Friday, 29 July 2011


Well this year is certainly Rocking along at a fair pace at the moment - and the end of the first week of School Holidays!  So what's been Rocking My World this week?
Well we've had a day trip to Harewood House, and what a fabulous day it was, we had been so busy on Saturday that we thought a day trip out made complete sense, so we toddled off up the A1 getting to Harewood just after it opened and a thoroughly good day was had by all, we saw most of the park from the walled garden, to the penguins (yes I did just say penguins) to Adam ( a giant statue inside the house) to the Himalayan garden and my absolute favourite the beautiful terraced garden in front of the house, simply breathtaking!   Add to that a quick and simple picnic, one gorgeous hubby and a fabulous 10 year old and what you've got is a pretty awesome set of ingredients for a fabulous day out!

Monday and Tuesday were just busy busy busy work days but we'll ignore them for now and head straight on to Wednesday which brought me and little man (still wondering how long I'm going to get away with calling him that when you bear in mind he's going to be 11 in September mmmm?)  to a day off together, so we headed into town for an art walk around which was fun, a jaunt to the local library to get little man started on the summer reading challenge so all was good!

Add into that the fact that Little Man and I have been doing our own version of illustrations for the Alice in Wonderland book which has proved fun up to now, I still want to get on with doing a smash book for the two of us to document the holidays but it hasn't come to fruition yet?

Thursday brought a second showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2and we can confirm that this is still just as much fun in 2D as 3D, note to everyone - I cried again what am I like it's just so emotional!

Trying to have some balance with life at the minute, not just work life and home life but what I do at home, spending time with hubby, son, working on house, crafting, days out, sorting - it means things are ticking along quite nicely at the minute!  So Rocking my World this week is life balance, it may be a fine act to achieve but soooo worth while?

So what's been Rocking Yours this week?  Have you done anything fun because its the school holidays or are you up to your eyes in everything at the moment? If you join in let me know what you've been up to and how your world has been Rocking this week and don't forget to link so we can come and read and see what your world looks like at the moment

A bit of crafting, said 10 year old and the face he pulled when we went near him whilst he was eating a double chocolate muffin - let's put it this way - he was very very scary and made us giggle quite a bit!  

and another converted advert that I loved, did this one recently such good fun to play with
right Mr Linky and off we go


  1. What a fabulous photo to scrap - great LO.

    Another wonderful journal page Virginia.

    Toni xx

  2. I think you'll find that when he is at "big school", by half term he will gently suggest you don't call him "little man" any more. BUT you can call it him forever in blogland...Chunky Monkey and Shorty cringe everytime they see me start typing, but there's nothing they can do about it mwahahaha....:D XXX

  3. Sounds like a great week for all of you - and lovely to hear of said ten year old crafting with you.
    Loving the LO too - I have similar photos of DS so you've given me an idea. :)
    My post is up and running.
    Hugs xx