Friday, 27 April 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 17th of 2018

Good afternoon (yes I'm late, sorry!) 

Time to find the silver linings, grateful moments and fun things that have occurred in the last 7 days because it is time for 

First up me and his lordship, we are both two mad crazy individuals and last weekend we were busy busy busy on the garden, I grabbed this atrocious, make up free, shattered after a day in the garden selfie and shared it on Instagram - you can see how tired we are!

Next up is spending time with said 17 year old arting, I did seem to do a lot of running around finding things, cleaning things and putting things away, so I felt compelled to do a little arting just for me.

Next up solar lights - I have a serious addiction to these and they keep me positive and upbeat.

Sunday we decided to head out and put the English Heritage cards through their paces, which meant a venture over to Conisbrough.  The rain caught us on the hop if I'm honest, so we made our way over to the main tower as at least we were dry once inside. 

First up the well 

We sat and watched the animations on each level, spending time with these two humans always makes me smile!

The detail in the chapel is quite well preserved and I enjoyed looking at the detail

It reminded me of Kilpeck Church that we visited down in the Wye Valley. 

It's amazing to see that it's survived

We were soon at the top and despite the sporadic rain showers we had a decent view off the top. 

You could see the surrounding walls and some of the earth works

I was sneaky and grabbed these two photos

As they enjoyed the view out of the window

They didn't mind enjoying the animations and learning the history of each room

Another view from the top you can see the viaduct in the distance, hubby thinks it is purely for walking over now but believes it was a train bridge originally

It was also quite windy at the top as you can tell from the flag

From a distance you can appreciate the tower, apparently inspiration for Ivanhoe

The visitors centre has changed since we last went, although disappointingly there still isn't a proper tea room.  I did like the window seat cushions

And hubby was naughty in the shop beating up the dragons with the puppet knight! 

On our way back down the hill you can see the expanse of the whole castle

Monday hubby had taken the day off, so we could share a late anniversary day out.  We decided to head to Chatsworth again, so we could enjoy the house when it was quieter and get time to enjoy the garden

The gardeners have done an amazing job of the planting and I love the colour combination

I managed to get photos of the two structures outside the house this time, we are assuming these are things left over from the renovations to the house.

Inside the house and we got to see the incense pot throwing out lots of incense smells (I think we must have been there later in the day last time). 

We were also allowed into the courtyard for the first time, the detail on the stonework is stunning

We also got a slightly different view of the painted hall on our way back from the chapel, the ceiling really is breathtaking

I found some new 'pebbles' in one of the bedrooms and admired the leather wallpaper!

The collection of crystals appears more extensive this year and this piece was stunning due to the double refraction

I was also delighted to find this Clarice Cliff teapot on display, I've never seen one in person

Near the end of the house tour is this little fellow, I've no idea of his history but I don't remember seeing him before

I noticed in the sculpture gallery the amount of dogs that were included in the marble sculptures

And this one is sweet

We stopped for a cuppa in Flora's temple when we got outside

And enjoyed further spring planting.

The view down the valley is always lovely and it is one of those that makes me happy to be alive (if that makes sense). 

We ventured up to the grotto garden

and found some of the rhododendron flowers still in tact

They seem to have pruned the maze a fair amount but the kids running around inside were having a fantastic time

I spotted this near me when we had stopped for a short spell to enjoy the views

And the doorway through to the stables was planted up beautifully

It was lovely to spend a whole day together and very much needed.  I think it is good to stop and take stock. 

The rest of the week has been a little quieter and the rain we've had hasn't helped matters although it appears to be doing the flowers in the garden an amazing service as the garden is looking lovely at the moment. 

and that my lovely people is that. 

I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in blog, link, comment and we can come and visit 


  1. What a feast for the eyes this week. You do get around to some very interesting places. I like the tower photos, and all the lovely spring flowers. It amazes me how some stone work can survive everything that man and nature throws at it, and some of it is so beautiful.
    You do look tired after your labours in the garden but I am sure the end result was worth it. I love the solar lights up the trellis.
    How nice to have a special day together. I am glad you enjoyed it. Here's hoping the coming week will have plenty of smiles too. Kate x

  2. wow, what amazing photos! looks like you had a really fabulous week.

  3. Lovely long informative post. I always make myself a cuppa of something before I start reading your blogpost as I know I'm going to be a while. Might as well make myself comfortable.
    I love those solar lights. I can well imagine you are addicted to those. They are a sight to behold.
    I had not heard of Conisbrough. But then we always had NT cards, not English Heritage. The castle looks very interesting. And the view from the top is truly stunning. I smiled at the photos of the two turtledoves.
    Chatsworth is amazing as always. You are always able to show me something new or different. The wood and lead structures outside I found very interesting. Especially the wood one.
    The incense burner is beautiful. Did it smell nice? (Some incense is a bit sickly I find). I suppose people in the past did not bathe and the smell had to be counteracted with something nicer.
    I love the (calcite) crystal with the double refraction. I had not seen such a large one. And Clarice Cliff! Like you, I have only ever seen her work on tv never in real life. Her stuff was very popular a few years ago and pieces made a lot of money. Not sure if that is still the case.
    The gardens and the flowers are beautiful, as are the marble doggies. The dogs look so real.
    Have a lovely weekend. Hopefully you can relax (not work) in the garden this time.

  4. Oh those magical days out with no deadline...and how lovely that t was the day you got extra access to the grounds :D XXX