Friday, 13 October 2017


Good evening - ooh dear yes it would appear that the week has caught up with me yet again, what's 

It has been a mighty strange week, lots of positives a few issues but that's life isn't it. 

First grateful of the week is this young man, he is really enjoying his college course, it is fabulous to see him, chilling and relaxing and sketching - at a weekend - without prompting - now that's my kind of homework! 

Next up a warm dry day so that I managed to get some washing dry last weekend, I honestly thought it would be Spring before I got the line out again!

A little bit of Christmas crafting!  Another mini book finished ready to send on its merry way

Beautiful sunrises, this one was visible when the bathroom window was open the other morning! 

A work colleague providing a much needed breakfast as I'd not had chance - Janet you are a star!

After a tough work day I refused point blank to cook and insisted we go out for tea, was mighty naughty!

I walked back from a meeting in the city centre the other day and got to enjoy some awesome art along the way!

Hubby being happy to help sort the bathroom, it looks lovely now fresh coat of paint, new towels, mats, and shower curtain and yes before you ask I had to go to Ikea again, I'm sure their profits will have increased since they opened due to my visits!

Having a lovely catch up with an old work colleague, putting the world to rights and buying some crafty goodness in the process. 

Catching up with my Mum and my sister and my niece and my cousin all on the same day last week - brilliant day - didn't do anything other than chatting - bliss! 

A lovely thank you card from a friend's daughter for making her a birthday book, its lovely to see her writing change as she gets older and it certainly raised a smile today! 

Hubby buying me some beautiful flowers, a bunch of red roses and bunch of peach roses - absolutely gorgeous in the front window! 

And that my lovely people will have to be that this week, it has been quite frankly 'one of them', I hope yours has been epic and awesome in equal measure, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up. 


  1. how do you get so much done in a week when you work all those hours too!!! Love the sunrise.

  2. Sounds like a lovely week :D So glad your feeling better now and hope you manage a trip out while the sun shines this weekend XXX

  3. Lovely photos (especially of the food LOL). Hope you were able to take advantage of the weather over the weekend.
    Toni xx

  4. Sorry I am late in commenting. Sounds like you had a good week. I love the photo of your son, doing his homework with obvious pleasure.
    And you had some sunshine too! You deserve it! (Here it has been raining).
    The Street art is awesome.