Friday, 28 July 2017


Good morning lovely Rockettes (and Rockers out there)

I hope I find you well, 'tis Friday so time for 

Friday (I'm blaming Carmen for the subheadings)

So first up was a fantastic team away day, we haven't had one since we restructured last year (actually I'll strike that, we've never had one whilst I've been there).  We were in the middle of the city (magical mystery tour to get there), in a function room above a pub.  Albeit that the room was basic, it did the trick and there was lovely pub grub at lunch.  But the main happy positive out of the day, was what we all got from the day.  A very very worthwhile day for all.

It was however a mighty long day for me and this is the first week of 21 hours per week on that particular job (I can imagine you now rolling your eyes at me - as you well know I didn't work 21 hours this week).  No I worked 17 hours by Tuesday night, I then worked from 7-9am and Wednesday morning then 9.30am until 7.20pm (late meeting), then I worked from 8.50am until 5.20pm at the away day - mmm hopefully this next week will be better. 


MOT day for my little car (she's ancient but gets me from A to B and back again).  Unfortunately she failed (sad face), but the garage can sort her on Monday (yay) and the bill whilst sounding horrific (literally) is just about manageable.  So the grateful if that there is a way forward, because I definitely can't afford a new car at the moment!

Next up a trip to the local shopping centre - now why (if you know me), would I possibly have that on my list of positives.  Well because we got there so early that most of the shops were still shut but me and hubby enjoyed a visit to the M&S cafe for a cuppa!

When we eventually returned home I grabbed some brunch, my new favourite meal at the moment, greek yogurt, berries, seeds and honey - totally nom! 

We then spent the afternoon in the garden said 16 year old was working, so just me and hubby.  I'm painting the world out there (literally) and he made a wood store with remnants of the summer house.  All it needs now is some wood. 

Saturday evening we had an invite for a meet up in a pub with my niece who was celebrating her 18th birthday.  Whilst both me and hubby were shattered (and a little bit broken from working in the garden all afternoon) and said 16 year old was wrecked (21000 steps on his phone as proof of his mighty busy day), we did get ready and popped out for an hour just to say hello.  I'm really glad we did and although we didn't stay long and we were all on pop, we had a lovely time.  This photo was captured by a friend and is of my niece, Mum and my sister, you can see they are all having fun. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoor


Up early (well hubby was) to take said 16 year old to work, thankfully it is literally 2 minutes down the road, so he was soon back.  Hubby hasn't been 100% this week, so once back he grabbed some more cups of tea and headed back to bed, we actually had a lie in - unheard of in this house, but definitely needed.  We didn't wake until gone 10.  So grateful that we could catch up on some sleep over the weekend, despite having to be up early both days!

Next up hubby not minding the trudge around shops, we are 'pricing up' (and in some cases purchasing) items for the garden.  Not that it's finished, I'm just hoping it will spur us on to get on and get it done, I'm officially bored with it now.  So grateful hubby didn't mind the wall to wall shops on Sunday! 

Next grateful is the to do list book I picked up on Poundland - I love these books, they keep me focused and move things forward and I definitely need that at the moment! 


First grateful of the working week - the app Peak - brain training for my brain.  I love it, sometimes I hate the games but it at least gets my brain off the starting blocks in a morning!


Grateful for my work colleague having a listening ear, that hubby had the food list ready to shop on Tuesday evening.  That my WW girls were there to support me when I went into a mini meltdown.  I know its normal to get post holiday blues (who doesn't), but these seem to have picked me up and rolled me along for the ride and I don't seem to be able to shake them (which means I think it was more than just post holiday blues).  However, I'm not one to suffer in silence and so as well as hubby and said 16 year old being aware (although they tend to shrug, there there me and provide hugs, which whilst all lovely doesn't actually aid my recovery from this fog), I reached out to a few of my closest friends for their friendly advice. 

All were brilliantly supportive (as always), offering me the gentle way forward (stop doing so much work and start doing things you love and get some activities booked that you will enjoy), to name but a few.  


So best foot forward on Wednesday morning I've booked for me and hubby (as said 16 year old is away), to go an see this  we've been over the last few years and absolutely loved it.  So this is the start of me pulling myself out of the quagmire, watch this space for future developments!  If you are in the locality I can thoroughly recommend it!  

Next up is our first attempt at fermented vegetables, in particular sauerkraut, whilst you can buy such items in the supermarket - it has been heat treated so no good bacteria exists in the jar - just technically a pickled vegetable.  So we are making our own here is hubby making said dish

Up to now it's broken the lid on a jar (I kid you not see photo below, it also covered me in pickling juice and I was only opening the lid to relieve the pressure) and moved homes (from smaller jar to bigger jar).  I'll keep you informed as to how its doing as time progresses.  

An impromptu baking session one evening, just because I could - for work.  I think they were well received, said 16 year old had to try some before they headed to work, to check their quality obviously.


