Friday, 9 February 2018


Good morning lovely people, 'tis Friday which means its time to check out those positive, grateful, silver-lining moments from the week that was 

Well Friday we had a wood delivery due so me and said 17 year old were sat around waiting for the majority of the morning, I'd also volunteered to go and collect said 17 year old's girlfriend as she was over for the day but we needed the wood delivery first, however, when we realised the delivery was going to be late, I collected her and left said 17 year old at home holding the cash as it were.  I had a really lovely chat with said 17 year old's girlfriend on the way back, she is just lovely and when we arrived home we found that the wood had been delivered and said 17 year old was getting it sorted which was brilliant and didn't take too long. 

So next grateful is having the kiln dried wood again and the wood store full to the brim, hopefully this will last now until Spring and we won't need another delivery until Autumn (but it depends on how long this cooler weather stays with us, winter seems to have been mighty long this year). 

Next up is buying some primulas at the supermarket, 4 pots for less than £2, I spent a rather chilly Friday afternoon sorting the back garden pots out as they looked quite sad, the violas were no longer at their best and I'd lost a hebe just before winter set in.  There is now a small sprinkling of yellow and purple from the primulas amongst the pots.  I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air, hubby gave me a hand to finish off when he got in and we enjoyed a milky coffee outside whilst we were just tootling - like I said it's the small things that remind you of how awesome life can be. 

Friday evening was lovely and relaxed and chilled out and Saturday brought the beginning of the 6 Nations tournament which usually fills our TV calendar during February.  

We were hoping Scotland might win as we knew Wales were favourites, but Wales played the better game and stormed ahead.  The French/Irish game was painful I just don't like the style of playing if I'm honest of the French it relies heavily on defence and penalties and tends not to be a fast game, however when they went ahead of Ireland by a point I was gutted and knew it would be touch and go as to whether they could pull something out of the bag - and that they did a dropkick goal over the 80 minutes mark brought the game to an end with an Ireland win - woohoo! 

Sunday was another quiet affair at home, I did some more work on Christmas cards, we popped to see my Mum late morning, said 17 year old had been suffering with a significant cold for some weeks but now had an infected throat to add to his ailments, we ended up with him at the walk in clinic following a discussion with NHS direct, but he came home with just a throat spray which seemed to be of little use. 

We also enjoyed the England versus Italy game on the TV with an England win - yay!

Monday and he struggled into college and we got on with our working week, with a mixed day for me of both work places, but I got some things achieved.  By the evening he was worse despite us having a gig to go to. 

We picked up his girlfriend and headed into town around 6pm, meeting up with my brother, my brother's fiancee and my sister as well as some other friends.  Said 17 year old got quieter as the night wore on, really struggling with his throat, thankfully he rallied enough to enjoy the Highly Suspect gig which was awesome, I honestly didn't think they were ever going to leave the stage, they came on at 9.15pm and didn't get off stage until 11.15pm - one hell of a gig!  

We were all in good spirits when we got back in the car. 

Tuesday should have been an annual leave day for me, but that wasn't to be with a looming deadline, however, the time spent was worthwhile as it got the job done and meant that I could attend my day's training on Wednesday as that was in jeopardy with the deadline looming.  

Tuesday also found said 17 year old having to give in and stay off college, his first day away from it since he started in September, he simply wasn't well enough and spent the day in PJ's.  By Tuesday evening he decided to try a couple of other remedies for the infected throat, which by Wednesday saw a good improvement, meaning he could make his NCS graduates training course in the evening. 

As usual my week was full of work, but I had some positive interactions with colleagues this week which have been good.  I haven't managed any crafting recently but with a week off commencing today, I'm hoping to remedy that to some degree.  

Thursday I was at my other job and all was quiet, I got quite a bit of work done and am ever so grateful that the lovely Janet provided toast as I was having a pretty hectic day and hadn't had breakfast - she is literally a star! 

The rest of the day flew by and despite having some issues to address we got on with things, however, the main accounting software did a major upgrade just before I closed the computer down, which meant that I had to wait and by the time it converted the data it had lost all my customers, sigh, so that's something to sort out when I'm back in, at that point I threw in towel and came home. 

Hubby was on with the usual Thursday night clean so I joined in and it was soon complete and then we grabbed a takeaway (very naughty), but neither of us fancied cooking and then we were chilling on the sofa again. 

Overall a quiet week (which lacked photos - sorry - I promise to be better this week) and now I find myself at Friday again.  

I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, come back link up and we can come and visit.  If you don't have a blog, then remember to clock those positive moments in your head, they make such a difference! 


  1. I really hope said 17 year old is feeling better. Both my boys have had the flu this last 2 weeks ...eldest first time off work sick. We had to collect his dog so he could get some rest and recover. 19 year old off college for 3 days too. Now I have it and so crafting has been impossible here too. Looking forward to March lol XXX

  2. Oh I do hope your son is getting over his throat infection. It's a nasty bug, this one that is going around. It did mean that you got to know his GF a bit better. What a nice feeling to have wood for the rest of the season! I know how that feels. (and we have no other source of heating, so it's important)
    You never mentioned who won the rugby tournament or has it not finished yet?
    I do hope the account software sorts itself out. It is so frustrating. Why don't they do these upgrades at night?
    Well, have a lovely week,
    Give Said 17 yr old a 'Get Well' wish,
    take care,

  3. I've had a bad throat/cough for a week or so but nothing as bad as said 17 year old...hope he shakes it off soon. I am off to Kew tomorrow to see the orchid display now ready for it's opening tomorrow, and then a craft show on Sunday... busy but fun weekend!!

  4. I hope the young man is feeling better and neither you nor hubby caught it. I am glad he has found a nice girlfriend too.
    It sounds as though it was a bit of na up and down week at work, so I hope that levels out while you are away, and that you can sort your it problems out without too many difficulties when you return.
    Enjoy having some time to yourself. The days fly by when you are on a break don't they, but make sure you have some recuperation time for yourself. Love Kate x

  5. Hope Said 17yr old is feeling much better.
    Having a wood burner must be lovely and cosy. Unfortunately I live in an area that has quite tight regulations about what can & can't be burnt so I make do with an electric "look alike" (not quite the same).
    Have a wonderful week.
    Toni xx