Friday, 26 January 2018


Good morning Rockers and Rockettes time for

First up I had a good Friday last week, but missed my catch up with my cousin.  I did however have chance to see my Mum and sister but as is always the case we are too busy nattering to remember to take a photo! 

Saturday morning, with fairly dire weather forecast for Sunday we decided to go to the local dam for a walk. 

We were surprised to find how slippery the floor was so had to try a different path to get in, which proved picture perfect

We managed another winter selfie, I love my new coat, it keeps me toastie warm in the cold weather

Saturday afternoon we headed out to a supermarket (not my most favourite of places at any time), but I managed to get this little bundle to add to my already ample reading pile. 

We had a quiet weekend overall, said 17 year old was out with his girlfriend bowling on Saturday evening, so we had a quiet few hours.  I did manage to make a dent on Christmas cards (I love making them in January)

Midweek dessert consisted of cherry porridge and mullerlight yogurt (banana and custard), hubby hasn't had it before and loved it! 

We also made a homemade 'Nando' style meal on Saturday night, it turned into a banquet and we most definitely made too much (but this made another meal on Sunday so win win). 

Hubby got my windscreen wipers sorted on the car so I can now see out of them when it rains.

I had a couple of solid work meetings that have meant a bit of progress have been made which was good.

And this morning I heard the birds tweeting on my way into work, I can't tell you how happy that made me - absolutely fabulous to hear, maybe spring is only around the next corner. 

I hope you've all had a great week, if you fancy joining pop a post together, pop back and link up 


  1. Great photos from your walk - not sure about the dessert, not a fan of porridge !

  2. A lovely calm week to set you up for the new year :) XXX

  3. Isn't it lovely having a snuggly warm coat - with the windy days that we have had recently I would have been lost without mine. It has kept me toastie whilst standing on some very wet & windy station platforms.
    You are always so good at getting your Christmas cards made early in the year - despite good intentions I always end up with a lost minute rush. I want to make a few more parchment cards this year so have made a start.
    Enjoy your reading and have a super week.
    Toni xx

  4. Hi Virginia. Your coat does look nice and cosy and perfect for your chilly morning walks. I love the long pathway through the trees.
    I can't say as I enjoy visits to the supermarket any more, but at least you found some good reading matter. Supermarkets around here sell food and nothing else!
    Your pud sounds good. I might have to give that a go. And I love Nandos. I first went to one on the day we took our son to University, and we wanted to take him for a meal before we 'abandoned ' him there. We didn't know the town but we found a Nando's and we all loved it.
    The birds are doing a lot of tweeting around here. We have even heard some babies tweeting though it is really much too early for that and now it has turned really cold and windy so the poor little ones will struggle. On Thursday we watched some sparrows flying under next doors roof with their beaks full of nesting material. It does make you think that spring must be just around the corner.
    Kate x