A very odd day at work overall, a dash to the local football stadium to take said 16 year old's suitcase for his NCS adventures starting on Monday, then home to more work before kicking back for the evening.  The fog was looming again, so messages to Mum and lil sis and niece to see if they were about for a catch up on Friday.  Had a proper discussion with said 16 year old and hubby which I think actually did help a little bit and then on with tea - disaster we should have taken the frozen fish out to defrost (I mean - really - I never knew), so we abandoned tea and ordered Dominoes which was lovely and made us all overly full but it was good to just sit and chat.  


Back to Friday again and I sit here in a quiet house having dropped said 16 year old off to meet up with a friend, with a cuppa chatting to you lovely people.  So my final grateful for this week is to you, for being there and reading my ramblings and for those that join in, for making me feel like this is a worthwhile weekly discipline that allows you to document life, clock the positives and enjoy life. Having 4 of you join in over the last few weeks really has been brilliant - so thank you!  I hope you have a grand weekend and week ahead, until next Friday 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering from a Little 'fog' again. I know how that feels. I have suffered on and off for years. In my case sunshine seems to help and that's one of the reasons we are here in Spain. I've been fine for a long time. (being retired obviously also helps).
    So if you feel you want to escape, and take some days off sick, hop on a plane. You can come and stay without notice. We have a guest 'suite' with a terrace and a wonderful view. A few days of lie-ins, sunshine and no questions asked....
    Your sauerkraut experiment looks interesting. It is good for you I know that much. I like to eat it the Elzas way, with pineapple and potatoes in a one-pan dish.
    That looks like a good brain game. What is it called? Can I get it on Android? or is it an iPhone App.
    It's great you have booked to go to Chatsworth. I know that is one of your favorite places. We had planned to go there the first week in Sept as we are up that way, but have changed our plans and are going to Windsor to see our grandchildren as they are still off school the first week of September. We might drive up north later, I don't know yet.
    Well, I'd better get back to my to-do list as I am still on ítem one (blogs) and it is already 11 am!
    Hope you have a good week in spite of the fog. Let it lift, let it lift, let it lift!! (can you hear me singing?)
    Hugs (big ones)

    1. Lisca you are a star - thank you for the offer of a Spanish getaway if things continue!

      The brain training game is called Peak and its free and on Android (you can pay a premium to unlock all the games but I haven't bothered as it does what I need it to do).

      I've never been to Windsor I'm sure it will be fabulous too!

      thank you for the positive chant!

  2. crikey, I am exhausted reading all that! I love the sub-headings that you've borrowed (stolen!) from Carmen, ( although I saw that you told her you'd do so!!) I hope you get a deserved rest this weekend and week coming!

  3. It looks like you had a lovely week, excusing the long hours and the fog :(
    I hope things ease up a bit at work and with feeling down, I'm glad you have such helpful and supportive friends and family to talk to.

    Loving the look of your brunch and your muffins. As well as your list book, I love writing lists, I do them for pretty much anything!

    I'm terrible at writing comments but just wanted to finish by saying that I love reading about your week each Friday and seeing all of the positives you spot :)

    Devon x

  4. Oh dear Virginia; you do sound a bit down. You work so very hard and such long hours, and even your 'free time' always seems to be filled with visits or projects. You really do need to back off and have some 'me' time. Try meditation (my youngest swears by it but I have never managed to empty my mind sufficiently!), or get lost between the covers of a good book, anything that takes you away from work etc for a while. Maybe you should take a tonic. There are lots of good natural ones on the market, and sometimes they really do give you a lift.
    Anyway, I hope you have a more gentle weekend, and feel fit to face work again on Monday. Kate x

  5. Had to chuckle about the subheadings.
    Lots going on Virginia and fabulous photos.
    Have a super week this week.
    Toni xx

  6. Is it bad of me that the outstanding image your post has placed in my brain is you and an exploding jar of pickled veggies? *Love you* XXX

  7. First of all, while I think of it - thank you so much for mentioning Peak. I've now downloaded it and its different from the brain training app I use, which you might like. That one is called Lumosity and you get sent 3 games a day if you are on their free account. The maths ones kill me but I love the ones where you have to think ahead like the train game and the coffee one. I think I'm getting better at the memory ones :P

    The sauerkraut looks like it has taken on a life of its own! Have you tasted it yet? Is it good?

    Love the sound of your baking and chilled out time with hubs. Hope the garden is coming to an end for you - it seems like a never ending project but I bet it will all be worth it in the end.

    I get how much your Poundland lists help you - the Poundland diary has been worth its wait in gold to me already.

    Sending you big hugs for the week ahead,

    Carmen x x x

  8. Back to blogger after finding a blog I wanted to read that I found through a pin you sent me! Caught up with this last blog and very much enjoyed it. I am going to try and blog again as I used to really enjoy it! Thanks again for popping to the pub on Saturday it wouldn't have been the same without you x