Friday, 6 October 2017


Good Morning lovely people tis Friday 

So what positives and happy moments have I got to share with you this fine morning. 

Well I had a grand catch up with Mum, brother, future sister in law last Friday which happened to be said brother's birthday.  As always far too busy nattering to actually grab a photo of us all - grrrr!

Anyway after that we headed back on the tram and met hubby on our way because I Ikea is finally (I repeat) finally open, I've waited months for this (they promised the end of July) and because the journey to Leeds is so horrendous I refused to go any more, so I went with a list and came out with a hefty bill! 

We even stopped and grabbed a bite to eat as hubby had been surviving on fruit all day.  I did quite like the flag!  At least we now have one on the doorstep (about time too). 

Next up, the first of the season, Morrisons do a lovely mince pie and I always find that come December food is far too rich and plentiful to really appreciate how lovely a cup of tea and mince pie is, so I've partaken early in this to truly enjoy it!

So mince pie and some TV and we were relieved to have found Russell Howard is back on TV his Good News format almost transferred into his new Sky show - it is brilliant! 

Saturday saw us heading for a morning walk down to the local dam, I love this little bridge and the seasons as the leaves change colour, the water was flowing faster than normal as we'd had quite a bit of rain.

Selfie of me and him, we both look tired 

Next up 17 year old's humour (aka boys humour).  One of the items I bought at Ikea was a Raskog trolley my craft table has got truly out of hand in recent months and has actually prevented me from crafting because there has been no space, so I decided to buy that and some of the little hook on plastic pots you can buy in the kitchen section and this is what he did!  Him and hubby were rolling about laughing! 

Next up crafting time, I started a birthday book a few weeks ago and because I could actually see my desk (finally), I managed to finish it off, I always fight with trying to find co-ordinating ribbons for these bind it all books though! 

This is a typical view of these two, one or the other of them finding something interesting on line to share, it's usually funny videos or stupid people but they always end up laughing! 

Sunday lunch and I decided as we hadn't had a proper roast dinner in forever, that we would have one and I decided that we needed Yorkshire puddings.  The statement on the photo I think sums it up!

And then on to another mini book, as I was in the flow of crafting, I set about making another one (another gift) using a combination of two papers (which seemed to have combined quite well) and used some 8 x 8 cards cut down in various formats for the book base. 

I've had a pretty difficult week at work at both workplaces, I think the statement too much work and not enough hours comes to mind.  Wednesday it reached a peak if I'm honest.  So a glass of vino midweek and a rugby match seemed like a sensible option.

So you'll probably be asking have I resolved the work issues, partially and I'm going to work at sorting some more this next week.  I'm hoping to down tools and have a positive and relaxing weekend at home. 

I'm hopefully catching up with an old work colleague and friend today, my Mum and my sister and that's before the weekend officially starts!

Said 17 year old is off on his placement that he has to do for college, so hopefully he will have lots to talk about at the end of his day. 

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together pop back, link up and we can come and visit. 


  1. can always trust the Swedes to bring a little "risque" humour into your life :D We had started driving down to the Notts shop rather than Leeds, but now we too are happy little gnomes :D XXX

  2. Hi, I'm back again! I have just spent a very pleasant half hour Reading all your previous blogs that I have missed while away.
    Said 17 yr old looks great with his new hairdo and I can understand you are a proud mum of such a nice lad. Having so many girl around him will do his confidence a world of good.
    It's great that you now have an Ikea on your doorstep. But should I say... watch your purse! When we lived in Bristol, I used to go every month and I always used to spend more tan I wanted to (story of my life)
    Yumm! Yorkshire puddings! I love them. Having just come back from the UK, I have many good memories of those. My d-i-l uses frozen ones and I must say, they are not bad at all. But well done you for making your own!
    I hope things at work get sorted out son. It's not good for the heart to get stressed.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Despite your work woes (there are never enough hours in the day!) you have had what seems a largely positive week (and mid-week wine always helps!) Love the pick of your OH and said 17 year old. Have a fun filled weekend.

  4. Another busy week for you Virginia but at least you seem to be getting some crafting done. Have a super week.
    Toni xx