Friday, 23 June 2017


Good Afternoon lovely people, many apologies for the delay in posting today but you'll see below the reason for the delay. 

We decided very late in the day, to book a Center Parc break for said 16 year old following his final exam, quite literally we picked him up after the science exam last Friday and drove straight down there.  He even got changed under a blanket in the car.  So within 2 hours of leaving school here he was with hubby - ready to chill out and down tools with no more revision.

Look how relaxed he looks (as does hubby)

We had lots of visitors during the week (yes we went for a week rather than a weekend, which is why I'm late posting). 

Look how cute these are.

I spotted a blackbird in the trees on my way up to the villa we were staying in

And enjoyed how green it was, we often manage a break in winter when the forest is somewhat bare. 

Look green everywhere - it was lovely.  Although we did suffer with the heatwave, far too hot for any of us if I'm honest. 

We did the quiz on Friday night which we've never done before and had a fabulous time, although i wasn't keen on the cider - yuck!

We had some company for the week, my Mum came along as did my sister, I'd already booked a spa day with my sister as Center Parcs for her birthday, so she would have been down with us anyway, so we manage to coincide the two.  

You can tell we were very giddy for the quiz

and picked a crazy name (don't ask). 

We came joint third which we were pleased about as there were a good few questions that we really had no idea about.

We had a few activities booked, we managed a game of badminton - hubby was really competitive! 

My Mum kept disappearing off in front, we renamed her Dora!

We even managed a barbecue there, a first for our Center Parc breaks as we don't normally manage anything like that. 

Eating outside on a rather warm day was lovely.

More young visitors

A game of squash with bent rackets on a stifling hot day!

My Mum and sister did soft ball instead, which is crazy as it just bounces everywhere and is even harder to deal with than a squash ball. 

We had an impromptu lunch 

And I grabbed a selfie with said 16 year old.

It was incredibly warm, but lovely to have some blue skies. 

Me and hubby snook and grabbed a beer at Forresters. 

And we spotted these gorgeous little birds on the way out, in the bay tree next to the entrance to Forresters, they were ready to fledge with their flapping wings and were gone by the following day.   They had even avoided pruning the tree to give them the best chance of survival.  My Mum thought they were some sort of thrush. 

The lake was beautiful 

My sister learnt some new card games. 

And we enjoyed the sun setting around 9.30 one night. 

These two watching a moorhen on her nest the same evening

And I loved the silhouette on this photo

The calm evening meant I felt very reflective. 

as you can tell from the following photo

another moor hen had decided the main pond in the centre was a great place for a nest, despite the all night mood lighting!

The evening really was very warm 

This cheeky chap, got very comfortable during the week, eventually he started to come in and help himself to peanuts!

Little goslings visited again

We managed a game of tennis - it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot (and I was rubbish - actually most of us were rubbish- husband wasn't but the rest of us struggled). 

How many of my craft friends could make use of these giant pencils!

Hubby and said 16 year old took a kayak out on the lake

Although hubby said there was no back support which made it hard work

We spotted a jay visiting

Hubby and said 16 year old did tree trekking and aerial tree adventures.  I was impressed as said 16 year old has never been a big fan of heights - however, he seems to have conquered this issue. 

Hubby on the other hand has never had height issues

We played a ferocious game of table tennis

and my sister and hubby ended up really competitive. 

We saw the tiny mouse in the nature centre. 

I spotted a beautiful flower on our way back 

And spotted this little guy out on his own on the water. 

Said 16 year old and hubby had a go at the climbing walls - I loved this see through one. 

Hubby finally got to try aperol 

And we had a meal out which was lovely if a little warm. 

Me and hubby shared an anti-pasta platter

And hubby enjoyed his very bitter cocktail. 

They enjoyed checking out the bar. 

And me and hubby had a walk on our final evening

Sad to be leaving again but having made some significant memories. 

I miss the forest already...

but brought home a new friend 

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. Wow, you have had a fantastic week! Never mind that is was hot. You have all been together having a good time. Quality family time. Said 16 yr old looks happy too.
    Center Parks is lovely. We have many happy memories. We have been countless times and have also enjoyed one of their spa breaks. Bliss!
    So now it's back to the grind...
    Have a good week,
    Keep smiling (in spite of the heatwave)

  2. what a fabulous week, and what a great thing to do for said 16 year old, after all his hard work! great photos!

  3. Well you packed plenty into that week, and it looks as though you enjoyed a ell earned rest. We never did try Centre Parcs but I must say I like what I see on your posts. I love all the nature photos ad those lovely reflections in the water. I am glad you had a good time. Hugs Kate x

  4. Dora did make me laugh! What a brilliant time it looks like you had and good for that moorhen getting herself some moodlighting preinstalled into her home :D

    I had a jay moment today! It was flying in front of my car as I pulled into the station! I'm going "LOOK,LOOK,LOOK!" No one else remotely interested!

    Have a lovely week Virginia :)

  5. Hahahaha....well you definitely made up for the lack of photos on previous posts!
    What great parents you both are...your son should feel truly blessed. So glad he survived that gruelling exam schedule :D XXX

  6. What super photos and a wonderful collection of memories. That was a fantastic idea to help Said 16yr old in-wind after all his exams and it looks like it was a fabulous bit of family time. Toni xx