Friday, 6 January 2012


Morning all how are you this morning?  It's Friday already 'Rocking Your World' time and the first Rocking  post of 2012.  Time to take stock, look back reflect and give thanks for the week behind us - if you don't think you've had a good week - try and dig deep to find the silver lining as I find very infrequently is there a whole week without a silver lining - so have a think - possibly a phone call that made you smile?  A comment?  Sharing time with someone you love?  Curling up with a good book?  Whatever it may be no matter how small or insignificant think about that moment and smile, hold that thought that positive right in the front of your mind so you can appreciate life for what it delivers you and if it's been a tough week then these silver linings need to be noted!
My week has been OK if I'm honest, nothing sparkling (literally now the decorations are down and away), but a thorough tidy and clean through means the house is resuming normality.

New Year at my sisters is always fun so that's a grateful, listening to her and said 11 year old singing on Singstar is something not to be missed - they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Lazy mornings in bed as we neared the end of our Christmas break (I can appreciate and grateful for these even more now that I'm back at work - I miss having a lay in - I miss not having to wake with an alarm!)

The gym - yes don't frown at the screen, I am grateful that I've managed two gym sessions this week with a third due today and said 11 year old has managed his first session in the gym, he seemed to enjoy it and is looking forward to having a program set.  I'm looking forward to having mine re-done if I'm honest!

Being back off the wine (2nd attempt at a teetotal year LOL - going well so far) has meant better sleep at night - such bliss if I'm honest being able to enjoy my sleep - hadn't realised how much I'd missed proper sleep!

Lovely blogs and lovely blog posts talking about challenges and things that others are joining in with and challenges people have set themselves!

One pot meals and slow cookers, there is nothing nicer after a long day at work than walking into a house full of the aromas of a home cooked meal.  So here's to more one pot family friendly meals (said 11 year old is trying new things - lasagne - gasp, shock horror, chicken in white wine (using up the wine from Christmas LOL), beef bourguignon (more wine being used up LOL).

Hubby spending time messing around with aerials and splitters and all sorts of other electrical things means we now have a free view box and TV piped into our bedroom - now don't frown because sometimes to be able to head up to bed and watch half an hour of 'normal' TV before we settle down to sleep has proved quite nice if I'm honest.

And my final grateful this week has to be the fact I'm here, that I'm alive, that I have a great family great friends both those I know in person and those I know through my blog!  Thank you for being part of my life!

So there we go my first list of gratefuls in 2012, if you fancy joining in then please post a blog post on your blog and then head back here to link up so we can come and visit you, if you don't have a blog or don't have time to post a blog, leave a comment (I lurve comments) about what's Rocked your world this week!!!!

Now following on from my question earlier in the week - here is the page I did for Darcy's 52 words - the word being 'Release' I was unsure of whether to share or not given that the photo is slightly risque!  But given that you all felt quite happy for my post here it is!  You'll have to forgive the image but it was found in a Sunday paper so can't be all bad.  The word for this page was Release, it was quite a simple page to do, I've found it intriguing how my art journal pages really suit simple colour schemes, in this case black white and grey, more finger painting on my part, giant journaling, tattooed ladies and hand drawn title all fun.
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  1. I've been inspired by you and Carmen rockin' it through some tough times this year but always remembering to focus on the positives, so I'm going to join in with you this year if I may?

    Fridays are my busiest day of the week, mind, but will try to write the post up as the week goes along so it's all ready to go on Friday morning. That's the plan, anyway :)

  2. What a wonderful list of gratefuls to start the year..:)
    And I love your pages for "Release"....I don't find them risque at all!lol
    Hope your year continues as it's started.
    Hugs xx

  3. Happy New Year to you Virginia! I think your description of this week as 'nothing sparkling' is just right. An ok week, nothing sparkling. I like that.

    Well done for hitting the gym hard - starting as you mean to go on. I did giggle at the way you've stopped drinking - apart from the gallons poured into your one pot wonders! Laughing aside, I could do with cutting back on the wine so you've inspired me drink less (ugh, parents in law brought LOADS of wine with them on New Years Day and it's singing to me!!).

    PERFECT ladies for 'Release' (when you issued a warning I thought it might be sexier) they're a great image to use. The simplicity of the colours and giant journaling (I really like that) give a great effect.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Morning lovely lady, I am just about resigned to the bareness that taking down all the decorations and the lack of twinkling lights, it is always such a stark contrast I find....... What a lovely luxury having TV in your room, we did at one time I can't remember why we stopped. No ariel in our rented house to the bedroom and we wouldn't want to drill any holes........I got a slow cooker just before Christmas (good for mulling large quantities of red wine :) I also got 101 good food recipes for slow cookers so there is no excuse! You were right to post your page nothing offense, not in this modern age and we would have missed seeing your lovely creativeness. Have a splendid week, hugs, Wend x

  5. Sush a great list of wonderful things! I thought I would join in with you this week, hope thats ok x

  6. I've just posted my first RMYF post - feels good, doesn't it, sifting through all the nicest bits of the week :) I should have joined in sooner!

    I'm now wondering which Sunday paper you read ;) That "release" page is fab

    Oh, and have fun down the gym!

  7. Risque? Pah! Some of the people we know make that look tame Virginia. What are you on about.

    Oh hi Susie :D

    LOL! *ducks*

    I love your tattooed ladies and I love Rocking Fridays Virginia. You make me think about a slow cooker now - didn't know you could cook things like lasagne in them, thought it was just variations of stew.

  8. My post is up :

  9. Glad you are having a relaxing start to 2012 :D See, the blogger didn't explode because you posted your risque page lol...Fabulous image :D XXX

  10. Sounds like a good first week. I used to be against a TV in the bedroom. My husband went ahead and did it anyway about 5 years ago. I love it! Just last night the whole family piled into our bed to watch a movie together. And is there anything better that clicking the remote going directly to sleepy-time after a good show?

    Best wishes for the week ahead

  11. OK Virginia, I think I visited all the Rockette posts, and if I'm not mistaken, I may be the only American. I'm feeling rather course and unruly among you all, but I'm looking forward to rubbing virtual elbows with you all!!

  12. Hi Virginia... Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas . getting back to normal slowly. I cant use wine in my food.. it feels like Im wasting it !! Hahaaaa..
    Jennie. x