Friday, 2 September 2011


Now I'm not going to be around first thing on Friday be travelling back from our break - but I didn't want you floundering so I'll hazard a guess as to what we will hopefully have been doing

Hopefully we'll have been

  • Recharging our batteries
  • Taking lots of photos of fun days out
  • Enjoying the quiet of the countryside
  • Exploring
  • Having lazy mornings in bed 
  • Visiting Shakespeare country
  • Managing a day trip to Warwick Castle
  • Reading
  • Art Journaling
  • Planning
  • Plotting 
  • Chilling
  • Relaxing
  • Smiling
  • Laughing
  • Having fun 
  • Enjoying time together as a family 
Hopefully the above will be my list as I return to you, the post on Friday will be late so this will have to do you for starters LOL!

What's been Rocking your world this Friday - no linky I'm afraid leave a comment with your link so we can come and visit.


  1. I knew plan ahead and somehow post without being wonder I'm never first!!lol
    Hope your week has been all this and more. :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Here's the link to my post:

  3. Hope it's been a wonderful break for you and that you have managed to tick-off all your list.

    Toni xx

  4. Sooooo jealous!!! Want to go back to Warwick Castle again!!! Stuff that Rocked my week :D XXX

  5. I'm hoping your break was every bit as good as your list - I'm sure there was lots of laughing anyway! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you've unpacked, made a cup of tea and got the first wash on.

    Here's my list this week,


  6. I hope you have had a fantastic break....and got lots of photos to scrap too :)

  7. Oh, it sounds perfect Virginia - I hope you managed ALLLLL of it! i think we drove past there on the way home from Scotland... would we have driven past there? Am sure I saw a sign saying something about Shakespeare but was probably all a blur by that point!

    I'm late but I'm playing! Yay!