Friday, 27 October 2017


Hello lovely people it would be grand to say good morning, but I think I missed that deadline, so good afternoon how are you this bright autumnal day (well it's a bright blue sky day where I am at the minute). 

So first up on the positives, is finding time to craft.  I'm a long time crafter and at this time of year there is usually a flurry of activity relating to Christmas gifts.  However, I had realised that when I crafted at the beginning of the year (my favourite time for making Christmas cards), I hadn't quite made enough. 

So without further ado, here I am sorting those pesky Christmas cards out so they don't end up - last minute thrown together, truly dreadful ones that I occasionally put together when time is a pressure. 

I started off with a black and then a white gesso base

and whiled a way a good few hours on Friday painting, throwing paint at things, painting a bit more, it was fab, I wish this morning had been just as fun but alas, job one and job two required a little TLC before I take a week off, not that we've got anything planned, but just a week's break is going to be bliss (until I return to work and realise that it might not have been such a great plan to begin with). 

Anyhow, next up is hubby and the cup of tea brigade.  On a weekend, despite best efforts we rarely manage a lie in, our body clocks are turned to about 5.45am and so no matter what we do we are normally awake at this time on a weekend morning.  Sigh, however, to brighten the mood hubby is rather good and going and grabbing a cuppa or two, yep two cups of tea first thing on a Saturday morning - bliss

Next up I finished off the Christmas cards I had been making, Saturday was spent doing an epic sort out of craft room (including the contents of the cupboard) I was quite ruthless and found all sorts of things I hadn't realised I even had.  I found some half done art journal pages, that once chopped into tree shapes, made great final additions to the cards as you can see below. 

Whilst I was busy sorting the craft room upstairs (because let's be said leave it to hubby to have a sort through and he would probably bin the lot).  

Hubby was sorting out the worktop edge that was driving us mad (had been for an age) and finishing off the worktop where we've popped the computer.  He also made a few more of these for me as I'd run out and had more distress inks that needed them.  Homemade dress ink blender tools.

I have yet to take a photo of the craft room but it looks so much better than before, I had to have a sort of my papers and finally got them onto the shelves I bought in the summer, alas there still weren't enough so I had asked hubby the other week to hack at my old unit to allow me a few more shelves, which he did. 

I got rid of the desk which had become a dumping ground (and my niece commandeered it at the weekend as she thought it was smaller than the one she had and would suit her room better). 

I've got an ample stash of items for rehoming downstairs now, I'm hoping to get chance this next week to get them sorted. 

The rest of the week has been something of a work blur, I took Monday as TOIL (as I'd booked it in my diary so thought I'd make full use), problem was I didn't get done what I had to get done so I ended up working some of Thursday and some of Friday (it would have been easier and better to work Monday in hindsight, but I did enjoy the day off). 

I've been making Christmas books, but can't really share those at the moment given that they are gifts. 

I also went on a day's training which I really enjoyed and to boot was held in the very venue that me and hubby met 27 year's ago, it brought back some happy memories and the training was awesome so win win on that front.

Said 17 year old had an epic volunteering day last week he was gone from just after 9am and arrived home just after 9.30pm.  He was helping set up for a fire, water firework thing in the town that encompassed the canal.  He really enjoyed the day and despite the dreadful weather he said the event went off without a hitch.   However, he refused point blank to get up early on Sunday morning (I can't honestly blame him on that one). 

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together and pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Oh gosh, the dreaded xmas cards. Good for you that you are making them now rather tan later in a hurry. I'm not sending many. I just can't afford the postage. It's 1,35 Eur per card. I won't be sending more than about ten to ancient family members who don't have a computer.
    Your purple trees are beautiful.
    What a great idea of hubby to make those pads. I could do with a few more and I will ask my hubby. If he cuts the Wood for me I could probably manage the rest myself.
    So glad said 17 yr old had such a good day getting involved in cummunity projects. Any potos of the firework thing? Or is it for Guy Fawkes which is in November (soon) if I remember well.
    I bet you are looking forward to your week off! Enjoy (and worry about catching up later),
    Have a good week,

  2. are just like my hubby...he booked this week off work....has been on the phone every day and even went in on Thursday...but i am insisting he tae some TOIL as well. Love the funky christmas tree cards. Serendipity is certinly the Crafter's friend lol XXX

  3. I haven't started mine yet.... scary that it's November next week! sounds like a good week though.

  4. Well done on getting the Christmas cards done. I have done most of mine, but still need a few for local friends. I like the wall art in your post from last week. As you know, the journalling doesn't inspire me, but it looks as though you had loads of fun creating it. And that's what it's all about really.
    It is hard to balance work and play isn't it, but I hope you really do get some time to rest in your week off.
    I am trying to catch up with everyone before another week begins. Here's hoping the sun shines for you. You can't beat blue skies in October. Love Kate x

  5. Love your Christmas cards. You have done so much better than me - I've done my special ones but still haven't done my batch cards. I really must get going.
    Toni xx