Friday, 13 May 2011


Well I thought I was being clever getting all ready on a Thursday for the Rocking Your World post, just a little bit of tweaking here and there and it would have been good to go - but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo they decided to break it so it's been MIA all day and now it's back it's lost the prepared one!

Hey ho - my week has still been Rocking so let's touch on the reasons why!

Firstly and at the top of my list is the return of my circle journal, this is my second one and the subject was Rock in Peace, we had to pick a Rock idol that had passed away and document about them and then send on to my fellow circle journallers for them to play with.  Now when I set out I made the pages individually, the only specification was that it should be 6 x 6 inches - not a problem - however the depth was never agreed - whoops! 
So what went off was already super huge before all the gorgeous artwork was added!  Now didn't Jasmine do a beautiful job of sending my circle journal back all ready for me - how gorgeous is that packaging?
With a little note from Jasmine - thank you hun!
Look at this little beauty, it took an age to digest all the gorgeous gorgeous work that everyone has done!  Honestly it's divine and deserves an entire post of it's own - which is what it will get - but like I said it's back not only in one piece but has also been beautifully looked after with some amazing and gorgeous artwork!
Next up is my annual appraisal that went really well the other day which was great!  It's been a tumultuous year at work but I'm still smiling which is the main thing!

Fencing - I know boring as hell but you wouldn't believe how nice it is to turn into our road and see the new fencing which actually stands up straight rather than leaning, it's taken an age to save for it but has been so worth while.  And we've finished the fencing the back garden so now I'm now looking through the hedge at the people that back onto us.  They finished it with the last panel today, all that and I only got the guy to look at it last weekend! 

Marks and Spencer's two for £10 deals (with the non-alcholic drinks) - yep it's back on and we've bought for tonight and tomorrow - so that's tea sorted! 

Crafting time in the evening - always bliss even if I'm not managing much past nine too early a start to be honest!

Lovely comments from Carmen indicating that people may just fancy a journal done by me if I join in the PIF for the WOYWW - still considering at the moment!  If you don't know what I'm talking about don't stress it!

Morello cherry and milk chocolate muffins - don't ask I know I should be being good but hell fire they were rather naughty!

Little man finishing his practice SATS means I should have a slightly more chilled out child this weekend - not altogether sure the stress that he's had over the last couple of weeks is the sort of stress he should be having to deal with at 10 if I'm honest! 

So I'm going to leave it at that just in case we have further problems posting LOL!

Bit of crafting this is a double page - documenting the now infamous Bate's Motel gingerbread house from Christmas day two years ago courtesty of my brother - hence the title Only John!
The other page with the detailed pictures including the frontage and the massacre!
then the up close detail ribbons and layers of papers and embellishments
and the title a combination of stickers and stickers mounted on cardstock!
and for those art journallers out there another layout from our weekend break to Scarborough in February!
So what's been Rocking Your World this week... if you join in leave a message and a link to your blog so we can come and annoy you!


  1. Jeanie has been first to join us this week - this is her link!

  2. Glad your CJ returned safe and sound - certainly looks like there will be plenty to see when you show us all the loveliness within.

    Great LO and what fun photos.

    Toni xx

  3. A good list Virginia - well worth the wait. I love the gingerbread Bates Motel - your bro has quite an imagination! The pages are lovely.
    And wow, your circle journal - can't wait to see the inside pages.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. my Rocking list will done tomorrow (I di try to do it @ 04:00 but Blogger was still offline. :)

  4. Super long list, Virginia! The round robin journal looks gorgeous (sneak peek, please?). I'm not a lover of SATs either - I really don't like how it affects such young children. Ho hum, it ticks a Government box somewhere.......

    My Rocking list is here

    Thank you!

  5. My post is now up:

  6. The CJ Looks great, can't wait to see it. Love your list too for this week.

  7. Bloomin' 'eck! That's even bigger than when it left me and it was mahoosive then - oh I can't wait to see the finishing pages and I was so lucky to see so many of the pages before mine! Jaz wrapped the pages she did me just as beautifully, I tried so hard not to tear it as I opened it.

    Eek, am so glad I made your list, you have made me smile huge smiles here but I meant it definitely.

    Hope DS can chill out a bit now, Phoebe's class have been doing practise SATS at the moment so am not sure when they actually properly do them.

    I'm here: I have that nagging feeling I've forgotten something though...