Friday, 3 June 2011


This may have to be the fastest post ever on account of a lie in and a day out (ie lie in late up - day out about to begin LOL).

But what is Rocking your world this Friday?

Well for me the list looks a little like this

Blue skies - I love blue sky days they are awesome!

Spending time in the garden yesterday with hubby - doing nothing (well it felt like that - technically I was working but we won't mention that).

My sister firstly for getting said 10 year old back on the ice on Tuesday when said husband managed to fall and hurt himself on the ice (hurt being a trip to A&E a potential broken nose, two black eyes and some superglue stitches - I kid you not) and secondly for volunteering for babysitting last night and having said 10 year old overnight which meant - gasp wait for it - date night with hubby cannot remember the last time we had one of those - it was lovely - I mean really really lovely - we went to La Tasca for food, then we went for a walk in Wentworth along the church path, then sat in a beer garden chatting and drinking J20's and watching the bats, then home for a coffee on the patio - it was brilliant - so thank you Melanie you are a star!

A week of (of sorts) that's been nice, to slow down, not quite managed to stop but definitely slowed and enjoyed the sunshine did a little gardening just tootling about - bliss.

Craft night on Wednesday with Mum, Melanie and Nirvana, (always entertaining) Mum managed to do an art journal page that she continued to attack until she'd beaten it into submission and Melanie started a couple of pages and we blended images, once she'd seen how I do them she said she'd do more and yes Carmen before you ask I am attempting to film the blending so I can share the technique but the other night when I did it I had spring watch on in the back ground and it makes it sound like I'm being rather pretentious we made me laugh.

OK, my beautiful Rockettes I'm gonna have to dash off to a Wildlife park in Doncaster - the kids want to see Meercats and Lions - I'll report back later - plus it means more photo opportunities.

OK crafting - this one was from a sketch I forget where - documenting not such a great walk when we were at the Yurt last year, Melanie managed to swap boots twice, the first time into mine and the second into her daughters whose boots happened to be a size too small for her - don't ask! 
Then an art journal page from our trip to York
Quick Mr Linky - if he's playing

If you join in leave a link and a comment, if you're not joining but fancy leaving a comment I love to read them - hope you're all having a beautiful and blessed day!  See ya later


  1. Mmmmm...cup of coffee and a catch up with your blog on a Friday morning - just like old times!! Lovin' your work...xxxxxx

  2. What a fabulous sister :D She definitely rocks!! Don't forget the Tiger is at the park now too. We should have been there on wednesday, but life got in the way. Have a lovely day :D XXX

  3. Oooh, I hope you had a lovely day Virginia. I love Meerkats! Your night out with hubby sounds so romantic, although did he have 2 black eyes and a swollen nose? Mmmm, maybe didn't LOOK so romantic after all!!

    Happy LO and I love your York Minster pages, great blue.

    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.


    PS My list is here

    Mr Linky might have me on twice because I kinda disappeared the first time so I did it again.........

  4. Hope you're doing well! Still having problems leaving comments on blogs where I have to choose where I comment from! -- Jeanie from Georgia

  5. Lovely work there Virginia.

    Not much rocking my world at the moment but at least it's the weekend LOL

    Have a good one.

    Toni xx

  6. Love this list Virginia and yaaaay for pretentious tutorials :D

    That page is gorgeous so have pinned it to my Pinterest for inspiration to get me scrapping again (you were already in my Pinterest - I just din't bother telling you the last time *g*)

    Yay for date nights too - think my last one with Craig was when I was pregnant with Ruby and I couldn't eat anything for feeling queasy... but it ws also the night we discovered if I covered stuff in ketchup and mustard I could actually eat! Walking past the McDonalds - the smell made me salivate - funny the things you remember and then try :P Salad with ketchup and mustard... interesting. But it worked.

    Be back later with my post :)

  7. Hi Virgina
    Totally agree about the blue skies - everything looks so much better in that light.

    Hope your husband is feeling better soon and that you both enjoyed date night despite the injuries (and bruises).

    Love reading your blog every Friday - I always make time for it during my lunch at work (and thanks for stopping by my blog, your comments mean a lot).

    Best wishes - Liz