Friday, 2 December 2011


Well this has been another trying week, predominantly from a mental basis, you know how it is when life is hard but there is nothing you can do about it - well that sums up this week.  But it is Rocking Your World time so let's think about the positives.
First up has to be Pinterest, when I was feeling low at the beginning of the week and nothing seemed to make a lot of sense I saw a statement on there that made me realise that for the time being this is how I have to live my life the statement went along the lines of


So for now, I've stopped trying to over think anything and I'm going to try and take back this festive season as mine, because I love this time of year, the build up to the big day, the time with my family, creating new memories and journaling my Christmas.

So next up has to be my Journal Your Christmas, this is the least prepared I've ever been for this project but I'm going to go with the flow up to now I finally have some papers, now unusually for me these are A4 but I didn't like the 12 x 12 packs to cut down, so I'm now a little confused on the size of my project, I'll let you know where I head with this one.
Next up has to be Amazon for coming through in the face of adversity, for a few years I've considered buying a Lego advent calendar for my 11 year old Lego addict but they always seem hellishly expensive, this year however I decided regardless of cost I was going to treat him and a certain on line retailer who shall remain nameless but whom I won't be using again (it's obviously not Amazon) saw fit to advertise a 10% discount in early November making the new 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar a sensible price, however, as the weeks progressed and nothing arrived I started to worry before getting the inevitable e-mail telling me it was out of stock and they couldn't get further supplies, I was gutted, by this time Amazon too had run out but had lots of sellers on there selling it for twice the original price.  So I almost gave up, but then decided that as he hadn't had one before it wouldn't matter if it was a different one that had been out for a couple of years so I promptly ordered one from Amazon and in a matter of days - this arrived!
So I wrapped it up and he opened it as a present last night and Thursday morning he set too on day one of the calendar
Which resulted in this first character a bank robber!
Goodness knows what else he's going to find in the packs as time progresses but his smile this morning was worth the effort!

The next grateful is hubby who asked whilst part way through cooking tea one evening this week, if I wanted some soup, it was a strange question and he'd very obviously had a thorough conversation in his own head that he'd not mentioned to me, anyway he just fancied making some soup, so we have some delicious homemade leek and potato soup courtesy of DH!  Now it might not look that appetising but take it from me its yum!
Next up has to be finally getting hold of my book people order, I've waited FOREVER for this, first of all it was sent and delivered - just not to here and despite wandering around the neighbourhood asking people who lived at similar addresses (we're a 'close' but there is also an 'avenue') if they'd received it we were turned away empty handed.  So we contacted them and they despatched again and when I checked on line on Wednesday they'd apparently tried to deliver it on Monday - oooh no they hadn't (ooh yes they had - just not to our address - can't you tell we're in panto season).  I was in when they tried to deliver, there was no note through the door, I was losing all hope of ever seeing it.  Anyway Thursday afternoon and I made contact with Parcelforce and the lady was very helpful and said it had been taken to the nearest Post Office, so off I went with my Internet print out and my ID and look
my parcel, all mine, full with things I really really really really wanted - woohoo - so a big grateful for Parcelforce for sorting this issue out and doing a logical thing ie taking the item to the local Post Office who'd have thought!

Speaking of parcels, look at what arrived today, utterly gobsmacked I was when I opened it up, it's my Secret Santa gift organised by Carmen who is utterly amazing for thinking of something so awesome.  Thank you Carmen, can't give too much away about the reciprocal parcel after all it's a secret!  My thoughts are also with Carmen and her family at the moment - thinking of you hun!
Then we have this little beauty that I picked up at the Craft Box earlier in the week, a little bit of reading material for my weekend away!
So there you go these are my gratefuls for this week, I keep digging deep to find the silver linings that are occurring at the moment.

So what have you got going on in your life, are things ticking along or are things up and down at the moment, if you're not having the best of times don't forget to reflect and find those little things that have brought a smile to your face or lifted your heart.  If you fancy joining in don't forget to leave a link and a comment at the bottom with Mr Linky so we can come and visit.

