Friday, 23 December 2011


Well I'll be - it's Friday again - how did that happen?  But it is - so tis the time to say what's made me smile and made me happy and made me just a little bit lighter in my heart! Fancy joining in - do yourself a post, link to Mr Linky at the bottom of this post and we can come and visit, no blog?  No problem - just put a comment telling us what rocked your world this week!

So things that have made me smile this week, shopping trip with said 11 year old was might fine earlier in the week, just a little bit of time with little man was great.

Being off work - that's definitely rocked my world, just time away from the madness to take time out and just let my mind quieten has been really enjoyable, even if it's been a bit odd.

Catching up with my journal your Christmas, even if I'm behind again now has to be a positive.

Chats with my sister in amongst the cleaning the other day also proved a positive this week.

But my favourite day has to be have been Thursday, first day that hubby has been off work and we all ventured to Chatsworth, said 11 year old said he didn't want to go, he was grumpy and tired, but after a little mental tussle I said tough and we went anyway.

First up we stopped at the carriage restaurant when we got there and had a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, well said 11 year old soon brightened up - quite honestly beaming from ear to ear - said it was the best bacon sandwich that he'd had - ever!  Fact!  So that put him in a good mood.

This is one of the giant canvases around the restaurant and I love how the stars have cast fabulous shadows on the same.
 Then the ceiling with gorgeous lighting and more stars!
We had a two for one voucher so managed to save £13 on the entry ticket and headed down to the house in time to hear a talk by one of the guides on the history of Chatsworth, it made for a great intro into the house and told us quite a few things that we didn't know, like after they'd done three sides of the building they discovered that the house was several feet wider at one end than at the other and so they had to have a curved frontage in order to deal with the issue!

The house inside was spectacular with Christmas ornaments depicting favourite Christmas carols, each room playing the Carol in question.  From While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night
Including the humorous take on the song! 
To this gorgeous setting in the Chapel, the silhouette could be found in the shop as a star book called the First Noel all silhouetted pictures!
Up close
The area where we put Christmas messages was already full of previous visitors wishes - but we added our thoughts just the same!
 This is always our favourite room at Chatsworth, but was even more special all dressed up!
 The dining room - honestly do you think - actually they could seat 20 to this table and we manage 10 at our house, think they should have managed a few more chairs LOL!
 I liked this silhouette on the way round, hubby says it would make a great stencil and I thoroughly agree!
 The statue gallery was all lit with strange colours bringing the statues to life!
 Outside we had chance to enjoy the gardens in the slightly balmy weather if I'm honest, 11 degrees this close to Christmas in the middle of Derbyshire did seem a little extreme!

The harsh winter sun making for some very atmospheric landscapes today!
It was also nice because the gardens were quiet, usually we visit during the summer or during the Beyond Limits exhibition when the gardens are full of people and picnics etc, but today it was much quieter!

The far end of Chatsworth has finally come out of it's scaffolding cover and we got to see the gold windows - real gold leaf apparently - not paint!
There's only one side now to be de-scaffolded and then she should be back to her former glory, next summer!

Hubby took this shot of me and said 11 year old - I love it - little man had just asked for a hug and we were having a great chat, hadn't realised Craig was photographing us!
We stayed til late, had to find the Farm Shop on the way back so said 11 year old could have some bacon, then hubby decided on the scenic route via Bakewell, got to Bakewell turned round and before we knew it we were back on the normal route, ne'er mind, we got back safe and sound despite the traffic which was mighty heavy through Woodseats at that time of night!

So there you have it, family time is probably one of my main positives this week, albeit that it's been a bit sporadic.

Discovering a present that had been sent by a certain mischievous person via stealth this week also had me giggling - Carmen is a very naughty girl but I will get her back tee hee, yes she had me utterly confused in amongst my present wrapping, I couldn't fathom out who I'd bought the items from and then thought I'd started ordering off my own list (it wouldn't have surprised me given the kind of month I'm having) but no it was Carmen being naughty - thank you hun you certainly surprised me and made me smile!

