Friday, 5 May 2017


Good Morning - tis Friday again time for 

First up said 16 year old and the second art doll.  After much procrastinating he finally got on and made it, despite the old one being found (eventually) safe and sound.  He used different techniques for this one, including making a garment and creating button holes. 

It is said 16 year old's final art lesson today, his books have to be handed in, he has taken the doll in and he has a few final flowers to add to his second piece and then it is all over art wise, until results day.

The aforementioned daffodils

Next up another bank holiday weekend with some good weather, meant a wander to the local pub for a pint after a very busy day!

Sunday saw us dragging said 16 year old away from the revision books and down to Chatsworth for the day.  Here is a scrapbook kept by the Duke of Devonshire around 1830 - who knew scrapbooking went back that far!

I still love the fashion display in the chapel - from cradle to grave 

the wedding dresses are beautiful 

Finally got a decent photo(ish) of this fancy dress outfit worn at a ball in 1897 I think it said.  We had to giggle as we were walking through the displays with two American ladies quite near us at this point

one looked at the outfit and turned to the other and said

"I would totally rock that outfit in Walmart"

They made us giggle! 

This is another of my favourites from the same area.

This is a replica dress 

of the one worn by Queen Elizabeth I in this famous protrait. 

Notice all the sea monsters on it.  It is believed that the design was done by that of Bess of Hardwick and that she may well have worked on the original as a New Year gift for the Queen at the time! 

I still love the previous Dukes wardrobe of woollen jumpers, he obviously had a great sense of humour and yes he did wear them, there are photos on display of him wearing various ones and this is only a small selection of the all the jumpers. 

I loved this dress for its three dimensional detail 

In particular I loved the bees. 

I got a better shot of the dress inspired by the oil painting of Georgiana

This is my favourite painting in Chatsworth - simply beautiful 

I also loved the 'new' carpets they've had.  Obviously with the amount of footfall through the house each year the original carpets are bound to get worn out.  They appear to have taken a digital image of the floor and had the carpet 'printed' and laid over the original.  We only noticed it because the floor felt soft to walk on rather than the hard flooring we were expecting. 

Outside and enjoying the garden, we grabbed a cuppa and were bemused once again by another group of American tourists who asked "is any of this money attractive to you" whilst trying to pay for a cup  of tea. 

Found some bluebells

And a fantastic display of tulips, next to beds of heavenly scented hyacinths!

Monday we had a venture to look at a few gardens items we need - these two managed to find something to amuse themselves with - can't take them anywhere!

Tuesday back to work and a busy busy day (again).   Wednesday was much the same with a mad dash back home so we could get to Sheffield University in good time for an evening presentation for said 16 year old who had received an award together with a good few of his friends. 

and here he is when we arrived home - I've blotted the name and school out for obvious reasons, but you get the gist - mighty proud Mum moment as you can imagine. 

Other positives were an email from school from said 16 year old's RE teacher to tell us how happy she was with his last mock paper, he was 1 mark off an A grade, lets hope he manages a good grade with this year's paper! 

The other one was my Mum's body scan results on her spine are showing that the current injections she is having for the cancer are keeping things at bay, they have found a nodule though on her thyroid so they are going to get that checked out, but they don't think it is anything to worry about. 

We also got news this week that my Aunty had suffered a stroke that has left her blind in one eye, if you can offer up a prayer for her this week it would be very much appreciated, she is an amazing lady (one of my Dad's sisters) and still working far too hard.   

So that my lovely people is that for this week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back, link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. Ahnother lovely blog with loadsa pictures. The artdoll is great. I hope he gets a deserved good mark for that. The daffodil was for his main art piece was it?
    That pint got me wanting one. Is it cider? (I love cider)
    I enjoyed the photos of the clothes exhibition at Chatsworth. We are difinitely coming to see it. Is Chatsworth near the Sculpture Park? Can we do both in one day? We will be coming the first week of Sept or even the last day of August. Will the exhibition be still there?
    Congratulations Said 16 yr old on the award! Well done!Does he realise he has ladies all over the world rooting for him?
    It is good to hear your mum's positive results. We continue to pray for her. The thyroid thing is probably nothing, but we will cover it in prayer too.
    I hope your Friday isn't too busy. Have a great weekend,

  2. Stunning photos Virginia.
    Congrats to Said 16yr old.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. What an amazing week of happy moments again :D *remembering your Aunty in my thoughts*. The boy is looking so grown up now...and if he doesn't get an A* for his art I'll come down and protest with you!!! And now I need a Dress form for fatties so i can make myself some gorgeously over the top frocks a la Chatsworth XXX

  4. Your weeks are so full of fun and dare I say it - 'Culture'. Chatsworth does seem like an amazing place to visit. paper is still more my medium than fabric, but I can appreciate the work and fine detail in these costumes, and it is beyond imagination to think of the workers making them with just candles for light.
    Your lad is looking so comfortable with himself which is lovely to see in this time of troubled teens. Well done to him for his award. He is a true grafter and knows where he wants to go for now anyway, so I hope he does himself proud in his exams.
    The news for your mum was good to hear, and I will pray for your Aunty this week. Love and hugs; Kate x