Friday, 12 May 2017


Good morning, tis Friday - rocking time

Sometimes you find that the trials and tribulations in life can almost be missed without a little intervention.  Last Friday afternoon, my Mum, sister and niece popped over for a catch up.  It was lovely to touch base with them all and have a natter - as usual I missed the photo opportunity but we were enjoying the time.  Said 16 year old arrived home from school and the conversation fractured, he was nattering to my niece whilst me, my Mum and sister put the world to rights. 

Within a short time he'd divulged that he was missing out on an event that other friends were partaking in, but with it being invitation only it just wasn't to be, that in itself had saddened him as the three people he spends the most time with at school were all enjoying the event, but it isn't the first time this has happened so whilst disappointed he wasn't too bothered, however, the fact his friends had avoided telling him had really hurt, to the point of tears and I felt cross and disappointed for him.  Without my niece, we would not have been any the wiser, despite knowing there had been something upsetting him for a good few days!  So why does this make my post, well without that conversation with my niece and her being a typical female in this family and letting everyone join in the discussion we may never have been any the wiser! 

This in turn led to a rather loud Friday night - loud in the You Tube linked with tablet throwing every decent loud rock track I could think of.  I always remember being angry at that age and that was how I dealt with issues - loud metal and rock music - nothing finer.  We eventually headed to bed at 2am - it was an awesome night and I think it rebalanced the world a little for said 16 year old! 

We did however, discover that it clipped the music and that we couldn't have it at quite the loudness desired.  So on Saturday hubby and said 16 year old went and found a soundbar - now the sound is much better and much louder and we've tested that it shouldn't upset the neighbours too much and we are good to go!

Said 16 year old withdrew somewhat on Saturday - I think a bit of self-preservation mode.  However, at tea time one of his friends called him and between them they had a good chat, a good bawl and sorted things out.  Thankfully, things are now back on an even keel!

Saturday was a strange day, we need to be getting on with the garden, but as we hadn't planned anything I ended up working on Doris, my new zombie art doll, here she is with Derek

And here is their first instagram post together!

I discovered whilst wandering around the supermarket that I was still wearing the badge given to me by one of the children that attended where I work!  It made me smile when I realised I still had it on.

I took a final photo of the zombie threesome 

Because Carmen went on her merry way to her new home, she is now living quite happily with her namesake Carmen.  Weirdly I just sent it first class post and hoped for the best - normally I'm recorded special barcode delivery etc, I was amazed when Royal Mail not only delivered her safe and sound but managed it by the following day - pretty epic delivery if I'm honest!  It was a surprise too so I got a lovely message saying how happy she was to meet her and that she was quite happy in her new forever home!  She was also amazed at how big Carmen the zombie doll was - apparently she is quite deceptive!

I even managed a single scrapbook page over the weekend - which is a rarity and discovered that the lack of scrapping is a result of a lack of photos - so I'm now starting to sort so I can send off a photo order.  There is a lot of sorting - a lot!  But it will be worth it! 

However, before I could commence the work - I had to start by making some room, this was my desk before the layout! 

And this was the desk after about a 10 minutes sort - enough space to scrap 

This was a work in progress shot

And this is the finished layout, a page on Lincoln Cathedral 

Next up the mad baking session we had on Saturday evening, hubby made biscotti, this time leaving them slightly moist so they were chewy rather than dry (although they are supposed to be dry as they are designed to be dipped in coffee). 

We also made scones and some double chocolate chip cookies, but once again I feel muffins are nicer (and healthier because the amount of butter in cookies is scary). 

Other positives were receiving a parcel from Amygdala - facebook page link here a young enterprise project that one of my friend's daughters is involved in.  They've created an amazing wellness journal designed to play in and add to, I sent them the money direct and got the journal near the end of last week.  I've only just started to play but I'm having a lot of fun with it, so I'll share some pages later! 

I managed another catch up with my sister, in the middle of the week which was great because we still had loads to talk about that we'd not managed to discuss on Friday. 

I forgot to mention said 16 year old went with hubby, expending some frustrations after Friday night down at the shooting range, him and hubby go and use air pistols occasionally, they had a lot of fun, which was great and came back really chatty.  

