Friday, 20 October 2017


Morning lovely people, t'is Friday 

So what has this week had in store, well it's been a bit of a mixed bag if I'm honest, but let's start with the positives, a whole weekend (yes that's right folks both Saturday and Sunday) spent arting at the Craft Box with Kate Crane, together with my Mum and said 17 year old - nothing finer than a bit of family arting I'm sure you would agree!

Unfortunately it was also a gloriously lovely weekend weather wise which is a bit of a shame given that we were inside, nevertheless we made the most of the blue skies at lunch time and also made the most of the food and drinks festival occurring at the centre!  Said 17 year old was happy enjoying a buffalo burger on both days! 

Here is the proof of the blue skies although I appear to have clouds in this, but you can definitely see the blue skies!

And here is said 17 year old arting.  He thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kate's instructions and then proceeding to do things his way!  But we had a fabulous time!

My Mum also enjoyed getting into a painty mess (she was sensible on Sunday and brought a pinny aka apron) and unlike other craft classes that we've done in the past she was quite happy just to get on, the class was really relaxed and chilled out and we didn't feel rushed or pressured so win win!

Here is my first page in its work in progress stage!

And here is the finished page albeit under poor lighting!  I've got three other pages to share, but I haven't managed to photograph them yet!

Sunday's blue skies were even better (and I loved the bunting)

See proof - totally blue!

Flowers from hubby!  I love love love the colour!

And more flowers from hubby as I've had a couple of rough work weeks

Up close you can see the absolute beauty in the rose

So Monday arrived and because I'd worked a crazy mad day on Friday (yes I know I don't do Fridays but I thought swapping to Monday was sensible as it means I could have Monday off).  So the question is what to do?  Well the obvious answer was more arting, so I grabbed two old canvases out of the office and set to, throwing paint liberally over the two canvases!  I had a fabulous time!

I managed to catch the roses in different light

It's so strange how the colours change in the different sunshine levels!

The people of Facebook said go and look at the sun - which was a strange thing to tell me to do - but they were right!  The day was so calm, so warm and so weird!  Apparently subsaharan desert sand in the sky had caused the phenomena!

Anyway I carried on arting, I had a place for them to live which was as you enter the house from the porch.  I wanted to put a quote on the same and after much deliberation (aka pratting about) I settled for the Irish blessing that we had in the hallway when we lived in Stafford which starts May the road rise to meet you. 

I split the quote over the two canvases to make it eye level (well my eye level - for those much shorter or taller you will have to adjust your head!) there was already one nail in but I had to put three more in - hubby just rolled his eyes when I told him! 

And here they are in situ, can you believe hubby didn't see them?  Honestly - didn't see them, said 17 year old just said "wow" on the way through so I'll take that as a compliment!

Up close the detail is lovely! 

Anyway Monday night the hurricane Ophelia landed and caused some damage to the outdoor shelter (sad face), so we've got a sheet of the roof plastic to replace, but with storm Brian heading in over the weekend, I see little point in sorting it any time soon, although Ruby next door's cat is less than impressed with the new roof as she'd taken to sitting among the chairs on the deck!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all busy workdays (nothing new there I hear you say), and I was fit to drop last night when I landed home, but with the weekend looming and a day off on Friday I didn't want to spend the weekend cleaning, so I set to last night when hubby went to collect said 17 year old and by the time they landed home I'd managed to clean the bathroom and hoover through upstairs and down the stairs, so they both gave me a hand to sort the dining room, kitchen and TV room, so the rooms are all clean and tidy - yay! 

I've been up since 5am (yes I will be shattered later) and hubby woke soon after but he's always up around 6am anyway.  We had a very enjoyable cuppa in bed (well two - he is good to me - bringing a second cup up before he left for work), I've chucked PJ's on and headed down here determined to make the most of the day off.

I've set up my gelli plate as I know I've not got enough Christmas cards made, unfortunately the brayers were in said 17 year old's room, so I'm all set up but I've done nothing yet!  Thankfully he's up and about now so before he jumped in the shower I popped up and grabbed the brayer so I'm off arting again! 

I hope you've had a brilliant, beautiful and splendiferous week! 

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  1. Love love love your art-on-the-door! And I must say that the Irish blessing is one of my favorites. Hubby used to have a 10 piece folk band and at the end of every gig they used to play the Irish blessing. It has come true for us here in Spain as we have had a bit of rain and a bit of breeze.
    I'm glad you had such a great time family crafting. It's such a blessing when all your loved ones like that sort of thing.
    That sun is weird. My mum (in Holland) mentioned it too. We get Sahara sand with every rain drop and dirtying the car after three drops, but I have never seen it 'clouding' the sun.
    Enjoy your weekend and have a good workweek after that.
    Keep smiling,

  2. Gosh you sound so bright and bouncy now your arting again :D Love the quote on your feather page...and your new wall art is fabulous :D XXX

  3. I would say WOW too... your Monday arting was put to good use.. it's stunning. Glad you all enjoyed Kate's classes, she seems such fun. I know plenty of people who listen to the instructions and do something completely different! Your week once again sounds madly busy, hope you get to chill a bit THIS weekend!

  4. Fabulous photos Virginia.
    Those flowers are beautiful and I love your canvas'
    I have been crafting every Friday at the local craft village as I had leave to use up - it is wonderful having longer weekends and doing something creative on at least one of those days. I need to see if I can plan 2018 so that I can continue with this working pattern.
    Hope you had fun with your Gelli plate.
    Toni xx