Friday, 22 December 2017


Good Morning lovely people, 

Tis Friday so time for a Rocking post

First up is happening across an old photo from years ago, my Uncle on the left, my Grandma who I love and miss so much and my Dad who has been gone since 1989, such a very long time since I last had time to sit and have a natter. 

The original photo was obviously a film one and when it was developed the photo showed only half of their heads (in effect a ruined photo), it was only when going through the negatives after my Dad had passed away that we discovered there was more of the photo remaining and so I had it reprinted, so you could see everyone's eyes, despite the fact you can't see the tops of their heads, with the ability to add a frame and words on an app, I think it does the photo justice.  We have so very few of my Dad, so each and everyone is precious and it's a time of year that I always sit and reflect on the year that was, the Christmas in front of us, I start formulating plans and ideas for the next year but most of all I think of all those that aren't able to share it with us at this time of year.  I remember in one of my early journals for Christmas writing about a Christmas day when my Dad comes to share our meal with us and we get a chance to catch up, it was after a particularly vivid dream where we did the same, it still brings a tear to my eyes when I think about how real it all felt.  

Next up the rather bright canvas that me and hubby finished before Christmas, I really can't tell if it will stay that way or whether I will be compelled to back off the brightness or whether I will find it a new home and look for an alternative in the space, but for the time being it looks grand where it is, the quote reads

"There is a world just around the corner of my mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams do come true" 

Then we have the local shopping centre's decorations, whilst everyone was racing around looking fraught and stressed I had a lovely wander enjoying all the decorations

I love pretty lights

And this one is brilliant, there is a spot to stand on the floor where you can turn yourself into a Christmas angel 

Next up is pinterest for having an idea for last minute cards.  For anyone that knows me I don't do last minute cards, I do my Christmas cards in January to avoid all the rush, so you can imagine my happiness when hubby announces a need for a further 7 cards that he'd forgotten about!

And finally a good old fashioned Christmas panto, one of my work colleagues asked if I didn't think I was a bit old for panto - really?  I don't think you can ever be too old for panto can you?

We booked only for the one in the local town as the one in the big city is a really costly affair these days, we had good seats and didn't get picked on and the star of the show (who played Silly billy Jack's brother) really was a star, funny, comedic, spontaneous, entertaining, he had us rolling with laughter, so much so my face ached from laughing!

Other positives, said 17 year old enjoying an art visit to Hull to see the Turner prize at the beginning of the week, putting the world to rights with my cousin on the phone this morning, a last minute shopping trip for said 17 year old to sort his Christmas presents and managing to get our hands on the frozen turkey that hubby kept talking about (now we are having the defrost conversations sigh). 

All in all a good week, I've broken up from work now until next Wednesday when I'm back in and have a pretty busy to do list, but I'm feeling relatively calm and bright about it all.  

May I wish all my lovely readers a beautiful and blessed Christmas and holiday season and hope that you get to enjoy time with family and friends and loved ones. 



  1. the reprinted photo of your dad is fab, what a lucky find that negative was. Have a very happy healthy Christmas and I look forward to rocking on with you next year, they make my Fridays!

  2. I love pretty lights too Virginia, and those are lovely.
    I also like your bright wall hanging, so it is good it has found the right home for now, even if it is a temporary one.
    I hope that turkey gets well thawed and cooked to perfection. Enjoy a rest from work, and time spent having fun with family and friends. Kate x

  3. Can't believe you found time o post this one's Tuesday already and I just got round to reading it :D Hope you are having a peaceful and love filled break XXX