Friday, 23 July 2010


Ok so Friday again I meant to post something earlier in the week - honestly - anything really crafting, life, scrapbook class - just something that shows that I've not lost my creativity completely.

Actually I haven't lost my creativity completely what I've actually lost is time in which to do it!
Anyway enough of that - let's have the gratefuls - let's roll them out - is it a long list or a short list?  MMMMmmmmmmm 

OK tough week, have to be honest, do you ever feel like you're on a treadmill at the gym (metaphorically speaking - well for me anyway - chance would be a fine thing) and all your friends and family are around you jogging or running, or sprinting or walking and laughing and talking and well your treadmill doesn't work?  No - mmmm maybe just me, my treadmills not been working, it's not just unplugged (ie quick fix) mine's broken on an uphill gradient that keeps getting me falling off it and when I get back on the instructions are written in a different language.
Anyway, the culmination of my broken treadmill meant a serious heart to heart with hubby the other night - so number one has to be him listening to me, taking it on board and not allowing me to start it the following day but to in fact start it right at that moment - even though that initially made me grumpier - as the evening progressed an inner calm started to materialise that I hadn't realised I was missing but missing it I was, not sure how long the inner state of calm is for but I'm going to attempt to enjoy it whilst it's here!

Music - definitely high on my list, I've found a new journey with music recently and have started to discover new bands, I've always been into loud rock music so loud rock music with meaning is even better - love the stuff you can sing your head off too - bliss! 
My sister Melanie, and my brother John (sorry no current pictures of John but I'll get some), they are both amazing people anyway and they are both on something of a weight loss mission and both looking fantastic and conversations with them always make me smile!  Just to show you how amazing she and my niece are a photo of them on my nieces birthday - how gorgeous do they look (plus Melanie is sporting a brand new hairstyle which looks amazing on her) 

My blog friends (through the discussion with hubby mid-week I commented that I don't have many real life friends - really I don't), I've always struggled to take it from general acquaintaince in a typical setting into the "you should pop for a coffee" moment and sometimes I realise just how bad I am at making friends and yet on here I chat to loads of people even though I've never met them, so to all my blog friends I thank you and I am extremely humbled to know that you take part in my life as well.   

So onwards to show that I do (occasionally) manage to squeeze in a bit of crafting to my life even when it's under duress. 

First breakfast and after school club staff - I really struggled this year - primarily because the staff don't change, it's the same staff year in year out and well I was running out of crafting ideas let alone time - so I went for something simple (hubby insisted I be practical for a change)
Altered chocolate bars (I kid you not)
Two of these inside a decorated paperbag (in same papers) matching cards with stampotique stamps and we were good to go, gifts despatched Monday and Tuesday

So then last night I arrive home and there is still no teacher gift, no idea of what to make, no mojo anywhere in the building and I almost (very nearly almost) went for a shop bought gift but little man said how proud he was that we always sent a home made gift ARGH!!!!! Anyway - rummaging, thinking, struggling, a few hours and away I went with this, this was actually a class the gorgeous Sandra taught an age ago and I had one of the boxes surplus in my 'alterables' box so two things done, the first is that I've used something out of the alterables box and the second is that I managed to turn around a simple small black box into this in less than an evening!
This is the box closed up 
Dear hubby helped on setting eyelets in the papers and the box and also helped sort the ribbon out so that they were evenly spaced - close ups
and on the back
Little man has written on the tags this morning so it's all wrapped up and ready to go and the card - well what do you think (new stamp alert, new stamp alert)
So there you have it, gratefuls, crafting, family, cards - it's all good, if you join in Rockettes - then link below and let us know so I can some and visit, it doesn't matter how long or short your list is, how trivial or huge the item is in the grand scheme of things - if it's good for you then it's good generally!   Hope you have a great rocking you world Friday! 


  1. Thank you for your list today Virginia - I can relate to so much of it, particularly the making friends stuff. You are not alone in that respect. And the treadmill stuff too - when everyone else seems to be skipping along laughing and chatting? Yes, I so know what you mean! That present for the teacher is BEAUTIFUL! She will L O V E it, anyone would love to receive such a personal and beautifully crafted gift. Have a lovely weekend, xx

  2. Oooh Viginia, have you seen the notice at the top of your blog about your background going today? Just thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't seen it! x

  3. I am glad you can think of so many things that rock your world even when you don't think there is a world to rock. We will always be here for you in blogland and even though I don't always comment I always hop over and read your blog. Even before I got my own blog you were one of the sites I used to follow and you were one of the first I followed when I got my blog. So never feel like you don't have any real friends we can always have a cuppa and a chat over the air waves that's the magic of the internet. Thanks for Rocking my world every Friday. :-) xx

  4. I love your box! Gorgeous papers and Malakite is right - hand made really says more and adds that personal touch! So good on you for powering through even if you felt under pressure - your creative skills shine through!

    Big hugs x x

  5. Yes! Yes! I finally did it!

    Carmen can relax now..I have been promising forweeks that I would link up lol...

    Ooh chocolate mmmmmmm

    I always feel like I'm on a broken treadmill and other people are zooming round me- but that's usually true as I've been in bed so much recently lol... but I know what you mean and yes I have been feeling like that a lot recently too.

    Ooh I'm so glad I finally took the

    Your crafting is so so lovely..... everyones blog seems to be so much more artistic than mine.. I guess getting my 'friends' from Carmen isn't going to help in that way..... creative people are friends with creative people too... not a clue how Carmen and I hooked up ;)

    I don't have friend In Real Life either really... I take it one step further, they come to mine for coffee then never seem to come back as I'm not too mobile, so outside of house is Mostly Banned apart from walking to school when I can lol

    Oops getting really long I'd better leave this before Blogger cuts me off and I lose it all :P


    Gail xxx

  6. Virginia - I'm sending you big squishy hugs and I hope the inner calm stays stays that way.

    I'm exactly the same as you EXACTLY when it comes to making friends. I count all my closes t friends as living bliddy miles away - it's really damn inconsiderate of you all really. I've never been good at making friends locally. It's a combination of a crippling shyness that I am still fighting to beat and also an overwhelming mistrust of local people due to stuff that has happened over the last 10 years. I am fed up of opening myself up to abuse so I just don't anymore. But I do consider that my blog friends who I count as REAL friends not 'just' blog freinds are the best in the world and I'm so lucky to count you as one of them.

    The teacher gift is simply gorgeous. Nag Sandra to put the class online for me - I'll do it too - double barrelled attack ;)

    Be back later with my Rocking World.

  7. Sorry about your "treadmill" - hope the inner calm lasts.
    Your sister is looking fab!
    Your craft projects are wonderful - esp. the box you altered in an evening!
    WTG Hubby for being so helpful!
    Your bit about friends got me thinking and I'm in the same position - not many friends IRL ( those I have are wonderful) but lots on here from all over the world. I think it's good.
    Sue xx

  8. Hi Virginia

    Another fab list this week. As ver I can agree with and understand so many of the sentiments expressed so wonderfully and thoghtfully. Until next week...........


  9. Hi Virginia, I found your blogg through Clarky-J and have been looking for a while,before taking the plunge with my own list of gratefuls,sorry it's late, I will try and do better this week. So much of what you say has me thinking Me Too, Me Too, aquaintances are easy but true friends can usually be counted on one hand and mine all seem to live miles away, my treadmill has taken a turn for the worse too, I think the speed control has got a life of it's own and I feel like I am trying to hang on to the handle bars and get my legs to catch up before I fall flat on my face.
    Bee xx