Cards from far and wide arriving this week have been lovely, the ones with the added bit of detail really have made it for me this week and Jo's handmade card is utterly gorgeous my favourite so far this Christmas.

Right well in a couple of days it'll all be over and done with, we'll be kicking the turkey around the garden and wondering what all the hassle was about, we'll make promises about not leaving things as late next year and cutting down on the money, not doing the headless mental shopping routine, or saying blow it we'll have an Indian take away like Carmen, but before all those thoughts cross your mind it's time to settle and try and enjoy the season.  After learning about the Jesse tree I'm seriously considering a memory tree, you know a place to remember all those that aren't here any more, using symbols as reminders of them, similar to a Jesse tree, it might be a new family tradition.  So in amongst the Christmas festivities or the bah humbug moments try and remember what it's actually all about and enjoy the time you have with your family and friends, cherish the moments for these are the memories we will look back on, I hope and pray that your Christmas is filled with happiness, that you get chance to spend time with people you love and that you have time to just be yourself and be happy.  Sending you all my love and happiness this Christmas remembering those who are no longer with us and those who have less than we have and hoping to share around a little Christmas spirit.

Now it wouldn't be a Rocking post without some crafting so you get one of my favourite pages from my Darcy book it didn't start out that way... but well perseverance

This page was done on holiday - following a trip to Warwick Castle - the word was Tribal and although painted by hand with no visual prompt (I'm no artist) I really didn't like it and it sat in my book for quite a while before I looked at it in a different light
This is the page duly changed, images added, clocks, bigger title and journaling in between - now this I love!
 Just goes to show when you get something that you don't like you just need to persevere and keep adding the layers until you finally feel that it's just right!

Mr Linky for my beautiful Rockettes


  1. I'm going to start getting annoyed with you if you keep saying you aren't an artist - you are one of the few people I follow that I really aspire to be as good as missus! I don't mean that I don't love everyone I follows work, I do but yours is right up my street. Pack it in. Don't make me come over there!


    Gorgeous photo's. Love that one of you and said 11 year old :) Also the bell silhouette - I would bet my right arm YOU could turn that picture into a stencil. It would indeed look amazing.

    Yes. You got me indeed. You are very, very naughty. Am hurrumphing and gobsmacked at the same time and I haven't even opened it yet - are you and Santa in cahoots?

    I love the idea of a Joshua tree and am SO nicking that next year.

    Jo's card - yes indeed. I'm framing mine. Am yet to decide whether it will be on display all year round or a forever part of our Christmas decorations.

    OK, rambled enough, shall leave you in peace. Big huge hugs Virginia and Happy Christmas to all of you and yours x x x

  2. WOW!! That was a long one!!!But enjoyed every line of it :D
    My 2 fav bits are the photo of you and your son ( I love taking snaps of moments like that) and your redone page of Warwick Castle. Thank YOU for my year, and look forward to joining in again in 2012 :D Best wishes to you and your family XXX

  3. Chatsworth looks absolutely gorgeous (did you find a little bit of your Christmas spirit while you were there?). The photo of you and said 11 year old is gorgeous, definitely one to enlarge/scrapbook/put in a frame etc.

    'Tribal' is superb - love how you changed it all.

    I'll be back with a Rocking list (might be tomorrow, kinda running out of time and have promised Hope a game of Upwords later).


  4. A wonderful festive post Virginia....DH has just promised to take me to Chatsworth...:)
    Love your take on Tribal.
    Have a fabulous Christmas.
    Hugs xx

  5. Beautiful - love all those many gorgeous things. Great pages in your journal too...I hope you and your family have a super Christmas :)

  6. fabulous photos! especially the one of you and son, and i love that silhouette. gorgeous page, def one of my faves that you have done.


  7. I'm always reading Joanna's Friday posts, and finally decided to check out the source of her inspiration. My New Years resolution (one of many) is to participate with you fine ladies on Fridays.

    I'm hoping this will help kick me into gear with my motivation and appreciation of my life.

    Thanks for the "kick"!