Friday, 26 May 2017


Evening all - apologies - it has been a rather busy day I'm afraid - too much work and no play! 

Means your Rocking post is late

So first up - weekend walks by the dam - proved very fruitful on the nature spotting front.  Can you see him? 

I also found this little guy on our jaunt, enjoying the sunshine and the walk along the wooden bridge!

Me and hubby managed a selfie, but I look tired, I know I do - 45 hour weeks working at maximum speed means I look absolutely wrecked - but I did enjoy the walk! 

This is at the end of the walk, an old water mill, which still works producing flour that you can buy and take home to use.  It's such a lovely building and not far from where we live.

It was gorgeous to walk through the woods, they were much cooler under the tree canopy

Next up a class with my Mum, she said she fancied having a go as neither of us have done structured class before, despite me wanting to do one for a while.  So we headed over to do the class.  It was really good, I don't think I've ever done such a precise class, or turned out such a good piece of sewing.  I must admit I'm a bit of a 'it'll do' kind of sewer, so it was good for someone to slow me down and show me that undoing and sorting, results in a better piece!

Here is a sneaky shot of my Mum in the midst of sewing.

I was very apprehensive as we set off, but I needn't have worried!

And this is the bag I did the following day all on my own!  I was really pleased with the finished item!

Sunday morning sandwiches were nom!

A morning walk treated us to this view

and more flowers from hubby!

I managed to do a scrapbook layout - that is 2 in two weeks, sigh, - I really need to sort this! 

The working week has been stressful and fraught, but I'm at Friday with a bank holiday in front of me.  Said 16 year old had shirt signing day on Thursday.  The end of his uniformed education at the least and the closing of one chapter.  

He has 10 more exams after half term, but has now been officially stood down for study leave and as I'm late posting, I can confirm that we had a fab mass this afternoon and an Oscar style ceremony afterwards with the kids.  

And that my lovely people is the week that was, I hope you had a fab one, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. Yay! I spotted the kingfisher! Aren't they beautiful.
    The sewing class sounds great. It's nice to do something with your mum and you learn something new. I love that desk tidy/ bag you made.
    What a breakfast! My hubby would jump out of bed for that one!
    Another bunch of flowers! What a lovely man you have.
    Well, end of an era for Said 16 yr old. What a good idea to sign the shirt. I have never seen it.

    Have a great Bank Holiday weekend,

  2. you really are working so hard! hope you get to have some time to chill this weekend.. congrats to said 16 year old reaching this milestone in his education and good luck with the rest of his exams. xx

  3. Oh dear; you do sound very tired Virginia. I hope the Bank Holiday gives you some time to sit back and relax. The Sunday walk looks lovely. It took me ages to spot the kingfisher but I found him in the end. What a beautiful beetle!
    Our sons all have their signed shirts tucked away some where, but the school stopped allowing it more recently. I expect it still goes on in the park afterwards though!
    Your bag is excellent; well done. I too am of the "It'll do" school of thought when it comes to sewing - my least favourite craft, but your class seems to have been quite inspirational. Enjoy your weekend. Kate x

  4. Tat Kingfisher is so tiny lol, but I did eventually spot him :D Gorgeous bag you created...and I think I still have my school shirt somewhere from signing day...38 years ago gah! You'll be able to relax more now he is home for study. Wishing him all the best with the exams XXX