Thursday, 6 October 2011

She Likes It!!!!

It's always lovely to know that a present has been received (and Royal Mail haven't let you down), it's even nicer when the recipient likes it!  Last year an old school friend had a little girl that her and her hubby had tried for for a very long time and I made her a small gift to remember all the fantastic messages she received on facebook which she said she loved!  

This year her little girl turned one and I knew she was having a bit of a family gathering so I put a little mini book together for her and sent it off recently.  Now that it's been received I'm going to pop it on here, it's based on the Voodoo Vixen book that I've made so often - honestly Annette this book is such a delight to make - simply beautiful and it can take so many pictures which is great particularly for a family gathering or a family day out!  In fact I've realised today that I've got a stack of Yorkshire Sculpture Park pictures sat on my desk and this book would be perfect - so expect another version of this very soon!

With my friend having a little girl I got to play with Pink for a change - something I rarely get round to using, I've used a new embossing folder on the front with the hearts, I think it's my favourite embossing folder (by far) and reminds me of a favourite Magenta stamp!
The inside has pockets on the right and a spiral bound book on the left! 
This book is genius (again Annette - the statement "I'm not worthy" comes to mind) because of the way it pulls out to show all the pockets in a row!
In each pocket there are large pull out tags
Here they are separate I also provided some tiny journal prompts and some double sided tape for my friend Karen to use as she filled it up with pictures!
Then the book folds up to reveal more pages underneath!
I got some 'card topper' sheets in the recent bargain bag purchases which is where the pink teddies have come from, there were also a couple of decoupage sheets that I was unsure of - but I think the teddy looks quite sweet
I stamped on the words to the middle of the heart then the pocket pages look like this
this is such a fun book to make which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. Ooh, I love this Virginia! And lucky you getting to play with pink!!!
    Where can I find the destructions for making this please? I feel some Christmas crafting coming on!
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow, wow, wow, wow! Virginia! Wow again - this is gorgeous! I can see what you mean about getting loads of pictures in there!

    I remember the other book with all the messages - is that really a year! Blimey!

  3. Hahahaha! Just seen my button on your sidebar! Very cool - lots of big grins today!

  4. This is so beautifully made, Virginia. What a lovely keepsake for your friends.


  5. Wow, a masterly construction and so pretty.

  6. I love it in pink too! I really should make a couple of these as DH has been told that he will be a Grandad in a few months... could do one of each colour in readiness!!

  7. Hi Virginia, this is an amazing book and such a lovely gift! I've been unable to comment on your blog for a while recently, and have so much wanted to thank you for your kind, encouraging words you have left when you've visited. Hopefully now normal service has been resumed and I'll be able to let you know when I've called by! love pen x

  8. Virginia it is Gorgeous your friend will love it and beautiful embossing folder I can see why you love it so much...I will have to look up the destructions too :)

  9. This is stunning, such a lovely thought and present for your friend xx

  10. What a lovely gift. I can see why your friend likes it, who wouldn't.

  11. This is lovely, I'm sure your friend will love & treasure it.

  12. what a super gift...and i'm sure it will be much loved :0)

    now...where are the instructions for this bit of genius...?

  13. What's not to like?? This is a beautiful fact, I'd have struggled to give it away haha! :D XXX