Friday, 1 December 2017


Good Evening lovely people, there is nothing like being late to one's own party! 

I'm so sorry, I've said it multiple times today that I must do my post, but I find myself at 8.45pm with the first proper time to sit and write the post, so please accept my sincere apologies if you've been waiting for this one. 

So first grateful last weekend, was getting out and about a little bit, venturing to a local Christmas fayre, the actual fayre was quite poor if truth be known, but we bumped into fundraisers from my son's old school who were doing a tombola to raise funds for the next cohort of pupils who will be heading off to Lesotho.

I also managed to get this beautiful photo! 

Next up the arrival of my advent calendar courtesy of a group of us on UK Scrappers.  This is the contents of my box, how luscious does it look! 

Then there is the time I've spent making mini books recently which has been much fun

Forgot to mention the epic wood move last Friday and with hubby incapacitated and said 17 year old working is was down to yours truly to move this lot! 

I don't think I did a bad job do you?

Early in the week, I dragged out my very first journal that I did for Christmas which was 2008, I can't believe I've been doing these for 9 years now, they really are a delight to look back and read.  I was complaining that year of the cost of a second class stamp at 27p anyone in the UK will know that this is now half the price give or take a penny of a second class stamp!

I shared a new canvas that I made recently on Facebook it sits just above my computer screen and makes me smile whenever I read it!

Last Sunday was stir it up Sunday, the traditional Sunday in the year where you make Christmas puddings.  This year I've made two (no idea why because we only need one), but they are rather lovely and make the house smell of Christmas.  It is a low fat recipe and I've used it for years now and only 10 minutes in the microwave it's cooked and ready to be fed!

Here is hubby

said 17 year old

and yours truly, all partaking in the ritual of making a wish

as part of the Christmas tradition. 

Work has been busy busy busy and I've had a couple of nights when I've been so shattered I've just chilled on the sofa, but they are fun too.

I hope you've all had a lovely week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Mum always made two puddings in alternate years, and kept one for the year in between. Love home made Christmas pudding (her recipe was fab!) well done on such a neat pile of wood.

  2. I am not the only one making puddings this week then. I know it is often done on Stir-up Sunday, but traditionally we always made ours earlier than this. As it was only last Sunday, I wasn't all that late after all!
    well done on shifting all the wood. That was quite a task and you have made a lovely neat stack.
    I like the idea of journals to look back at. It is surprising how much we forget.
    We deserve our evening relaxing sometimes don't we. Get rested before the madness begins. Kate x

  3. I always enjoy your posts, late or otherwise. No worries! Busy, busy...weekend is here now so relax!
    Well done you moving all that wood! I hate to think my hubby should ever get incapacitated as we have so many stairs to carry the wood upto. As it is he carries wood up several times a day as it is our only heating and we are now having the stove on all day. Temperatures are in single figures with the occasional night frost.
    It must be great to look at your old albums of Christmas past. I have started scrapbooking in 2004 but I never made a specific Christmas album.
    Hmmm, christmas pudding.... I have never heard of the tradition to make a wish stirring the ingredients. I made christmas pudding once or twice when I lived in the UK. I've never made a low fat one. Sounds interesting. Any chance of the recipe? Or is it a family secret?
    You have also been making cookies, or was it hubby being bored and started baking?
    Have a lovely weekend (not too busy i hope) with good weather so you can go out and about.
    Hugs all the way from Spain,

  4. Quicky posts are just as exciting as one's we have time to prepare in watching you all stirring the pudding :D XXX

  5. Well done on your wood stacking.
    I remember 'stir-it-up' Sunday from when I was small. It was always great fun and then there was the fight as to who would 'lick' the remains in the empty bowl LOL
    Toni xx