Friday, 3 August 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 31st of 2018

Good Afternoon lovely people I'm a little late to my blog, but that's because I have been cleaning the universe - well my universe - well my house and I've only just finished. 

So time for 

First up a lush breakfast I had the day after our supermarket shop, it really was a little bowl of heaven

We've an event coming up at work and what started as a lovely idea to brighten up the gallery space has turned into a major fundraising project where we need 1400 flowers for an event on the 26th of this month (preferably the 18th if at all possible)

As you can see I turn out a mean tissue paper flower or two

Saturday saw me and hubby sharing breakfast at Ikea

We sat in a different area for a change

We had a great view of the urban landscape

You can see Meadowhall in the distance, this photo made me giggle, me and hubby had gone to buy tissue paper but across the road some people had gone to buy a Porsche

My Mum made some lovely crochet flowers for me, she was very dismissive but I think they are gorgeous, she wired them too and they were well received at work

Next up a surprise gift a group of us were making for a friend she was celebrating a key wedding anniversary, I had lots of fun throwing paint at things (as usual)

Despite having a date night available as said 17 year old was out for the night, we did our usual and ended up eating in

Weirdly we ended up in Meadowhall on Sunday, most unlike us as we normally don't go near the place at weekend.  It was unusually grey for a change, but still warm

We ended up in the gallery in there that sells paintings, including Bob Dylan's collection, they were lovely to look at but an £11K price tag for a set of 4 seemed a bit much. 

A work colleague has shown said 17 year old how to make these, so we now have mass production going on (he can't help himself). 

My Mondays off are always a bit odd because I seem to do nothing but get ready for work the following day.  So this time we decided to head to Sheffield to have a wander around, taking both said 17 year old and his girlfriend.  We were looking for urban landscapes and for urban graffiti and street art.  As well as having a wander around a couple of galleries that were open. 

This is the main tram bridge into the city

And Park Hill flats, that were nearly knocked down, but then a preservation order meant they had to be kept, eventually turning them back into private living space.  Said 17 year old is currently on with a piece of art linked with this building.

We walked down to the train station where there is a huge water feature that greets you as you head into the city

More water

Even more water

The University building in the distance

First piece of graffiti art we found near the student's union bar

Which went on

And on

And on 

We found car parks were the best place for finding a mix of art 

And off the beaten track

I loved the colours on this and was gutted that a car was covering the whole piece - very inconsiderate tee hee

Some of it had obviously been there a bit, but the colours were still vibrant

We eventually found the piece done by Phlegm 

Which is next to the Rutland Arms

There was a gallery over the other side of the road, but the two teenagers weren't particularly impressed 

I saw this on the side of a building

I loved the piece up at the top which we couldn't see from the other side of the road

The building known locally as the cheese grater.

I loved this urban view

The mobile inside the winter gardens

And an art display linked with a local charity

Some of the bonnets were fabulous

We went to see two exhibitions in the Millennium gallery, this one was anti-nuclear war with photo montages

We spotted a sculpture on the way up through town

And found the new Pete McKee piece called Muriel

I've seen other pieces like this, not sure of the artist but I like the colour scheme. 

And I did a bit of playing with this one to get it mirror image on my photo (I do like a square photo on Instagram) 

Favourite piece of the day was this other Phlegm piece

The rest of the week has been busy busy with work (nothing new), said 17 year old has been doing hours and hours and hours of volunteering and was more than happy help do a couple of canvases when we came home Wednesday to trial some ideas for the flowers

Here is one finished piece

And here is the other, most people at work seemed to like them which is the main thing. 

The hospital has called and my op is due on the 24 August - so only a few weeks away, I will be glad to get rid of the pain I keep suffering if I'm honest. 

And that my lovely people was the week that was.  I hope you've had a splendid week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Glad to see you have a date for the op, fingers crossed it goes ahead and does the trick. Love all the art work you saw in Sheffield, just amazing. Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi, here I am, just about to melt. It’s 10:30 at night and still very hot. Temperatures reached 45 C today. Ridiculous. Even for Spain that is very hot.
    I enjoyed looking at your photos of Sheffield. We have memories of Sheffield as son no 2 went to uni there and we used to do several trips a year as they get booted out of their residences every holiday. We lived in Bristol so it was quite a trek. But I like Sheffield as it has a tram and it reminds me of my home town of Rotterdam.
    Your flowers are gorgeous as are said 17 yr old’s backgrounds. As are your mum’s crocheted flowers.
    I looove the street art, and I love Phlegm. I’m not familiar with the other one you mentioned.
    I photographed two pieces of street art today. Indeed it was in a car park. Will show them next week when we are back home. We are on holiday now. I’m in an air conditioned hotel room.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. What a lovely week filled with art and flowers :D Am intrigued now as to when Graffiti stops being Graffiti and becomes a Mural ? Either way, all fabulous art XXX