Friday, 17 June 2011


Good Morning my beautiful Rockettes and how are you this morning?  Well I've had the strangest of weeks, I don't suppose it was going to be a 'good' one but I wasn't imagining strange if I'm honest, I seem to have had to 'schedule' grief - how on earth do you do that - I mean how do you put that sort of thing to one side whilst you get on with normal work life and then pull it out to have a good rummage around in when time pressures aren't so great?  I'm not sure that it's a healthy thing to do or a sensible thing to do but it is something that I've done, so I'm now feeling a little numb?  No idea what I'll be like over the next 24 hours but that really really isn't why you are here is it, so in an effort to remember the essence of the Rocking post let's celebrate what is Rocking my world this week
Blue skies and milky coffees
Moments of quiet in the back garden
Loud music and headphones
Scrapping time and mojo (when it reappeared briefly)
Husband - he still amazes me how he just goes with the flow of our lives and keeps me mentally with it even when I seem to be losing the plot
Said 10 year old for just being him, for giving me hugs when I've needed them
For my amazing sister who when things were starting to crack on Wednesday let me arrive at her house, completely break down into tears and give me the biggest hug, before feeding me copious cups of coffee and letting me rant whilst joining in - thank goodness for sisters!
For my brother who despite being poorly kept dragging himself into work at the beginning of the week despite the combination of illness and grief
For Dara O'Briain DVD's when you need a giggle his take on 'gamers' and the 'escalator' sketch - laughed til I cried

For my boss offering to buy my husband a pork pie - honestly the conversations you have sometimes, it went something along the lines of appreciating that I'm still going that extra length to get things done which means that my family life suffers, to him asking if Craig likes sweet things when I said I'd have to bribe him when I got home - then I said - no Craig doesn't like sweet stuff so he said "ah a savoury man" I said "yes he likes pork pie" to which my boss said to tell him that he owed him a pork pie - yes I think we are losing the plot!

Hairdressers sorting said 10 year olds hair out last night and fingers crossed sorting my hair today.

New patio doors that give us a better view of our postage stamp garden

Boxes of memories with sentimental letters and paraphernalia in them

Finding the box of missing photos that I've spent 7 years trying to find

Yep I think that's about it I'm afraid but it's a longer list than I expected!

Now crafting creations for you lovely people using yet again the Shimelle layout mentioned in the last post!

Up close - border punches and layers
A little art journaling in my A5 journal from when we went to York I enjoyed playing with the colours of this one!
So there you have it you lovely people

if you fancy joining in, put yourself a post together and then pop along here leave a comment and put a link in.  If you don't have time to do a post yourself or don't have a blog just remember to think of those little glimpses of fun you've had this week, those little parts of your life where you've had a smile on your face!

May you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  1. Can't believe you found time to make this post today, but I think I now know what "rocking my world friday" posts are all about. Am off to make one of my own :D Glad you found those photo's, can't think of anything more magical than finding things you thought were lost forever :D XXX

  2. What a lovely lovely set of positives in a horrible week. Not read anything until today.. *big squishy hugs* Yes, putting grief aside to dip into as and when isn't particularly rated as The Thing To Do by Experts (who made them the authority anyway?) but I don't know many people who don't do it that way. Sometimes it's scary to jump right in there and grieve as it hits, fearing that you'll be encompassed by it. Or else Other Things Definitely Need To Be Done Requiring Full Attention... and the grief gets squished down for later perusal.

    All I can offer are *big remote hugs*

    ...and yet another cry of WOOO that LO is great.. I love punches... must get me some punches :) Layouts like that make me more worried to dip into scrapbooking lol.. they look so goooood xxxxx

    *more hugs*

    G xxx

  3. A beautiful list Virginia at the saddest of times. Sending you hugs and sparkles to see you through the weekend. I know what you mean about "scheduling" grief - it doesn't seem right, but I've been there recently as you know.
    Stay strong.
    p.s. love the York page - glorious colours.

  4. I really enjoyed making this post, very gratifying, like saying thank you to the world just for being here :D XXX

  5. Lovely LO and fab Journal pages :)

  6. Oh Virginia - I paused halfway through reading to go google those comedy sketches. I couldn't find the escaltor one but have just been crying at the gaming one on youtube! Thank you for that - have only really seen him on Mock The Week.

    Been thinking of you, take it easy and you let your man keep you with it. It sounds like he's the rock you need at the moment.

    Love your pages as usual and have started adding some scrapbook sketches to Pinterest to help jump start me so if you have any good links let me know so I can pin them?

    Big big hugs. Carmen xxx

  7. Love the layout. Hugs to you at this difficuilt time.

  8. A great post considering the week you've had (((hugs)))

    I love the punch you've used on the LO and the colours on your journal certainly 'rock'...I love York.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Toni xx

  9. (((big hugs))) Well done on getting such a lovely list done in such a hard week for you xx

  10. Thinking of you all today - and that is a great list of things to be thankful for. A great LO and another BEAUTIFUL art page, I do need to have a go some time :)

  11. Great layout & love the art journal page.

  12. Lovely list Virginia. Don't you love it when you find something you've been looking for forever?! It happens occasionally to me and I feel like I've found gold. Some things, however, never ever get found - where on earth do they go?

    Lovin' your gorgeous art journal pages, wow to the colour!

    ps didn't join in Rocking this week, just couldn't find it in me to write one (rough week) but normal service will be restored next week :o)