Friday, 20 April 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 16th of 2018

Good Morning lovely people 'tis Friday time for 

I started out thinking that we had had a quiet weekend, but had completed forgotten about our jaunt out to a couple of galleries on Saturday!  

First up though a Friday catch up with my sister and Mum, I had dropped said 17 year old off at his girlfriend's house as they were off out to cinema and said niece was at college so that just left the 3 of us.  We normally meet in the local garden centre and put the world to rights. 

Next up, me and hubby try and normally break the working week one of our new places to do that is Ikea (I know dangerous on the wallet), we didn't really buy anything last time we went but I was oooooooooh so tempted with this limited edition glass piece - isn't he cute!

I bought an Easter cactus Easter weekend and it was covered in tiny flower buds, but it refused to bloom - it has just decided to show it's flowers - how gorgeous is this! 

We went to the 'Hope is Strong' exhibition, unfortunately you couldn't take photos, but we enjoyed the wander around all the same.  Me and hubby were really interested to read the time line to the miners' strikes back in the 80's, I vaguely remember it being on the news but I didn't really get the impact it had or the history that was happening at the time (too young). 

We had slightly more luck in taking photos in Graves Gallery, I liked this piece of art

This piece of art had to be seen to be believed, it almost looked out of focus and was all created through paint, I loved the element of light coming from the windows. 

I also liked this three dimensional piece done by a local artist Su Blackwell, her work in paper is amazing, I'm sure she was the artists that did the book sculptures at Chatsworth at Christmas last year.

There are a few statements on the staircase to the gallery, which is also the main library.  Said 17 year old helped fill in the missing 'L'

I also love the 'Bluebird' installation in the centre of the stairwell, created out of woven paper yarn

It was even more impressive from underneath!

We popped to Ikea on our way back so we could grab some lunch and bumped into my cousin and her partner who were buying for their new house, they both looked fabulous and it was lovely to see them! 

Fast forward back home and hubby perfected a cappuccino with his coffee machine on Saturday afternoon, it was lovely I was really impressed (so much so we had 2!)

And we made the most of the dry weather allowing us to get a bit of gardening done, we wanted to get the hedge on the left cut before it got any more out of control. 

And we'd got some trellis to fix to the back of the planters. 

Sunday evening and said 17 year old was catching up with Britain's Got Talent, here he is showing us an act (the one with the tablecloths - if you saw it you will know what I mean), he was doubled up again watching it, which I found more amusing than the show! 

Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary - time literally does fly, it really does not seem like 20 years since we got married - crazy! 

I always loved this photo of us, hubby staring intently at me, we had such a fabulous day.  You'll see I was rocking a red haired look at the time, I'm naturally a brunette but the grey is too much hassle so I'm now an all out blonde!

And another favourite, lil bro and hubby. 

We had a lovely meal on Wednesday evening (albeit late as hubby was on a late). 

We've also been enjoying the sunshine and the garden which has been good whilst I'm taking stock of life.

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back, link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. Lovely post with lots to look at (and smile). The exhibitions look great. It's so good that you always have something to go and see (art-wise) near you. I recognised the 3D art of Su Blackwell as you have shown her work before. I like it. I was also impressed with the bluebirds. They seem to be flying through the door. Beautiful. Again, there was something similar at Chatsworth. (You know, with the piano) I just love seeing all those beautiful things.
    Isn't it good that the weather has taken a turn for the better. You can enjoy some garden time. The trellisses look as if they have always been there. What are you going to grow up them?
    Belated happy anniversary. I love those old wedding photos. You look wonderfully unusual. Almost jacobean. Although I like the red hair, I must say, blonde suits you.
    How are you feeling? Are you still working now? (I remember you had two jobs) Or are you taking some time out?
    Have a lovely weekend and ...keep smiling!

  2. A lovely happy post this week. What a coincidence. I knew our birthdays are within days of each other. Apparently our wedding anniversaries are too!
    I liked the bird display in our gallery visit, and Su Blackwell's piece was pretty amazing.
    The cappuccino looks good but doesn't excite me as I never drink coffee. I am more of a pot of tea girl, but to each his own..
    You did a good job in the garden. That sort of hedge isn't easy to cut. It sort of slides through the blades. But it looks great now and soon there will be something climbing up those trellises I am sure.
    I can't get over that picture of your son. He is so grown up all of a sudden.
    I hope you have more sunshine to relax in this week. Kate x

  3. Oow you sound so happy...I can "feel" you grinning :D Nice to have you back to your usual bubbling energy XXX