Friday, 11 November 2011


Wow can you believe it's Friday again - how the weeks are flying by - so what time of the week is it - well obviously its
Well it's been another trying week health wise but I know others have had far harder things to contend with, so my first grateful is appreciating that at the moment my health is suffering a little and I need to accept this and let my body start to adjust itself back into a better state, I'm demanding that it 'get better now' but that's not happening so it looks like a slow recovery back to normality.

My hubby and son again top the list this week, tolerating my complete inability to do so many things but not moaning, or complaining and I've noted that they can be even being a tad grumpy if I try and do too much so thank you boys you are both amazing!

Grateful for the invention of medicines to try and counteract the state of my inner ear at the moment, when my Mum was treated for Meniere's disease back in the 70's there was absolutely no treatment whatsoever, so the fact that medicine has advanced and is now able to offer some relief is amazing in itself. 

My blog friends - I love each and every one of you, you have kept me smiling, been concerned, kept me in the loop, used me to lean on and let me lean back, you are all utterly amazing and I'm grateful to have each and every one of you in my life even if on the most part I haven't met you - you are utterly wonderful

I'm grateful for a comfy bed to collapse into and big thick duvets

I'm grateful for breakfast club being able to take said 11 year old into school so hubby can try and get a full day in whilst I've been so poorly

I'm grateful for my Mum and my sister and my brother and for Fi and my niece all of whom have been concerned for me and how poorly I've been.

I'm grateful for my Mum having a bonfire celebration last weekend to allow me to get out of the house and catch up, even if it meant having to get in the car and feeling mighty off when I got there, it was worth it and my balance settled down during the evening.

I'm grateful for my hubby emptying the TV room on his own on Thursday night ready to decorate and not been put off our original plan even though I'm not well enough to help - he really is awesome.

I'm grateful for my sister ringing for a chat this afternoon (Thursday) on her way back from Uni.

I'm grateful for great teachers who are trying to help said 11 year old move things forward in his last year at primary school and having expectations that match ours - let him be the very best he can be for himself with us helping to support him along the way.

I'm grateful that the tablets are keeping the screen that I'm typing on level and steady (it wasn't last Thursday). 

 A long list of strange gratefuls but that's what this week has been like.

 I hope your week has been good, I know for some it has been unbelievably difficult and I'm thinking of you at the moment, come back to this, in your own time and when you are ready.  

So it's been weeks since I posted some crafting so I'll provide double helpings today,
 first up is a photo from the a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park earlier in the year,  that hubby took of me that I didn't hate (makes a change) I quite enjoyed using the bright vibrant colours, I also used some 'close up' photos to create the three embellishments on the right.
 The journaling was stamped using some mini rubber stamps, that I love, I have about 5 sets of these mini-peg beauties that I use in both my art journaling and scrapbooking 
 I used some chipboard letters that I had in bright green for the title
 this layout documents a fabulous McKee exhibition we saw when we were in Scarborough, formally a cartoonist he turned his hand to art and creates these amazing pieces of artwork.  This one I believe was called Goth weekend and is obviously based in Whitby with the ruined Abbey in the background - it struck the right cord with us.  I used the colours in the photo to create the page.
 Tim Holtz lettering for the title, a little bit of of hand stitching, punched edges and some velvet ribbon.
 Journalling done using those tiny peg letters again!
 so there you go another Rocking post for another week, if you are joining in please leave a comment and add to Mr Linky, if you aren't joining in this week don't forget to take a moment to think for yourself and find something to be grateful for, irrelevant of how small that has made you grateful this week and hopefully this will lift your mood and ready you for the week ahead.  May you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


  1. So sorry you're still suffering Virginia ... you've had a rough ride. Great to hear about your stalwart supporters ... every home should have some! Really hope you soon mended ... love pen xxx

  2. Youe energy amazes me Virginia!! I have been struggling to think positively this last 2 weeks, but things are pulling together now. So I will be back later with a post :D XXX

  3. You sound so positive. So glad to hear your hubby & son are looking after you and family & friends supporting you. It must be awful feeling so dizzy. I have a friend suffering with's something to do with being on cruise ships she feels like she's on board even when she isn't Horrible !

    I love your lettery picture & you look fab ! At first I didn't realise the little inchies were made up from letters - it looked like squiggles - but I had a closer look.

    Hope your week ahead brings you closer to feeling better.

  4. Not happy that you're still suffering Virginia but very happy that you have a loving family to look after you. Extra strong ***sparkles*** to speed your recovery.
    Love the LOs and the fact that you do such interesting things and go to such interesting places on your away days and breaks.
    Take care.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. will be back later with my post.

  5. Being ill really makes you realise how we take our health for granted, doesn't it?! You have been feeling poorly for far too long now, and I do hope the (so far) slow recovery speeds up for you. Extra well done to you for STYILL coming up with such a long and lovely list today. You've really dug deep and come up with some gems.

    My Rocking post is here

  6. menieres disease sounds awful.. I hate it when i have anything wrong with my ears, when I get tinitius it drives me insane, its unbelievable how ear problems can make you feel so terrible, hope you feel better soon (Can it be cured.. I don't know anything about it?)

    You're very talented, I wish I was a crafty person, I get very jealous at everyone's arty creations :)

  7. Big hugs Virginia. Hope you are starting to feel a bit brighter.

    Love your LOs.

    The weather forecast for the weekend isn't brilliant but hope you are able to enjoy some family time.

    Toni xx

  8. Big, big hugs Virginia. Hope this horrible illness goes soon. I often say the same thing about medicine when we get fluey.

    Love your crafty creations - espesh the one where you have used the sculpture as an embelly. Very clever.

    Hope you have a better, healthier week this week. Am enjoying all the quotes you are pinning tonight - really making me smile some of them!

  9. My post is finally up!
    Hugs xx