Friday, 8 July 2011


Wow I'm doing this one in advance - I don't actually know what will have Rocked my World come this time next week - but I'm being brave and hoping that some of the following will have provided me with something to smile about.

So what might that something be?

Let's hope it looks something like this!

Blue skies
Big Forest of Trees known as Center Parcs Sherwood
Riding a bicycle (preferably without trying to cause myself a serious injury this time)
Swimming in the day time, swimming in the night
My first experience of Zumba class?
Watching four people have a go at paddleboarding?
Giggling at sister and hubby having a go at the Gladiator challenge
Getting two spies in the group
Playing a game of squash,
Enjoying a moonlit spa?
Watching little aqua jetters
Enjoying a meal out

and yes before you ask it has cost that much - scary isn't it - it better be worth it LOL! 

Let's hope it's full of fun and laughter, reading time, down time, quiet time, art journaling, chatting, smiling and overall serious family time!

I promise I will along later and update you as to whether or not we've managed any of these.

Can't leave you without crafting so how's about the word DESCRIBE out of my journal for Darcy's 52 worlds - had to use 5 words to describe me and 5 to describe other half - quite fun - hadn't realised I'd got such strange stamps!

On the scrapbook layout front thought I'd share icicles with you and yes I don't care that it's July LOL!

Unfortunately trying to do Mr Linky in advance is not easy so if you are joining in, leave a comment, leave your link in the comment and I'll update as I go, if I get back and remember early enough I'll come and put Mr Linky on!  Hope you have had a beautiful and blessed week don't forget to tell us what's been Rocking Your world


  1. We went to the Sherwood Centerparcs a few years ago and had a brilliant time, so I hope you will have had a fab time too (even if it does cost a small fortune!).

    Love the words you've chosen to describe yourself and Top Husband.

    I'll be back later with my Rocking post.


  2. I hope you have had LOTS of fun this week. Beautiful art journal page - love the couple in the middle and the words all around them...and icicles in July!! great LO :)

  3. Hope the weather has been kind to you and that you have had a fab time.

    The journal pages are lovely and the LO is fun (I don't mind seeing icicles in July - I'm off to a Christmas in July event this weekend LOL)

    Have a great weekend

    Toni xx

  4. Hope you've had a lovely time :D Here is what Rocked my World this week :D XXX

  5. I hope your week has been a fabulous one hun, I'll check back later to find out :-)
    Heres mine

  6. I do hope your week was all this and more Virginia.
    Love the art journal page and, yes, you do have some strange stamps!lol
    Great icicle page too.
    Here's my link:

    Hugs xx

  7. Hey, I'm back!

    Here's my post. So much brighter than I was expecting this week.


    I'll be back later to read how your time at Centerparcs really went,


  8. I've now done an update too. :)

  9. Yoohooo! I am back in the land of blog! Had to stay away while Mr Blogger was playing up. Think I'm back on track now.
    Anyway, I want to say I was sorry to read of your Grandma passing, I did pray and think of you all.
    Hope you enjoy your break away and have some good R & R :) x

  10. My list.

    I've just finished reading your second post and am grinning from ear to ear - trying to think now what's a white lie - it all sounds believable...