Friday, 21 December 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 51st of 2018

Well here we are on the penultimate post of the year, and I for one am preparing this on Thursday, because Friday is going to be a mighty hard day as we say goodbye to my wonderful Uncle Chris for the final time, funerals at this time of year officially suck. 

Anyway, I am really going to try to home in on the positives because it is Friday and it is time for 

First up was my very strange week off last week, I meandered and wandered through the days, it was nice to have the time back, even if it did mean me doing an awful lot of reflecting.

For a change last Friday me and hubby headed to our local heritage centre for a mooch in the shops, I had to giggle a the snowman in the phone box. 

It was cold but not too breezy, so we enjoyed the wander. 

This little pink tree also made me smile.

On Saturday I had a work day and hubby had volunteer to crew the boat, we were doing Santa boat trips and I was one of the ones in charge of refreshments.  You'll be pleased to know everyone enjoyed the day, it was brilliant seeing all the kids faces, so happy, they got to meet Santa on the boat, played games and had a sing song with the chief elf, it all went off swimmingly.  The only downside was trying to thaw hubby out at the end of the day, he was drenched and frozen to the bone, bless him. 

Sunday we decided to go to Hardwick, despite having had a busy day the day before.  Hardwick is such a beautiful house, in the hands of the National Trust, we were in for a Christmas treat, all part of the membership!

Even the pillars outside were decorated.

The entrance hall was beautiful, white displays, fresh flowers and lots and lots of lights

I loved the trailing lights over the balcony.

And the mirrors behind the flower display

We even grabbed a Christmas tree selfie. 

Up the stairs we started to see papercrafting at its finest, this display on an unused staircase of angels all made from paper (with polystyrene heads).

The rooms were filled with beautiful garlands and pretty trees and although the route was shorter than normal, it was still a sight to behold.

We loved the shadows on this fireplace. 

And the papercuts with lights inside that turned were beautiful

The fairy on top of the tree was brilliant

And more fresh flower displays made the house smell divine

All the trees and flower displays were so pretty

And we got a view of the entrance hall from above. 

The creme de la creme was the papercraft of the hall in one of the main rooms, it was breathtaking and had been done by the house volunteers with instructions from experts.

It was even lit

On the side tables were further paper sculptures of different buildings, I loved all of them

More decorations

And Father Christmas's bedroom complete with outfit and the flurry of letters

This was my favourite tree, I think it was because the lighting was so beautiful

And I loved the pink flowers on the staircase out

A few bauble close ups

I grabbed a piccie of my soulmate

The kitchen decorations were beautiful too

Back outside we got a photo of all the garlands in a row.

The low winter sun playing havoc with the lens. 

I grabbed a bauble selfie, overlooking the old hall in the distance

And one of me and hubby

The bright blue skies were fabulous

We ventured into the garden

And got a great shot from a distance. 

Back outside towards the stable block, I loved this shot, particularly with the two crows. 

And a close up of the wreath

The hall was used as inspiration for Malfoy Manor in the Harry Potter films

We were getting cold so we grabbed a hot chocolate.

Overall a brilliant trip out to somewhere that is only about 50 minutes from where we live. 

Monday I was working on late Christmas presents

It still isn't finished but it is getting there. 

I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and had very busy days.  But I finished on Wednesday and don't go back until into the New Year. 

I'm so looking forward to the break. 

I hope you've had a lovely week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. I hope today isn't too sad, but that you are able to remember and honour your much loved uncle.
    On a brighter note, how beautiful does Hardwick look for Christmas - you got some amazing photos. Take care.

  2. Gorgeous photo journey around Hardwick thank you...loved it when we went earlier in the year*felt like home*. Glad your getting a good break to re-energise before the start of the New Year..time to plan your adventures lol. Yuletide Blessings to you and yours XXX

  3. What a lovely post. I did enjoy seeing all those beautiful decorations. You obviously love all the sparkle as much as I do. I have cutting files for a whole village in paper sculpture that I always intend to make, but never quite get there! Maybe next year. I am sorry you had a funeral to face. So sad, especially so close to Christmas. I hope you still manage to enjoy your time off from work, and all the memories you'll be making with your lovely family.
    I am afraid I just couldn't fit a post in last week, but I hope to back to being 'a regular' in the new year. All the best to you and yours. Kate x