Friday, 9 December 2011


Morning all - completely useless at posts at the moment - so sorry - life has been a little bit strange, weird and tough at the moment which means I look like I'm MIA when in fact I'm just head down getting on with things - not a great reason for being missing so I'm going to try and post more - I promise!

But now we've got the usual Friday post
So what's been Rocking my world this week - well this might be top heavy on photos because last Friday after posting my Rocking post we toddled off to Center Parcs for a long festive weekend - but before we went we managed a quick jaunt into our local church for the Christmas tree festival - this years theme being Christmas films - don't you love this Grinch?
And this one
This was the whole tree, decorated by the local Junior School and one of my favourites!
Liked this one too
Then the infants tree
and outside we found this delight, we photographed this the night before when we popped along for the opening but the church was full unfortunately so we went back to see the trees the following morning.
Center Parcs provided sights of gorgeous birds
We had fun on the squash court
enjoyed the festive lights in Foresters
And managed a card making session at night - not because we wanted too but because Melanie has decided to run a stall at Sheffield University next week as part of a potential additional award she can get and she's opted for Christmas cards, you have to bear in mind how rubbish I am at making cards, it was definitely a joint effort - next time Melanie can we have more notice!
Then on with the rest of the weekend - gorgeous Christmas lights
I would have this tree at home if I could
the 'fake' reindeers that all the kids went mad for - not our kids as they are now technically too old to ummm and ahhhhhhhh over such things (just so you know they had real reindeers too)
Me and him - love him sooooooooooo much he's been an utter rock for me recently when I've been in mental meltdown - him and my sister - both utter rocks and I love them so much!
Blurry lights
 This is the whizzy woman with her light filled hula hoop that made great photos - because I can't take photos of fireworks!
 The patronuses dotted around the park - these would appear to be Professor Snapes
Other gratefuls - Amy for coming and collecting Melanie from Center Parcs (because if she hadn't Melanie wouldn't have been able to come because Uni beckoned on Monday) even though Amy managed to get lost with it being pitch black when she came to collect her!

My Mum for being her usual funny self whilst we were away - love you Mum

My niece for her witty teenage humour in the making - you are utterly amazing!

My son for just being himself - love you hunny

Grateful to Shimelle for sending through the Journal Your Christmas posts - despite massive printer issues I'm still plodding with this one - bit behind but let's see what I can do at the weekend.

Grateful for Royal mail getting the next circle journal to me safely

Grateful for beautiful Secret Santa recipients for sending me giddy messages of thanks - Susie it was an absolutely pleasure (and yes before you ask she knows I was her secret Santa)

Grateful to Carmen for being there and offering support and organising the Secret Santa - you are utterly amazing and I've thoroughly enjoyed gearing up for this!

Grateful to bloggy friends and non bloggy friends for their words of thanks for Christmas card - words like that make me smile!

So there we have it my gratefuls for this week - what's yours - fancy joining in pop a post on your blog and link back, no blog - no problem just leave me a comment to publish telling me what rocked your week!  If you happen by don't forget to say hello - but before Mr Linky we have to have a little crafting - crikey we're definitely thin on the ground on this front at the moment - I must craft I really must craft!

this photo looks like me and my sister on phones but we were actually at Bolsover Castle listening to the audio guides - honest!
Up close hand stitching and simple embellishments with stamps
The lettering with faux stitching around (don't faint yes that isn't real stitching Carmen)
there we go - all done for this week - it's been a blast, linky, leave a comment, have a read, have fun, think about the silver linings in your week - dig deep if you have to there will be something that will have made you smile and lightened your heart!


  1. Oh my, what a week you've had..but thankfully a good one!
    I loved my Secret Santa presents and also my card - why do you think you're no good at cards? It was different, yes, but perfect for me..:)
    Big hugs,
    Sue xx

  2. Love those hula hoops!!! Glad you had such a full week:D XXX

  3. Oops! Don't know what happened there :S please delete one :D

  4. Lovely list there. Center Parcs sounds amazing. I agree with Susie - love your cards, my Christmas one did make me laugh!

    Short post from me today - don't feel you have to stop by, it was more a message to my MIL.

    Hugs x x x x

  5. Oh wow I love that last photo of the tree lit up completely in white lights, gorgeous :)

  6. I love your photos and what a super collection of trees. Our local garden centre has an artificial 'outside' tree that looks amazing (slender, approx 10ft tall and covered in blue lights). Mum and I both fell in love with it until we saw the price - the tree alone was nearly £1000 **gulp** - but it certainly looks impressive.

    Have a fab weekend Virginia.

    Toni xx

  7. Sounds like CenterParcs was just what you needed. Your photos brought back some happy memories for me - for a few years running when the kids were younger we went the week before Christmas (before the prices shot through the roof) and it was so lovely. We felt totally removed from the madness that Christmas has become. Looks like you had a brilliant time.

    Love the trees in the Church, the infants' one is so cute!

    You know I loved your Christmas card - I'd forgotten that you weren't any good at them. You must have got someone else to make the one you sent to me then.............xx

    Have a lovely weekend, Virginia.

    Jo xxxx