Friday, 19 January 2018


Good morning lovely people 'tis Friday time for 

First up is meeting Mum and lil sis last Friday for a cuppa at the local garden centre, even said 17 year old came for a catch up, it was a chilly morning out, but lovely and warm inside, the view of the olive tree from our table made me smile

After we'd chatted and put the world to rights we had a wander outside, overlooking the historic gardens they always seem so bare in winter, but I loved the bright silver birch trees

I was very mindful as we went into the weekend, that my work life balance hasn't been at its best recently (of my doing), so I wanted to try and achieve a leisurely weekend, where I focused on a good weekend and tried to put work down for a bit. 

So in a bid to put that thought process into practice, me and hubby went to see Jumanji at the cinema, we wanted to see it over Christmas but it just never happened.  It was absolutely brilliant, we both really enjoyed it and will definitely be on our list of 'must buy' when it comes out in the shops.  

I spotted this quote in my weekend reading and it struck a chord.

We had a lovely walk around a local dam and despite it being rather muddy underfoot, we both felt better for the walk, I even too a no make up selfie, on our way around!

I decided as part of my weekend that I would finish my illustrated book (because I've got another waiting in the wings) and my Lagom book, which has proved an interesting and thought provoking read. 

Monday was a hard day overall and left me feeling a little all over the place, however, sometimes it's good to step back and take stock so you can move things forward.  I discovered on the news that it was deemed blue Monday and unfortunately for me this year, mine was. 

Tuesday I took goodies into work for work colleagues to try and brighten the mood, they all seemed quite happy with them, so that was a nice positive. 

Sometimes it is the little conversations that make life complete, said 17 year old just chilling on sofa, we were both tablet surfing and he was filling me in on things he had learnt.  It's lovely just spending time together.

I've been struggling with inflamed tendons on my hands this week, so crafting has been a no go, so I sat pondering life the universe and everything one night, I only came up with one main element. 

I've really enjoyed reading this magazine, sometimes, I buy lovely magazines only to be disappointed, but not with this one, insightful and interesting and still plenty to read.  

So it's been a quiet one this week, it has most definitely been the silver linings that have made me smile.  I managed a leisure filled weekend which was brilliant, but I've had a hard week work wise.  Making plans and considering future options is making January feel a bit like a planning month, but that's no bad thing.  I hope you had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Work-life balance is so very important, so good for you, trying to get it right. I no longer have the 'work' element, but I do need to stop and take stock now and then, and sometimes choose to give something a miss. It is not easy to let go, but it is good for us all the same.
    Your winter walks are so good, and you are very disciplined to take the first step out of a warm house into the cold outside, but i am sure you so feel better for it.
    I loved the times when one of our boys just sat and chatted with me. Enjoy them while they last.
    Monday was a bit dull here, but not really too blue, but I can understand where the saying comes from. I am sure a tasty treat for your workmates was much appreciated gesture.
    I hope this week is not too frantic, and you find a little space of 'me-time'. Kate x

  2. Sorry I'm late. I've had one of those busy Saturdays on a Friday!
    You are in a pensive mood. Starting a new year does that to you. I always start re.evaluating things as I think back over the past year. It's good that you don't have a list as long as your arm. One item, however hard, is doable.
    I'm sorry your tendons are playing up. That doesn't help either.
    Of course I had to look up 'lagom', and itmakes sense. We have always lived like that: Just enough, not too much and not too little (and being content with it).
    Great photo of your son chilling on the couch. That magazine looks interesting. I have never seen it.
    I hope you have a fab weekend and that your hands are not playing up too much. Take care,

  3. Hope you're planning another easy weekend!

  4. No Virginia, geology was never my career but it was my university degree and then I never found work in that field, became a Christian and went into nursing. I became a midwife and later a palliative care specialist (the last 23 years) Now happily retired. But I'm still interested in geology, hence we live in a cave house and I visit mine museums...

  5. I guess all the chaos that Christmas has become really messes with our sense of self and life balance. Maybe this week was the "hangover week" and we can now turn to the New Year proper with new energy hopes and dreams to fulfil XXX

  6. Sorry to hear about the tendons - hope things are easing.
    We were very lucky that the gales Wed/Thur didn't cause any major damage but rail travel was quite a problem. I was so glad that I had Friday off as I really couldn't face another day of travel mayhem.
    Toni xx