Friday, 18 May 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 20th of 2018

Good Morning one and all, tis Friday time for 

So first up was date night last Thursday night, we are making an effort to go out on a date night and do something different.

So we headed for the cinema for a National Theatre Live performance of my all time favourite Shakespearean play 

It was utterly fantastic and we had a great evening, in fact it was so good that when my sister discovered they are touring with it and coming to the Lyceum Theatre in November, we booked tickets - giddy doesn't even cover it! 

Friday was a great day, I met up with Mum and lil sis and niece in Ikea, we had breakfast and no before you ask I didn't have cake, we talked for hours and then dashed around the market section before waving goodbye to each other as niece had to be at college. 

I came home tootled for a couple of hours and then went back to Ikea with hubby, yes that's right not one but two visits in one day.  We enjoyed Fika (cake and coffee - well tea in my case).  We like to break the working week up and we've found Ikea is fab for just wandering and chatting and talking (and eating cake apparently).

On my first trip to Ikea of  the day I'd seen some cushions that I really like and I thought the sofa would benefit from a lift in colour.  When we returned I decided that I really needed those cushions for the sofa, so I bought a few cushions to go inside and 7 cushion covers, they are well made, washable and well priced and were quick to make a colour change on the sofa.  

Saturday was a mighty strange day, I set to working through our finances to work out where we could save money, it is something that has been on my to do list since the beginning of the year.  

So we sorted the gas, the electricity, we cancelled a couple of insurances that we no longer needed and we cancelled the phone insurance as we own the phones outright.  We took a good long hard look at the Virgin media bill and thought enough was enough, we considered how we are using what we get from them.  So I made numerous phone calls, website visits etc and by the end of the day we had saved the equivalent of £900 for the year and we had a new Netflix subscription.  I think that was a day well worth spending if I'm honest!

Sunday we headed off to Chatsworth for the horse trials, we had free tickets as part of our membership and said 17 year old and his girlfriend came too. 

My favourite view on the way down

I loved the sculptures that we got to admire when we stopped for a cuppa. 

We giggled at the woodburning hot tub - or as hubby put it boil in the bag people.  I'm not sure it is such a good idea if I'm honest!

We found more sculptures near the members tent. 

And enjoyed some blue skies, we even went up to the gardens at Chatsworth for a wander.  Me and hubby went in one direction and said 17 year old and girlfriend went in another. 

We found a bench we'd seen from afar and decided to sit and enjoy the view from the different position

And hubby checked the alleged sun dial on the sculpture, I prefer the human sun dial near the maze. 

We wandered around the gardens and had a lovely hour or so, soaking up the sunshine and feeling very grateful for our time together.  Sometimes it is the little things that really make the difference.

We found a waterfall that we couldn't remember seeing before. 

And we stopped in one of the 'follies' to soak up the forest

I liked the aging view of the ceiling where we sat

Another sculpture we hadn't seen before

And the red rhododendron was a blast of colour from afar.   

We grabbed a quick selfie

And then walked down the side of the cascade and headed over to the rose garden, which are growing beautifully but not yet in bloom!

The peonies were in full flower though and a sight to behold, you can't appreciate how big the flowers were, they were bigger than my hand and were stunning.  

Mother nature at her best

I also loved how the border that had been full of grape hyacinths and tulips a couple of weeks ago, now had an ocean of forget-me-not flowers flowering now the grape hyacinths had died back. 

I worked early in the week, so I've had down time at the end, which I'm still finding mighty strange if I'm honest and I'm still trying to fathom out where I am mentally with things.  So it was good to do some paper crafting (something I haven't touched in an age)

I really fought with this layout to get it to work, I wasn't overly keen on the turquoise paper which I used and shaped, but once I'd continued with the layout I eventually decided I quite liked it, documenting an art installation at Jupiter Artland's boat house, documenting water taken from 100 British rivers. 

Then a layout from when we visited Hogsmeade Station (as in the Harry Potter films), it is actually Goathland in North Yorkshire, but to me it will always be Hogsmeade! 

I also enjoyed looking at an old scrapbook album this week and I photographed a few of the old layouts that caught my eye.  All from the summer of 2013, first up is said 17 year (13 at the time) enjoying a day at summer camp learning to play the drums!

Next up said 17 year old and niece back in 2013 when we were holidaying in Wales, they found the board games!

Then trying to capture a photo of sister and niece where they both looked good was hysterical, so much so it created a double page scrapbook page!

And finally the jelly mould was very exciting, until we had to get it out of the mould, in hindsight we think sitting it in a bowl of hot water for a short spell would have done the trick, but everything in hindsight.  Nevertheless they polished off the lot!

A few more gratefuls this week, first up is said girlfriend helping said 17 year old get over his phobia of dogs.  He has had this phobia from being very young (about 18 months old) and was as a result of a lady with a rescue dog that had been abused by children approaching my 18 month old child whilst he was toddling with her dog to see and I quote "if he'd got over his phobia of children" - the answer was no as he snarled and barked at my son at 18 months old, bearing in mind the dog was around the same height as him at the time.  Unfortunately, whilst he can't remember the incident, the phobia was set, so to find that he now seems to have got over the phobia and positively loves taking his girlfriends dog on a walk, makes my heart sing - look how happy he looks! 

Hubby sent me another fruit photo this week!

and my niece finished her final project at college (she is studying fashion) and got her friend to model the same.  Here is the dress, she was tasked with reflecting the town we live in, with the word protest by making a dress that Grayson Perry would be happy to wear (I suggest googling him and his dress sense if you don't know of him, his style is unique) - a tall order by any short stretch of the imagination, but I think she achieved it!  The skirt panels were all hand dyed! 

and that my lovely people is your lot for this week, if you fancy joining in pop back link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. I enjoyed your post immensely as usual. It'swonderful you went to see Macbeth. I'm not into Shakespeare I'm afraid. I tried to read one of his books one and didn't understand much of it and didn't appreciate whatever made him so famous. It is totally wasted on me. Of course I know most of the story lines but I would be bored at a play, not being able to understand what they say. (I do understand modern English perfectly). I am so glad that you and hubby enjoyed it so much and are going again!
    Ikea is great for a tootle around. I love it there. Your new cushions look great on the grey sofa. Well done. It picks it up completely.
    Thank you for taking me to Chatsworth again. I'm getting to know the place and still you find new places and statues that I haven't seen. So beautiful. I love the flowers too. (Oh those peonies!) The horse and the dancing hares' wire sculptures are great. I have seen similar things before and like them very much. (also made of wicker)
    Your lay outs are lovely. I particularly like the double page layout of your sister and niece because the photos are such fun to look at!
    So good that said 17 yr old's dog phobia has been overcome. What a little love can do to a lad.... Seriously, I am so pleased, as those deep rooted things can have an effect on your life.
    Your nieces dress is spectacular. Clever girl. I have just googled Grayson Perry and I totally see what you mean. Although how that reflects on the town you live in I don't get. Grayson was born in Essex. And you live in the north of the country.
    Thank you so much for taking me with you in your wanderings. Have a relaxed weekend,
    Keep smiling,

  2. What a wonderful week :D Love the mustard against the greys on the sofa cushions, love the walk around the Gardens, LOVE that junior is happy with dogs now...and Luuuurve that dress. Also time to craft AND eat cake...perfect week XXX

  3. What a wonderful week :D Love the mustard against the greys on the sofa cushions, love the walk around the Gardens, LOVE that junior is happy with dogs now...and Luuuurve that dress. Also time to craft AND eat cake...perfect week XXX