Family Funny - My Turn this Week
Yes I know it's usually said 11 year old, very occasionally it's DH but rarely do I make those kind of errors!  But given that I've been so poorly it's not surprising.  Last week I had a read of Toni's blog posting about a 150 item list of long term things to achieve, I was astounded at some of the ideas - visit all 50 states (I'm assuming it started as a US list for someone which has been used by others), holding a tarantula - not my idea of something I'd want to achieve but one item did catch my eye - Climb the stairs in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, now I know that's what it said but my brain registered Eiffel Tower, I don't know why but this is how the conversation went

"Look at that, climb the stairs in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I didn't know they have stairs I thought there was only a lift to the top"
"What?" says DH looking somewhat perplexed
"How would a lift work in that?"
"I thought there was only a lift I never thought you could get to the top with stairs, that might be something I could do" (bear in mind my lift phobia)
"but a lift would scrape all the way to the top" DH said laughing his head off
"It can't hang straight so it would scrape all the way up, if it worked at all"
By now I was losing it, then I realised my error, we did have a serious giggle about this one.

Finally a bit of crafting to share this is a monument near Sledmere that we discovered by accident at the beginning of the year when a road was closed and we were forced along a diversion!  Now I don't mind diversions when you mind something as awesome as this!
Close ups, hearts punched and inked
 And hand stitched hearts with a contrasting thread run through them.


  1. Wow that was a packed full post ! I'm so sorry to hear you are still poorly.
    You've got so much done ! Amazon has ben a star here delivering Jess's replacement Kindle the next day so I can take the new one out with me next week.
    I just love the idea of a Lego Advent calendar ! What fun.

    My mum orders loads from the Book people sso everyone can have a book at Christmas as well as some money or a token. She chooses them so thoughtfully. This year can choose for her Great Grandson !

    I really hope you start to feel better. Thank you for hostng these Friday gratefuls xx

  2. You've excavated some great gratefuls out of your week Virginia.Your Leaning Tower story had me chuckling, Love your LO and the story of the advent calendar. I am looking forward to Christmas so much this year - I'm on a mission to make ALL my pressies. I better go get started! Have a nice weekend away. pen xxx

  3. Ha! I'd posted my link before I read yours..sounds like we're having a similar kind of day :D
    Love the bit about the lift in the tower of Piza haha! :D XXX

  4. I'm not amazing at all, I just have amazing friends :) I've updated the list ;) I'm so excited to see what everyone gets :D

    I saw that quote and it struck a chord with me too - am thinking of putting together a book for all these Pinterest quotes so I can flick through it when am down or need some inspiration... wait a minute...was that a spark to my mojo? Wowee!

    Love that advent colour and I think DH should share his leek soup recipe if he wouldn't mind ;)

  5. Here again at last - love your list and am sure said 10 year will LOVE his calendar!

  6. I too had to laugh at your Leaning Tower of Pisa story.....I've climbed the Eiffel tower and it's killing on the knees.
    Love, love the Lego Advent calendar and well done Amazon!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon and have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  7. ***giggle*** don't worry Virginia - there were a couple of those "do/done" items that I mis-read first time around - it also took me a while to notice that the list had a number missing LOL

    I always love seeing what you've stitched on one of your creations - love the hearts.

    Toni xx

  8. The quote you found on Pinterest just about hits the nail on the head, doesn't it? I must write it down and make sure I remember it - and always bear it in mind too.

    Your lad looks so happy with his Lego Advent calendar - the bank robber has such a cheeky expression!

    I've never had a problem with the Book People (and I only had a delivery last week) - you must be VERY unlucky to have had 2 misdeliveries!

    Craft Stamper looks interesting this month, I might have to buy it too.

    Love the Leaning Tower of Pisa funny!!!

    Keep strong, my friend. Hold on to happy memories and the good things in your life.


  9. Hello again Virginia, just wanted to drop by and say a BIG THANK YOU for my gorgeous Christmas card! This was so kind and thoughtful of you, especially at a time when you haven't been feeling too well.

    Hope to see you posting again soon.

    Lotsa love,