utterly amazing.  Here they are earlier in the year when we were exploring Hartlepool - this photo makes me smile - you can see how tall said 14 year old is (he officially surpassed both me and hubby this week!).  Said 14 year old asking his Nanan how she was the other day on various occasions, she said she noticed it and was really grateful for his concern!

My sister is the other amazing person I want to mention, not only attending with my Mum for her biopsy etc, but also returning for the results and going for the subsequent appointment regarding options.  She really is a star, I think she forgets how amazing she is and she is being a real rock at the moment and has amazed me at her positivity!  Here is a photo of her and my niece earlier in the summer when we were celebrating her graduation from uni!

My Mums friends and family for all rallying around on facebook when she told them the news, it was lovely to see such positive amazing messages!

I'm also grateful for a wonderful lady who we lost this week, my Aunty Laurine, actually my Great Aunty Laurine, she passed away on Monday and I've spent a lot of time reflecting on who she was and what an amazing person she was too.  She had the most wonderful sense of humour and I loved her laugh - she will be so missed by so many.

Christmas Tree Festival at the weekend was lovely the ability to wander around the church admire the trees and check out the fayre afterwards was lovely, really enjoyed it and put a little bit of Christmas calm into a difficult week!

Pantomime because in the midst of this chaotic week we've had we actually went along to watch the local panto and really really enjoyed it, perhaps a little too close to the front for hubby who was one seat away from being picked on by the Dame - it was nevertheless a fantastic performance and much needed laughter in a tough week!

I hope your week has been a full of happies and positives, but remember even in amongst the detritus of life there is always something to reflect on with a smile on your face - don't believe me - try it!

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  1. So sorry to read about your great aunt, and I really hope your Mum's treatment starts soon and is effective - sounds like they've acted very quickly. Sending you happy hugs. xx Helen

  2. So sorry you're having such a tough time.
    Always here :)

  3. Virginia I am sorry your week has not been so good, but well done for still finding the positives. I am glad you have family standing by to help with your mum. It must be hard to face treatment a second time, when you know what is coming, but I hope by catching it so soon, they will really be able to cure it. Sorry about your great-aunt. deaths around Christmas are never easy to deal with, but I hope you have some lovely happy memories of her to treasure. Thinking of you this week. Blessings. Kate x

  4. I'm so sad you've had such a rough week, Virginia, and I'm sorry for your loss.

    Well done for still managing to put together such a positive Rocking Friday post, YOU are a star.


  5. Yes - it's so easy to go for the bad bits of the NHS, it's lovely to see you praise them. Our local hospital was announced as one of the worst in the country this week but I cannot fault them for how they were with me with 3 of my pregnancies. Especially the last one - a whole different experience.

    I'm so sorry for the tough time you are having of it Virginia - big love goes out to you and yours x x x