Friday, 5 October 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 40th of 2018

Good morning lovely people it is Friday and time for

So I mentioned last week that I'd been to an art journal weekend at my local craft shop with Kate Crane but I didn't share what we created over the weekend, so I thought I would share them now.  The first picture uses the gelli plate which is one of my favourite craft items, we created lots of different backgrounds using texture plates which I've never used before they reminded me of unmounted rubber stamps and very versatile at lifting paint off a gelli plate.  We also used some of Kate's new stamps cutting the items out and then sticking them onto the pages, the three below will appear in my art journal when I find a roll of red tape.  

This one is my favourite because Kate showed us a technique using the gelli plate with paint and alcohol inks.  I have copious amounts of alcohol inks from when they first appeared on the market but other than being shown how to use alcohol inks on photo paper I've never use them subsequently.

I finished this last one at home after the weekend using some pre stamped pages that I've made I really enjoyed the weekend I enjoyed spending time with my mum, said 18 year old and his girlfriend!

This was one of the Sunday projects, a gelli plated house which was originally flat packing and we created the house and gelli plated a butterfly.  We left part of the house open so we could pop the booklet below that you can see into it (the down side is there's no base of the house obviously the book falls out but I still like it).

Below is one of the little books that we did on the Sunday and we gelli plated the covers and created blank signatures inside which I sewed in some people just stapled the signatures together, again this was a treat to make and it was fun working small for a change. 

We also made on the Sunday another book this time with gelli plate pages I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the books, but I thoroughly enjoyed making them. 

Two paper cones gelli plated not sure what I'm going to do with these but they were fun to play with

Here is a picture of the little house box for the book

This week, said 18 year old came home with a project from his previous college year, it was an Alice in Wonderland inspired coil pot which is significantly bigger than I had imagined and is incredibly well made he has done an awesome job

It was my brother's birthday on Saturday and we met up for brunch needless to say too much talking not enough photo taking.  Afterwards we walked down to the Holt to look at the photos from the photo marathon event that said 18 year old and hubby took part in earlier in the month we really enjoyed trying to find their photos and look at other people's interpretations. 

Here they are in front of one of the photos all happy this was when we found hubby's 'go green' one (which was the prompt) hubbies photo is the fourth on the left going down

Me and hubby went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday and had a significant walk soaking up all the artwork as well as enjoying the fresh air this particular piece is a Penone piece that we'd only seen from afar when we visited last.

Which looks like a tree with a box in it

Down through the park we could see the first of the Sean Scully exhibition pieces which is absolutely huge

Up close the colour of the rusting metal and the enormity of the piece is breathtaking

We found another piece Off the Beaten Track called the Coffin jump, but I didn't get the artist's name. 

At the top of the 71 steps we had to have a sit to catch our breath

Andy Goldsworthy piece is fully enclosed which drives hubby insane there was a piece of wood propped against it so he could have a look inside

Outside the long gallery is another large Sean Scully piece. 

Inside we were treated too lots of abstract art, mainly oil paint on the canvases and apparently still wet

 I quite liked the sculptures in the room this one known as blue stack

It's weird but the camera didn't capture the actual colours that we could see in person they were much more muted and mingled however this is what the camera lens shows

This metal piece was my favourite called coin stack and was reminiscent of Sean Scully's childhood when his father used to stack coins on the kitchen table

I grabbed this shot of a young lady just sat soaking up the art it's a shame sometimes that there isn't easier ways of doing this

Some of the sketches which had been framed

Outside we walked down the cow field which was full of cows to the third outdoor sculpture, I loved all the chisel marks on the stack of stone and the natural changes in pattern

Final piece 1000 tonnes of rock, stacked and reminiscent of dry stone Walling but on an epic scale

as you can see from the size of the people next to the sculpture

A beautiful autumn leaf on the floor I had to take a photo there is usually one leaf that speaks to me at this time of year I couldn't believe how vibrant it was and no I didn't use a filter

The final sculpture that was new to us on the day, reminiscent of some of the seeds work we've seen  before.  I did like this one because the shape looks like love hearts

A very very busy week at work meant that Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were something of a blur however on Thursday I managed a catch up with my sister at IKEA so I could re-balance the world we had a brief wander around the Market Hall and spotted some of the Christmas elements they have set up this one made me smile

And finally Thursday night we ventured out to a theatre we haven't visited before to see the English Touring Theatre perform Othello I've only seen Othello live twice before the first time it made me cry.  I was really hoping said 18 year old's girlfriend would enjoy it as she hadn't seen this before.  I was not disappointed absolutely breathtaking and yes it made me cry the only downside we discovered was

When you spend this much on the architecture it means they've forsaken the budget in other areas, in this particular instance the other areas were comfy seats we all had to get up and make the most of the interval as we were all struggling!

The set was fantastic minimal and atmospheric a fantastic family night out

so that was my week, I hope yours was good, if you fancy joining in pop back link and we can caome and visit. 


  1. what a week! I love the sculptures - especially the stacks; the blues are incredible (weird how hard some colours are to photograph well!) I loved seeing the results of your Kate workshops, am jealous of those!
    Thanks for looking at my days out photos, hope said 18 year old enjoys the chimneys too!

  2. Glad to see you out and about, creating and sharing :)...(a) stick a bottom on the little house or (b) stick the little book to the back of the house ;) As for the t geli plate paged book, write some of your fave words that make you smile or giggle on the pages and carry it in your bag. That way if you have a blah moment you can take it out and randomly open it to give yourself a boost XXX