Friday, 13 July 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 28th of 2018

Good morning lovely people tis time for Rocking your world - crikey where are the weeks going we are on week 28 of 2018 

First up is the garden party at Chatsworth, as members we get tickets to go as part of our membership so last Friday we headed over there, picnic in tow ready for an evening of food, music, good company and sunshine.  We were not disappointed. 

Here is my Mum, my sister and me all sat putting the world to rights

I spent the afternoon cooking gallbladder friendly picnic food - which means fat free.  The items went down a storm which was funny because I'd only taken a limited amount!  I will remember for next time though - they preferred the homemade to the shop bought! 

Me and said 17 year old had a good natter, the 'top knot' is done to his girlfriend, she did that to his hair whilst we were away and the penny dropped that it keeps him cooler, he's now growing his hair out even more so it is easier to manage with the band - Alex what have you done - LOL

The evening sunshine was stunning and it was really warm, so we got to enjoy the evening

Just to prove hubby was there too

The sunset was lovely

And whilst said 17 year old and hubby were off finding shots on the main camera, we grabbed a selfie - the sequence of photos was hysterical, this is the best of a bad bunch

Saturday was another hot day, we decided it would be 'cooler' to cook on the barbecue, but then hubby decided to do homemade pitta bread again so the oven ended up on anyway.  He has always denied his cooking genes (his Mum and Dad ran a fish and chip shop for many years), but he has a real flair for baking, you will be pleased to know he was wearing shorts, the shot made me giggle though because that wouldn't be apparent! 

I've been trialling making flowers recently, as we have a potential event happening at the end of summer at work.  These are my very first origami flowers, I really enjoyed making them, they weren't quite as difficult as I had expected.

I also made some fabric ones which were good fun, but very time consuming, strangely I seem to have omitted taking photos of them! 

I was supposed to be off on Monday, but said 17 year old had volunteered to crew a boat trip so I ended up in work, I had a very busy day Tuesday.

Wednesday I was on a course, which was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to lots of people about their respective charity work and made some good contacts, so lets see where that takes me. 

Thursday was a day 'off' but I ended up working it albeit that I was at home, mind you it was worth it for what I got done.  I also had to drop my car at the garage as she failed her MOT and needs some work, please keep your fingers crossed that I get her back today - I'm feeling relatively stranded at home at the moment, my grateful for this - hubby bringing me back home afterwards before he headed into work it would have been a mighty long walk home otherwise! 

And that brings me back to Friday, I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up. 


  1. Oh what a lovely evening that must have been now the weather is good. I remember you doing this with umbrellas.
    Home made picnic food always goes down well, especially fat free stuff. I always found that people would eat my diet food at parties and I would end up with nothing.
    So is your son growing a pony tail now? Well it suits him.
    Those origami flowers look lovely. We used to get Japanese students staying at our house every year and they .always taught us some origami. It must have been on their list of things to do for us. I would happily have a go at those. Is there a website?
    I don’t quite see the link between said 17 yr old volunteering on the boat trip and you ending up at work, unless you work for the boating company (which is not the case I don’t think).
    I hope your car got through it’s MOT with no or few repairs.
    I’m off to have my obligatory hourly drink. It’s so hot here I have to train myself to drink a glass of water or weak tea every hour. (Which I always do, I feel much better when I’m well hydrated)
    Have a fab weekend,

  2. Well your energy levels seem to be lifting nicely :D Love the "almost naked chef" pic lol XXX