Friday, 15 September 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday 

So how was your week?  Mine well let's see 

I enjoyed watching this last Friday night, a good giggle it has to be said and how sweet is baby groot and yes I did cry at the end - totally unexpected!

Saturday morning I sat and played with some backgrounds I'd already done with Crayola felt pens, water colour paper and water.  I then used some Tracy Scott stamps to create this little beastie, I think I will abandon it somewhere. 

As I've been so poorly recently we decided we really needed to blow off the cobwebs on Sunday and as the Beyond Limits sculptures at Chatsworth were due to start it seemed like the perfect combination.  My sister and niece popped over on Saturday and we asked if they fancied coming along for the day out.  

When we got to Chatsworth, our first port of call was the carriage restaurant for a cup of tea.  These two were sat opposite me playing with their sugar, flicking the sugar allegedly to the bottom of the pack.  Said 16 year old managed to flick a full pack onto the floor and this set of photos documents when my niece flicked her sugar straight into her Mum's cup of tea!  Laughter that's what I enjoy most about these days out the amount of laughter we have. 

Unfortunately for us there had been a delay on the arrival of some of the sculptures, so not all of them were in situ, however there were a few.  This was one of my favourites in the Rose garden. 

We enjoyed our walk up to the grotto garden, the autumn colour is just starting to show. 

We loved these giant numbers on the front lawn, we did wonder what mobile number they spelt out and how many times people would try calling it during the exhibition!

My niece hadn't been to the Fashion through the Decades exhibition in the house, despite her doing a fashion course.  The course itself had taken her to YSP and the Hepworth gallery, which are both lovely but not specific to fashion, just to art.  

Anyway as we'd already done the exhibition a few times we were looking for things that were different.  I loved this new bench commissioned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

Near to the end of the exhibition is a hat gallery, where you can try on hats and stand behind frames.  My sister has always been one for hats ever since she was little, so she didn't need any encouragement to try on the hats, here are a few of what I captured.

Back outside and back on our way up to the Stables, we walked past another of the sculptures, spaghetti and meatball anyone?

Busy days at work on Monday and Tuesday, no I wasn't fully better but yes I did go back into work.  However Wednesday I took a day off (a rarity for me at the best of times) because it was my birthday.  I was sat in bed opening presents, one of my lovely WW friends purchased a gift wrapped item from Amazon, it was a beautiful long line top and it came wrapped in this cloth parcel, which I thought was genius! 

And here I am wearing said top

For those that know me, you will also know that the day after my birthday is said 16 year old's birthday - so that's right he is now officially said 17 year old!  I had a work meeting at home, his Dad went to work earlier and he had a late session at college 1.15pm - 5.15pm.  So it was a bit of a weird day for him.  He opened his cards with me in the morning and one gift that we had bought him (because it was an Xbox game and always takes forever to load up).   

Then he waited until the evening to open his main gifts, I find as he gets older his presents get fewer but more expensive and a lot more gadgety!  Here he is opening an effects pedal he wants for his guitar which allow him to loop music.  We also got him a little portable blue tooth speaker that I know will get some use. 

On his birthday evening we went out for a meal at the local pub, which always has lovely food when we go.  We have a few members of family popping over on Saturday for a proper catch up, although I have a poorly hubby at moment, he seems to have succumbed to the same lurgy I had, sigh.  Fingers crossed he is feeling a little better for tomorrow, but if I'm honest I'm still feeling pretty rough with it and I'm nearly at the end of the second week! 

I hope you have had a beautiful and blessed week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. Hope you all get clear of that lurgy soon, and that Said 17 year old is settling into his new "school year". Love the pics of the 2 little rascals laughing over bags of sugar :D XXX

  2. Happy birthday for both you and said 17 year old! I love the sculptures - I went to Kew today who have Sculpt at Kew on from Monday (but are getting them into place now) - here is the link if you're interested

  3. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better, but it is sod's law that your hubby is now feeling poorly
    Belated happy birthday to you and also to said 17 yr old.
    Have a lovely weekend and a good week next week.

  4. Ah, there are so many friends with birthdays around this time, though for our family it is next month that is really busy. I am sorry you were still feeling a bit rough for yours. I hope it doesn't hit hubby too hard now.
    The things you buy your lad for his presents are so like we used to buy for ours. It takes me back just seeing his face as he opens them.
    I love the first set of photos. Those moments of silliness so often go by without being recorded. You will still be smiling at those pictures a year from now.
    I really hope you pick up soon and start to feel more like your old self. Take it as easy as you can this week. hugs Kate x

  5. Hope you and hubby are feeling better and can enjoy "Said 17yr old's" celebration - gosh, 17. Where does the time go?
    Love the colours on your stamped piece and the faces of Said 16yr old (as was) and your niece did make me chuckle. Beautifule photos from your trip out.
    Wishing you and Said 17yr old belated birthday wishes.
    Toni xx