Friday, 29 September 2017


Good evening lovely people I'm so sorry it is late posting - it has been quite honestly one of those weeks.  

So without further ado the positives from the week, first up hot toddies, sofa, great TV, good company and a fluffy blanket, sometimes it's the simple things in life!

Next up, hubby helping me sort this room out, it looks tidier now than it did here (not much but at least I've gone through it), out went the old clothes and lots of bits and bats and boxes that we no longer needed.  A good tidy, one room down, many many to go, but we've decided to do these one per week, next stop our bedroom!

Next happy (and excuse the pixelations on the photo) but this is said 17 year old arriving back from his first driving lesson (gulp), next one today went really well - he is quite honestly a happy bunny!

Then these two starting a brew kit in the kitchen, my house smelt like Masham!

We've enjoyed the early episodes of X Factor up to now (it usually goes down hill from here).  

And two cups of tea for me on Sunday morning

Back to Chatsworth on Sunday and it was a fine day and all the sculptures were finally in situ

We found this amazing artwork (fully enclosed granite block with a garden hidden inside)

The back engraved with this lettering 

and this was the view when we peered through

Mischief 1 and 2 enjoying the walk!

We still didn't like this having seen it again, just not us, but I do like pop art so that does surprise me!

A side view of the numbers, the garden was full of tents for the Art Our Loud exhibition

Fun jaunty angle photo

Me and him, enough said

The lake looked moody in the late afternoon sun

And we quite liked this next to the ornamental pond particularly as it swayed in the wind

I loved this one because it wasn't equilateral, just symmetrical from certain angles

Said 17 year old this reminded him of those toys you always find in tourist places like English heritage that you buy kids which is a mix of plastic and stretchy elastic and you can manipulate it - I must admit looking at it again - I think he's right!

This was one of my favourites

I thought this one was fun

And I liked this one but think it could have been displayed better.

Whilst this was impressive the big M sculpture has some serious stress fractures in it!

And this one was either the English Heritage symbol or as we called it hashtag

This one was amazing as hubby thinks it was on gimbals so it was silent but moved with the wind - stunning and mesmerising

The lock - didn't really tick the right boxes for us

But I quite liked this one

Over two weeks on and my birthday roses are still hanging on in there

And this a present from a friend is in my window in the main room and looks stunning, it was a birthday gift, I love receiving handmade items!

The rest of the week has been mad, busy and crazy in equal measure, but spending time with hubby in an evening, chatting to said 17 year old, catching up with my beautiful cousin and loving the change in the seasons has been brilliant! 

If you fancy joining in (or if you already have) pop your link below so we can come and visit. 

Much love people


  1. some rather strange sculptures I feel.... off to Kew again in half an hour, to see some more of theirs! hope your weeks start to calm down!!

  2. Super photos Virginia.
    How wonderful that your roses are still doing well.
    Toni xx