Friday, 30 April 2021


 Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for

Well it has been a funny old week, we are still enjoying lots of blue sky spring days albeit that they aren't always particularly warm. 

Last weekend was one of my cousin's wedding anniversary, I'd made a little mini book and spent some time scanning photos and cutting them with a polaroid die that I have and then filling and completing the book.  I know it is a day she always struggles with because it also marks a sad day for her which is another anniversary that happened years later.  So I thought a mini book reminding her of the beautiful day she had would be a nice keepsake and it meant that for once I managed to 'complete' a mini book rather than leaving them blank.  

I delivered it to her doorstep and we had a very quick socially distanced catch up, I'd wrapped it, she said it was such a surprise and she couldn't believe she was seeing 'people' you forget how isolated some people have been and as a stay at home Mum she is probably more isolated than most.  There is definitely a lovely positive glow for yourself when you do something like this and I remind people of that.  I felt happy about giving her a little homemade gift which I'd poured love into and in turn she had a mini visit and also a gift that she opened later that day, which meant a phone call which was lovely again.  As I try and instill in said 20 year old, it often isn't about the money you spend as we can't take any of this with us, but the time you spend that create the lovely memories. 

This is the front of the book, I won't show you the inner pages as they are obviously of her wedding but I had great fun creating. 

Me and hubby enjoyed a trip to Ikea to buy some new cushion covers for the TV room, I went for an eclectic colour mix of electric blue with a splash of white (bargains at £1 a cushion) and some mint green ones, giving the sofa a decidedly spring like feel. 

For the sofa at the reading end of the room I bought some heavily patterned material with a 'jungle plant' type print on it to make some cushions.

I ordered zips from Amazon which I expected to take several days to arrive, but you can imagine my joy when they landed on Saturday morning. 

Saturday afternoon I met my Mum and sister at Wentworth Woodhouse gardens, we are allowed to meet outside socially distanced with up to 6 people, so we were falling in line with government guidelines.  My sister had never visited the gardens, so we gave her the 'grand' tour as we have been several times and gained further information each and every time.  We even enjoyed a picnic on the picnic plains, nothing major just some anti-pasti platter of meats and cheese with some olives and feta and some cheese bread, whilst drinking it with a flask of coffee.  It was nice to stop and chat it has to be said.

When we got back late afternoon hubby popped a film on but I was too giddy to get the cushions made, so I set too and created six new cushions for the sofa and here they are complete. 

Sunday should have been another trip to YSP,  but it dawned on me that we were going full tilt and I was hurtling towards another busy week without much of a breather, so we decided to stay put and chill out (well that was the plan). 

After making breakfast, sorting a few housey jobs out and preparing tea we were at 2.30pm in the afternoon.  Nevertheless, determined to have some time 'off' we hit the sofa and started to watch a Netflix series called Shadow and Bones and blitzed a few episodes before said 20 year old arrived home for work, we are really enjoying the series, it feels like a cross of Carnival Row and Game of Thrones, it is just one season of 8 episodes and we are halfway through, but we've really enjoyed it as it isn't mentally challenging. 

The beautiful cherry blossoms are in full bloom currently and I've noted them on my travels over the last week. 

Work has been exceptionally busy this week as always, but has flown by and for the first time in over 12 months I was in every day of my working week (Monday - Thursday), what I've found is that there isn't a lot left of me mentally at the end of this week and so with a long weekend ahead of me, I have a grand self care plan to action to make sure that when I return to work next week I've given myself the mental and physical time to rest as well as come up with some solutions to resolve some of the things I need to sort at work. 

And that my lovely people was my week, I hope yours has been grand, filled with people and making memories and I hope your weather has been kind and that you've been allowed to venture out (or stay put according to your preference).  If you fancy joining then Mr linky is below. 


  1. I hope your weekend sees you recharging your batteries . You know where I'lL be heading tomorrow, just hope it stays dry (rain is due but hopefully after i am on the way home)

  2. What a gorgeous little mini book for your cousin. I'm sure she loved it.
    Wentworth Woodhouse gardens are very beautiful, as you have shown us a few times, so it was lovely that your mum and sister could enjoy it too. I love the photo with the Bear.
    The 'jungle plant' cushion covers are amazing. Well done you for sewing them so quickly.
    I hope your week to come is not so terribly busy with work. Being a Bank Holiday weekend, it will be a short one.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Sorry I didn't link yesterday. I hadn't seen your post.
    The trip to the gardens looks lovely and how nice to have your mum and sister with you. Aren't those azaleas lovely? And nice enough weather for a picnic too. Glad you made the most of the opportunity. I don't think your bank Holiday weekend is looking too good.
    How sensible to recognise your need for a day off. You always seem so busy all week, so a rest day at the weekend is a great idea.
    Well done on making the cushions so quickly. Sewing is not my thing so I take ages to get started on a project like that.
    Take some time to reflect over the weekend so you can go back to work on Tuesday refreshed. Kate x