Friday, 15 June 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 24th of 2018

Good morning lovely people and how are you all this fine morning? 

Well Friday time for 

Well it has been a funny old week, fun, busy, lots and lots of work, assignment writing amongst other things but it has also been great fun albeit I find myself a little tired on Friday.

First up was using up some ripe bananas, some slightly soft strawberries and trying out my new baobab powder from the Eden Project, it was nom and kept me going until tea time. 

Next up has to be very lovely Janet at work, she does all the cleaning and cooking when we have children and groups in and on Thursday I found myself without any lunch, we have a little food menu list where staff can order and pay for lunch and Janet was good enough to conjure this little beastie up and yes it did taste as good as it looks! 

Another positive grateful moment this week has been finding how well the plants at home survived whilst we  were on holiday.  This little Easter cactus was looking rather forlorn before we went away having lost most of its flowers, I came back and all this bright green brand new foliage has appeared!

I bought this plant too, which also appears to be flourishing.  I've always claimed to be useless with house plants, but an ex-colleague always had plants at work and his desk always looked fabulous with all the greenery on it, it inspired me to buy a few plants and before I knew it, my regular trips to Ikea mean my house has a much greener feel to it than before and touch wood I haven't killed any yet, so here is to ex-work colleagues who inspired me to give house plants a whirl again and prove that with a little TLC I can nurture the house plants as well as the outdoor plants. 

Bargains at Ikea, the lovely eye glass sculpture was half price (and a further 10%) being a family member. 

So we bought the ghost as well

The other plant decided to sprout what I assume are its flowers, whilst we were away

I've also bought some lucky bamboo for the front window

We've watched a couple of films this week, this was a mesmerising watch, giving an insight into such an amazing piece of British history, Gary Oldman was fantastic in it!

We also watched this, which was OK for a mid-week watch

We had a great visit up to the University on their open day to check out potential plans going forward for said 17 year old, I loved the fashion students display in the cafeteria and enjoyed the talks that we received on the day, it definitely gave food for thought, not that he is interested in the fashion course. 

So overall it's been a good week, I've a busy weekend ahead and apologise for my tardiness today, I planned to post this post this morning, but it didn't happen. 


  1. That sounds as thou you had a good week. Your plants are looking good. We don't have many house plants here. They need too much water, and never last for me, though I had quite a few back in UK.
    I must try to visit IKEA again soon. I love having a browse round there, but t is a fair drive from here, and not hubby's idea of a day out! But I love your pieces of glass, especially the 'eye'.
    I could live off smoothies at this time of year, especially ones with strawberries in them. Glad you have some nice people to work with. The 'lunch lady' sounds very thoughtful.
    Have a good week.
    Kate x

  2. not sure why I didn't see this yesterday (blame the football!) but am up early to go to Kew so here I am.... loving your houseplants, I don't have any either any more... might give it a go too. Have a great week.

  3. Lol...Hubby always complains about how buying 2 half price isn't a saving hahaha. Love how well your pants are doing, I am useless as houseplants, though my veggies are doing well :D XXX