Image may contain: one or more people

And I find myself at Thursday evening again, a busy week at both work places, but I've managed the odd coffee enjoying the front garden and watched a couple of shows that I've enjoyed this week, so overall it has been good. 

I know I got a few questions last week from Lisca so I shall try and answer them now. 

The House Style exhibition is on at Chatsworth until the 22 October and therefore it will be most definitely on when you are visiting the UK. 

The Sculpture Park changes at various degrees of frequency. 

Could you get to both in the same day - technically - they are probably an hour or two apart as it were - however, if I'm honest Chatsworth is a full day and is well worth enjoying not only the house but the fabulous garden too and the Sculpture Park is just that a very large park, its deceptive how spread out it is, if you just do the sculptures close to the main visitors centre - then potentially you could do both in the same day but you might feel like you missed out on the whole Chatsworth experience.

The drink in last week's post was a pint of cider Lisca, it was lovely!  The fabric daffodils were for his second art piece, he did three in total, he did the original art doll (and the follow up art doll), the canvas with the powertex body with flowers in the style of Bedelgeuse and his final piece on dyslexia!

And can I say a big thank you to those rooting for said 16 year old and hoping he gets good grades.  He has his first sit down written exam on Monday - (RE) and then a gap of a week before commencing the next 7 in one week.  He's already fairly stressed so we are trying to control this somewhat, but as you can imagine we are all fairly on edge. 

I hope you've had a splendiferous week and that you fancy popping a post together and linking up with me, if you do, here is Mr Linky 


  1. Crikey, what a lot you pack into a weekend... glad things with said 16 year old were resolved (to an extent) and hope the exams go ok. Everyone puts such a store by exams and results but he's been working hard and I am sure he will have done his very best. Love the zombie dolls and how kind of you to send Carmen to Carmen!! Have a great week.

  2. Oh I feel your rage over the "not invited" issue. My boy went through exactly the same stuff and would cry alone in his room...heartbreaking. BUT now he gets invited out all the time(shame he won't go lol). Give him a hug from me XXX

  3. Great LO Virginia.
    I'm glad Said 16yr old feels he is able to chat to his cousin as it is so much better than bottling everything up. Wishing him all the very best for the forthcoming exams.
    I love your art dolls and the "Carmen" namesake one is fabulous - not surprised that she loved it.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  4. Oh, I was sad to hear about said 16 yr old’s disappointment. Poor kid. Welcome to the real world! It’s all part of learning and growing up, but oh so difficult. You really don’t need that sort of stuff during exam time. Your solution of loud rock music sounds great. I assume said 16 yr old also likes that sort of music! Your hubby’s action was good too. Shooting and a man-to-man talk.
    Oh your zombie dolls are fab! I do love them. Are they getting a well deserved place of honour?
    I smiled at the badge. Of course not living in the UK I wouldn’t know what charity it represents. Please tell us more about the charities you work for. I haven’t followed you long enough to know. I’m sure you will be passionate about them and eager to tell us a bit more. I used to be employed by St Peters Hospice in Bristol (I was a palliative care nurse before retiring) and although I got paid, I was very passionate about what I did.
    Biscotti! Yumm! I confess, I prefer them soft too. I’ll dunk them when there are some stale ones left (that’s not gonna happen though is it). I made some double choc muffins this week. But they are so big, it is still unhealthy. So I went out and bought a smaller muffin tin and the next batch is going to be smaller.
    Thank you for answering all my questions. You are so kind.
    If I understood well, this coming week is a lull before the (exam) storm. I wish your boy well, and all of you as I know from experience that you suffer just as much as he does. I’m praying peace and calm….
    In the meantime, enjoy the weekend,

  5. Having had five sons Virginia, I can really understand how you felt about the lad's disappointment. I am glad you found ways to help him through it, and the friend came round to put everything back in place. It is a stress he didn't need just at exam time, but hopefully he will put all his mind to them now, and before you know it they will all be over. Then he has an exciting time at college to look forward to.
    Your dolls still make me smile and I love their instagram pose.
    I really like the scrapbook layout. I will be glad to get the wedding craft finished so I can do a few more pages of mine.
    I see we both did some baking this week. I like soft chewy cookies best too. Sometimes you just have to forget about the calories! Hugs Kate x