Friday, 12 January 2018


Good morning 'tis Friday time to clock the silver linings and positive moments

First up is hubby being crazy enough to agree to a winters walk despite the rather poor weather.  We headed up to Yorkshire Sculpture park (just the two of us) and managed a circular route over an hour or so, we didn't go as far as the long gallery but enjoyed the circuit nonetheless.  So we headed out of the main centre down through the sheep filled field

Took a selfie as we headed over the bridge 

Stopped to enjoy the David Nash piece, aptly named The Mound

The sun started trying to peep through as we walked along by the lake, there were loads of gulls enjoying a paddle

and as we got to the other end, the blue skies appeared

We could see the Jaume Plensa piece across the lake, if you look closely you might make out the cows that were making their way across the inlet. 

The clouds had parted by the time we got to the end of the lake

The Antony Gormley piece is still going strong on its extensive column

And the Zak Ove pieces looked shiny like a new pencil from a distance.

There's a new light installation with moving figures on it

And the Ai Wei Wei piece was quiet so I got a photo from a distance, I so love spending time with sculptures

We got a reasonable shot of the rabbit next to the Camelia house

Before meandering back up to the central visitors centre

We walked past the conker trees and the bonfire sculptures

Before heading across the car park past the other rabbit

We wandered past the underground gallery before heading back in the other side of the original visitors building and I had a wander around the Ed Kluz exhibition again as I'm not sure I will get to see it again before it moves on

We had bought said 17 year old some scraperboard following our last visit, which is what this is made of, basically those kits you used to be able to buy with a picture on it, with a black surface that you would scratch away to show gold foil, well they do blank ones with different coloured basis, and these are with a white base.  Having seen how hard they are to do, it made me admire the Ed Kluz work even more!

There are a few giant collage pieces on the main stair case too

I love his use of light and his colours, he really seems to love the dark blues

He has done two three dimensional pieces in the doorway

and I love them both

up close view

I managed to catch up with my Christmas journal and hubby helped me put the book together, here it is all complete

Grateful for some work time to get caught up on assignments if I'm honest.  I managed to complete the one I'd almost finished and the one I hadn't started on one day which I was pleased about. 

Wednesday was my sister's graduation, I didn't get to see her in her cap and gown (as they limit the spaces for these sort of things, my Mum and niece went), but we arranged for a family get together to celebrate, left to right, my Mum, me, niece's boyfriend, said 17 year old, said 17 year old's girlfriend and my superstar sister who graduated for a second time with a PG Diploma in Nursing - clever girl! 

Thursday has been a busy day at work, I was grateful hubby was happy to get on and clean when we got in, it was pretty much done when said 17 year old walked through the door.  

I hope you have had a lovely week and that it has been full of silver linings and positive moments, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit.  


  1. Happy Friday! I love the David Nash (really enjoyed his work when he had an exhibition at Kew a few years ago) and also Ed Kluz - especially those circular ones. Your Christmas album is bulging - happy memories!

  2. Oh those scraperboards!!! I used to make my own as a kid with wax crayons lol The mess was horrendous :D XXX

  3. It looks a chilly day for a walk but you enjoyed it anyway,and the weather did cheer up for you. I am not as moved by the sculptures as you are, but I would love to see them in real life. I know some of them would really appeal to me then.
    It sounds as though you have had some good times this week, both at work and at home. Your Christmas journal is full of lovely memories. I hope you manage to go back and browse them from time to time.
    Have another good week with lots of silver linings. Kate x