Friday, 20 July 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 29th of 2018

Good Morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well last weekend we enjoyed hubbies birthday treat from February, a day away and an overnight stay in our old home town.  I booked the hotel that we had our first meal in and we had tickets for the matinee performance of Macbeth up at the castle.  

First up the view from our room was of the very beautiful St Chad's church.  A beautiful church that we occasionally popped in and had a look at and also enjoyed a Latin service many years ago. 

The reason for booking this particular hotel was due to the fact we could actually walk to the Castle, any of you remember the farce we had the last time we did this (two years ago), may recall the tale of no taxis back to the hotel which was simply miles away.  So this time I wasn't going to be scuppered.  We got up there in plenty of time and hubby tried the bargain ale that was on (last day meant price reductions).  Before the play

It was another scorching day, we were glad for the marquee to sit in before the show which proved a fabulous back drop to the play! 

I loved the bunting filled marquee - so very pretty and it was lovely to take a step back and just spend time together!

This was the view from our seats, unlike a lot of these outdoor plays where you have to take your own seating, Stafford has been holding an annual Shakespeare play for 28 years and they always provide 3 stands of seating where you book your seats.  We were on the third row, chosen in case of rain, however rain wasn't the issue this year, but the sun was.  Thankfully third row back we didn't get the sun directly on us until the last 15 minutes of the play - phew! 

The play was utterly brilliant, the actors awesome, the music element fantastic including bagpipe and Irish pipe players, drums, violinists etc.  Absolutely breathtaking, despite them having to stop the show at one point due to someone taking unwell, thankfully they did return later on.

The walk back into town wasn't quite as long as the walk up and we popped into the Wetherspoon's pub that holds such brilliant memories for us, we took my brother and sister to see Jurassic Park here when it first came back, we were in the top right hand side, the seats are still in situ where we sat - a nod back to its previous life.

They also still have the screen where the bar area is.

We then went and showered and got changed before we headed for our meal out. 

I had to giggle at my Fitbit that night, it gave me a rollercoaster badge (first time ever) which you get if you climb 125 flights of stairs in a day, obviously the walk up to the castle was a lot steeper than I remembered! 

Monday I was at the hospital for an echo cardiogram, they wanted to check my heart out before my op and this cancellation appointment came up so I went and had it done.  The lady that did it said it all looked fine (with the exception of my heart murmur, but we know about that anyway), so it looks like I'm good to go, just need to wait for operation date now.  

Wednesday saw birthday celebrations for my niece who reaches the grand old age of 19 (where do the years go).   We went out for a meal and they had put balloons on the table

My sister had been in and added more balloons and some little love hearts on the table. 

I ordered an orange and spice skinny mocktail, it was lush (so lush I had a second one). 

And managed to grab a selfie with the birthday girl

There was a little chalk sign on the table

These two were on fine form, this expression is the 'Mum are you really taking a photo without warning' expression!

So I said to sit closer together, which proved almost disastrous but resulted in much laughter - which always makes my heart sing!

And then the proper posed shot!

My sister and niece, both looking fabulous!

And the addition of my Mum who was definitely misbehaving that night - hence my sister winding her up!

Me and hubby, enough said I'm still losing weight although the pictures don't seem to be reflecting that story - I think the words - must try harder come to mind.  

And almost a whole group shot

Thursday night and we were off to the theatre on a pay what you want night seeing the play Stiffs.  We were a little confused by the pay what you want, even more confused with the 1 hour play plus Q&A afterwards, until a guy stood up before the show to explain, they were college students who had written and were performing the play, named Stiffs because they were playing two dead bodies in a morgue.  This was their debut performance prior to showing the same play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and they were wanting feedback!

They were quite honestly brilliant, we really enjoyed it, much laughter was had (always good for the soul) and although it was only an hour it really was exceptionally enjoyable and we were more than happy to hand over the pound notes at the end of the play!  

We stayed behind to complete the questionnaire (which was asking if they needed to tweak anything).

We also stayed for the Q&A session which also proved hilarious!  Brilliant to see brand new talent emerging and local colleges and venues working together to support artists.

And that my lovely people was the week that was.

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. What a beautiful setting for a Shakespeare play! I bet you enjoyed it. It's lovely every now and then to go down memory lane, just you and him. We do that sometimes too, only our memories lay quite far away.
    A pub in a cinema! That looks good. It would be a shame to pull down those old buildings. In Bath there is an old cinema (the forum), and it is now a church. We go there every time we go to Bath as our eldest worships there. But it is quite fun to see the beautiful colours and decorations being well looked after.
    I laughed at the photos of Said 17 yr old. He looks so happy. Lets hope it lasts.
    Your mum, sister and niece look really good too. Your niece is real grown up now. I have been seeing photos of her for a few years now. What a difference. Time flies.
    Your skinny mocktail looks delish. May I assume that mocktail means it has no alcohol? And skinny means there are 'no' calories?
    Have a super weekend,

  2. That sounds like a fantastic week; lots of memories, happy celebrations and some great dramas. I would have loved the Shakespeare at the castle. Macbeth was my 'O'level play and I really enjoyed it.
    Your mocktail sounds delicious.
    i hope you don't wait too long for your operation now. Kate x

  3. And what a lovely week it was! Romance, Love and all round performance as it were lol XXX