Friday, 28 April 2017


Good Morning lovely people - tis Friday time for 

Well Friday I was still off from work with said 16 year old.  He was busy on his art project (yet another art doll) and I wondered how I could busy myself, so I took the painted face that I'd done and started to create an art doll.  

  I made the arms and legs out of stretchy t-shirt fabric and made a plain body. I then decided to get creative, I eventually found (at the bottom of a box) the mini quilts I made last year (but never used) Teesha Moore style - following a pin I'd found on pinterest, mine are a mix of hand and machine stitching!

And spent a good proportion of the day hand stitching each of the mini quilts to the doll.  

Eventually he was finished, so let me introduce you to Derek

I had such fun making him, hours hand stitching and machine stitching and embroidery, sat nattering with said 16 year old.  We had Harry Potter films on in the background and drank herbal tea all day, said 16 year old even used his colour change mug that always makes me smile! 

On Saturday hubby and said 16 year old toddled off to have a fun creative day making silver rings that I'd bought them as part of their Christmas box!  They had a fabulous day and came away with lots of techniques and methods as well as these two gorgeous silver rings that they made. 

Said 16 year old has an aspiration in life at the moment, well actually he has three.  He would like to be a silversmith, he would like to be a brewer and he would like to be a chocolatier, this is the first step on the first path and he is still enthused - let's see where this path takes him! 

So whilst they were busy getting mucky with metals (mucky a Yorkshire term meaning dirty for the uninitiated in the local lingo).

I enjoyed a quiet breakfast of Greek yogurt, honey, seeds and mixed berries, it was lovely! 

I got busy with the needle felter again, I wanted some stripey legs for my next doll but had no stripey fabric that would suffice, so made my own.

I also set to with my watercolour paints again making more faces, I finished the fabric with a watered down fabric medium to fix the paint. 

I managed the odd cuppa in the front garden and got to enjoy these amazing violas that have a heavenly scent. 

I continued with my art doll, as I'd initially struggled with an idea to get started again, I used a piece of art a friend did as my inspiration (she zombified her face on a self-portrait).  

And here she is in all her finery - meet Carmen - my second art doll - just chilling with Derek. 

Once done, I headed outside for a glass of wine and some magazine reading

Before the boys came home to tell me all about their day said 16 year old enjoyed photographing the items he had made, using the stones in the garden. 

As we'd had lots of sunshine in the day, my new solar lights in the backgarden looked fabulous - although a little bit too much like Christmas if I'm honest - but I love them! 

Sunday I went over to the Craft Den to buy some scrapbook shelves that I desperately need for my papers.  I had a lovely natter and catch up with Lynne.  I'm hoping to go and do some fabric classes with her and said 16 year old later in the summer (once he has finished his exams). 

We had a busy day in the garden and I managed to catch up on some washing.

So it was lovely to chill out in the evening with this, enjoying the last of the afternoon sunshine as my week off came to an end. 

Look at those blue skies! 

Work has been mighty busy - the joys of year end if I'm honest.  I worked solidly on Monday, albeit that it was a very frustrating day for multiple reasons.  Tuesday saw us physically move office (again, we only moved last October).  Thankfully it didn't take too long as we are in the same building just a bigger set of offices.  

My office is somewhat darker than before though, so I'm keen to make something to brighten up the office, I've got a couple of ideas, just need to make them a reality! 

Wednesday was a working at home day - but a full 12 hours on a PC is no fun for anyone and I was only fit to make tea and collapse on the sofa after that! 

I have managed small amounts of sewing along the way. 

I'm hand embroidering elements of the faces I've been working on.  

Hoping to make them more doll like soon!

Thursday was a hard day, the anniversary of my Dad passing away 28 years ago, I was only 16 when he died and my sister was 8 and my brother 6.  It seems like a lifetime ago since I last had a sit and a natter with him.  He had such an amazing sense of humour, so I shared the photo below on my facebook page, it reminds me of the laughter we used to have at home.  We often struggled money wise when I was younger, and his holey boots were a bit of a standing joke, but a house full of love really is all you need isn't it! 

I hope you have all had a beautiful and blessed week.  

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  1. I love Derek & Carmen - aren't they fabulous.
    Beautiful photos and the rings made by the boys look great.
    Office moves are always a pain. Hope you get your 'brighten up' piece made so your new office doesn't seem so dark.
    Toni xx

  2. I do like your art dolls. Derek is a darling. Ready to fall in love with I'd say.
    Your said 16 yr old has some good ambitions. I hope he finds a job doing the thing he loves. Certainly his ring is lovely.
    You've had some great weather I see (pinched it from us have you?). So good to sit outside with a glas of wine (or a G&T indeed). Your violas look gorgeous!
    What a lovely photo of your beloved dad. He looks quite a character! Those must be your sister and young brother. I was privileged to have my dad a bit longer, but I do miss him so much. (I'm a daddy's girl). This is the little poem I posted on FB the other day (I don't know who wrote it)
    My mind still talks to you
    My heart still looks for you
    My soul knows you are at peace.

    Have a good weekend,

  3. Bitter sweet week indeed - but I love Derek and Carmen!! Have a great weekend.

  4. I love those pretty violas in your garden, and your yogurt breakfast sounds yummy. Well done on your two men-folk making silver rings. I hope your son stays interested in this. All the young folk seem to prefer silver so he will always be busy,and I imagine he would make some very interesting pieces. Well done on your dolls. Not my choice, but lovely to spend the last of your week off doing just what you want, instead of running around after everyone else. Hope this week is just as good.
    Kate x

  5. Doll making is soooo addictive, and yours look amazing!!! Derek makes me think of the state the "Card soldiers" must be in after Alice's visit lol
    As to the garden need a plaque that reads "Fairy Lights...not just for Christmas" XXX