Friday, 8 November 2019

Rocking Your World Friday - 45th of 2019

Morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well this is going to be a very very short post this week, namely because we succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. 

Hubby went down hill over the weekend with the virus and I joined in as I arrived home having seen NT Live Midsummer Night's Dream (encore) performance in a gorgeous little cinema called the Curzon that I didn't even know existed in Sheffield. 

And I will be truly honest this virus has floored all three of us, me and hubby completely wiped out for the entire week, yep no work for either of us.  We have coughed and spluttered through it all and with the aches and pains I'm pretty sure this was a flu bug we got.  So why on earth am I talking about it here you might ask.  Well our workplaces allowed us time to recover so that's a positive, we've enjoyed lots of hot drinks, curling up on the sofa and managing temperatures with ample tablets from the pharmacy - so I'll call that a win - a tiny win but a win nonetheless. 

We did manage (royal we - hubby) managed to carve the pumpkin, only thing is we didn't get any trick or treaters, but in hindsight with our lurgy that was probably a good thing and said 19 year old has thoroughly enjoyed the plentiful sweeties we've had in. 

I loved the reflection in the window 

The only other thing I've managed to do this week is to wrap an advent calendar gift that I'm in a swap for, I really enjoyed making the tags a few weeks ago in the shape of a coffee cup. 

And that my lovely people is that I'm afraid, I'm grateful hubby managed to make some food for us on quite a few evenings this week (as I definitely wasn't up to it).  I'm glad Wentworth Woodhouse cancelled the Gaia exhibition last night because of the weather, because we wouldn't have managed to make it due to illness anyway.  I've managed to rebook for next week when we will hopefully be well and truly over this bug. 

I'm grateful said 19 year old's girlfriend arrived safely yesterday (if you've seen the flood pictures from the north of England today you'll know what I'm talking about). 

I hope you've all had a beautiful and blessed and lurgy free week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. Oh dear, I do hope you have had the worst of it now and that you are beginning to feel a bit better. It does sound like a proper flu (as in influenza). Poor you. (plural).
    And I am reading horror stories in the papers of people stranded in a shopping centre in Sheffield due to the floods. What a situation! Horrible! In a way I am glad you are at home and not going anywhere.
    The pumpkin is great. As you say, the photo with the reflection is wonderdul and atmospheric.
    You advent calendar looks really nice and I am sure your lucky swap partner will be more than pleased with this.
    Have a quiet but good weekend and I hope you will soon feel your good ol' self again,
    Keep smiling,
    Hugs (virtual, so no flu bugs)

  2. sorry you've all been pporly, and glad that said 19 year old's girlfriend made it through the floods - I had a friend who had gone to Sheffield for shopping.... luckily she and her sister had a room booked overnight! Great pumpkin carving.

  3. So sorry you have all been so poorly. I heard of several folk who had succumbed while I was over there, and now lots of my friends have had it here too. Half the choir were ill last week, including the Musical Director, so the practice was cancelled, but I went tonight and most of them were back again, so it doesn't seem to be lasting too long. I am just hoping I don't get it as last year I had two really bad doses with at least two weeks out of action each time, and I have far too much to do for that to happen again right now.
    Well done you for finding something to be grateful for.It is good that work was understanding, but I don't suppose they want you there spreading the virus.
    I hoe you are felling a lot better by next week. take care. Kate x