Friday, 9 June 2017


Morning all, time to take stock and identify the positives/silver linings etc.

Well I'm going to apologise in advance, the photos aren't thin on the ground this week they are quite frankly non existent, blame long work hours, poor weather and a blink and miss it type week.  However, I have a few positives to remind myself of

Said 16 year old and his work ethic, he has quite literally just been getting on with things, which is lovely, taking time to revise, attending classes where necessary, clearing his room so it looks less hazardous, going out on his bike to get fresh air and exercise, having a tidy one of the days to make the house more manageable - so that's all a big positive.

Next up school responding efficiently and effectively to an issue I had, said 16 year old rolled his eyes, but I was mighty cross at the time.  Thankfully it has now been dealt with and the effect should be positive for the entire year.

A catch up with family on Monday albeit brief for my little sister's birthday - and yes I know that was the golden opportunity for a photo and yes I missed it.  However, it was fab touching base with her, my Mum, my niece, my brother and his girlfriend.  My Mum fed us which was grand and we had a lovely couple of hours catching up.

A catch up on facebook with school friends as well, always a blessing, we are hoping to have a get together soon!

And that my lovely people will have to be my lot this week I'm afraid.  I promise to take more photos this week to share with you.  Hopefully you will have had an awesome week with loads to share with us, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up!


  1. No worries. I'm glad you could ream off so many positive things from your week. All is not lost.
    Between you and me, your said 16 yr old sounds exemplary. All credit to you and your wonderful hubby and the love and support you give your son. I'm sure he appreciates it.
    Great that you could spend time with you family. Even a few hours is not to be sniffed at.
    Have a good week and
    Keep smiling,

  2. Well done to that lad of yours. He is a star! I am glad the school listened to you. There are times when you just know it is right to intervene even though your child wishes you wouldn't.
    It is good that you managed to grab some family time in what was obviously a busy week. Take a few deep breaths over the weekend, and pray for a quieter week next week. Kate x

  3. Lol...was expecting a million photo's of RHS Chatsworth...guess that's next weeks post. XXX

  4. I think Phe could totally relate with said 16 year old. It's been fun doing my GCSE at the same time as her but I am conscious that I am only doing ONE and it's knackering me out. How these kids are doing it with all the pressure and exams day after day - BAM BAM BAM, I don't know. I don't remember having as many as Phoebe has? But then I left school at 15...

    Definitely a credit to you.

    And I feel you with the photos. I never realised I used my phone so much for non-phone stuff. I had to buy an alarm clock and a watch! I miss my camera on it so much!

    See you next week x x x

  5. A very busy week. Said 16 yr old has an amazing attitude. Glad you were able to grab some family time. Toni xx