Friday, 30 June 2017


Good morning/afternoon/evening lovely people - it is Friday which means

Oh it's been a busy busy week if I'm honest, we arrived back from Center Parcs on Friday and on the Saturday morning I dropped off hubby and said 16 year old to do a CCC boating course for the weekend to learn how to operate a narrowboat.  I got the following piccies whilst they were off on their training

They had a fabulous time and really enjoyed learning, the course is run by Swinton Lock Activity Centre for anyone who lives local and the training is open to all people.  The course runs at a weekend or weekly and they are a charity, if you don't fancy learning the skills you can also hire the boat out by the hour for up to 12 passengers.  Give them a call if you fancy learning new skills or ever fancied a boating holiday or fancy an afternoon on the river.   

So what did I do well lots of shopping and sorting on Saturday (and washing oh the never ending pile of washing) and then on the Sunday I headed to the very local craft shop for a craft class with my Mum, these were the class samples

And here is my lovely Mum having fun making the same!

Monday I had a mini melt-down over something which might seem insignificant now (now that its sorted) but at the time literally ground me to a halt.  Thankfully a supportive hubby and a few phone calls and email with school and all was well, but let's say I never want a repeat - and the reason why it makes it to my rocking post, because they took me seriously and got a real answer for me! Phew!

Then Tuesday - prom day, said 16 year old learning to tie a tie, funny because I learnt when I went up to secondary, but as they now insist on velcro ties for fear the children might strangle one another (really - really????) he has never had to learn said skill until Tuesday! 

So what was I doing Tuesday, a day off to support said 16 year old and his quest to be ready for prom - no I was making a birthday gift for said 16 year old to give to his prom date - nothing like leaving it to the last minute young man! 

Prom photos?  Well here is said 16 year looking rather dapper in his suit

A close up 

I love this one, just wish hubby hadn't got next doors shed in it! 

We headed over to prom dates house, she arrived in this! 

The lads having a chat! 

Posing with the beautiful car

Said 16 year old had to try it out for size!

Group shot of them all - how fabulous do they look, in front of the camper van that was to take them to the prom!

Said 16 year old with his prom date, she looked beautiful! 

Best group of 4 friends you could come across!

And this summed it up!

The rest of the week has been crazy madness (but I know you know that that is my life). 

I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up.


  1. fabulously busy week as ever; glad that you were able to resolve the problem. Said 16 year old and his mates look wonderful (I couldn't believe that about the ties! what a sad state of affairs for sure!)

  2. Your two lovely men wouldn't look out of place in a sportswear catalogue. Look at the poses on that boat! They do look good :D

    Phe's prom is coming up. Can't believe it, she's gone all rock chic for hers, says she's taking her phone and earphones. Her and a mate are syncing up with music because they are "not listening to the crap that will be playing." Well. OK then. :D They did all look wonderful and SO grown up when I saw the pictures on FB.

    Glad the school took you seriously and you got everything sorted, hope you are OK now

    The crafting is all gorgeous as always just like your Mum - I love her smile.

    Phe's school still wear normal ties, that's so weird with the velcro ones

    I was actually going to physically link up today but Mr Linky isn't showing properly for me - so I'll just bung it in here:

    Have a great week Virginia x

  3. The guys look like they had lots of fun and your Mum certainly looks like she was enjoying her crafting. Said 16yr old looked very smart for his prom and I'm sure he appreciated the beautiful gift you made for his prom-date. Hope you get to have a relaxing weekend after you busy week. Toni xx

  4. They all looked gorgeous for their prom. I'm glad your little hiccup was sorted promptly. I'll be back with a post next week. We are busy getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Kate x

  5. Glad what needed sorting got sorted. Don't stress over the loss of control...if you hadn't had a melt down it might still be waiting to get sorted...and that would be way worse XXX

  6. Sorry I'm late in Reading your post. I'm so glad I did eventually as it is chocabloc full of lovely potos.
    The narrowboat experience sounds really great. Are you thinking of renting one soon? I have never done it, but my sister has. I didn't think she would like it as she is a busy busy business woman (or was), but she loved it. It was a forced slowing down she said, and the pub visits were just a bonus.
    Aaaww! Isn't he handsome! Your son looks gorgeous in his finery. The girls look so glamorous don't they.
    I realize all this was last week, so I do hope it all went well and that he had a good time. (and that he didn't have a hangover.... I know at that age they are not allowed alcohol, but they always seem to manage somehow...).
    Your mum is looking bonny indeed. I bet she enjoyed crafting with you.
    The birthday gift for the prom date is beautiful. I'm sure she was very impressed.
    I'm glad you got a serious answer after your melt down. At least you didn't 'melt down' for nothing. I don't know what it was about, but you've got to stand up for what you believe (is right)
    It's Friday today and I am looking forward to your blog today later on.
    CU there,